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Yay! You’re engaged – congrats. Now begins the planning stage, which is so fun…but how can you fit that in with an already packed schedule? One local bride shares how she managed to balance wedding planning with a full-time job. It can be done!

 How to Balance Wedding Planning with a Full Time Job | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog


  • Michael - Not easy as I know a group that does this too. When it is your passion, you make time for it really.

  • Helen Neale - That was a very helpful guide. We all know how stressful planning a wedding. I have to share this with my sister who is struggling with the same problem.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc - It may be difficult, but as long as you put your heart in it, I think it is possible to balance wedding planning with a full time job. Hiring a wedding planner is a big help especially when you can’t be physically present in some aspects in the planning.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra - This post resonates with me. I had a full time job then and it was my mom and a really good wedding planner who helped me to get everything together.

  • fashionandstylepolice - Hiring a wedding planner is the way to go. I hired one and she was amazing.

  • Lyosha - I am not really into weddings actually, my own was very simple and didn’t require to do any planning. We had several guests and flew off to honeymoon almost right from aisle

  • David Elliott - I know that wedding planning takes a lot of effort. It does take having a plan and getting through all of the plans there. I liked having a book that told us all the things to think over. It did make it easier when we were getting married.

  • Tamara | This Mom's Delight - Oh, wedding planning is a job in itself! I probably would’ve made better progress had I implemented the block scheduling.

  • Liz Bayardelle - So important to have a plan so wedding timing doesn’t get in the way of life. It’s very hard to do on top of everything else that’s going on at that point in time in your life.

With the 2019 color of the year being named as Living Coral, it’s no wonder that fun pops of the hue are turning up everywhere. A classic color in its own right, a peach wedding may be on the horizon for you. And to top this lovely event off, it is styled at the US National Arboretum, which recently opened its doors for weddings. It’s stunning as you will see in this beautifully styled Virginia wedding.

Peach Inspired Wedding Inspiration at the Arboretum | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Lynchburg Richmond Roanoke Alexandria


  • Marcie - I’m loving the peach vibe! So classic, yet fun and playful. So excited about the coral colors this year, too!

  • Amber - Gorgeous!! I love the inspiration of peaches and the little touches everywhere. Really beautiful.

  • Aditi Wardhan Singh - This is so beautiful. Those shoes are just my style. The pictures make the day seem just magical!!

  • Rachel - This entire wedding is ADORABLE! I love the peach incorporated into everything. THE FOOD OMG THE FOOD!! YUM!

Wedding receptions are so much fun! There are so many highlights to look forward to. Introductions, cake (yum!), and of course, first dances. Part of having a fun reception is taking the time to choose songs carefully, and today I have some first dance wedding songs for the bride and groom. So fun!

30 First Dance Wedding Songs for a Reception for the Bride and Groom for Dancing | Hill City Bride Virginia Blog


  • Elayna - Your Song by Elton John—always!! This list has some great picks though. Thanks for sharing!

  • Clarice - This is a wonderful list and happy to know that our song made it to your list too. Come Away With Me is my favorite. 🙂 Currently, checking out the other songs you mentioned in Spotify.

It’s almost spring! And that means cleaning. We often think of windows and baseboards, but what about doing something to spring clean your skin? Your wedding day is approaching, and now is the perfect time to get your face in tip-top shape for the big day!

How to Spring Clean Your Skin to Be Wedding Day Ready | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog Beauty Blogger Skincare Tips


  • Jess - I agree one of the best things I did two months before my wedding was stop wearing makeup. I have mostly kept up with that ritual now but I occasionally still wear it.

  • Ann F. Snook-Moreau - One tip I used was to not drink caffeine or alcohol for a week before the wedding. It ensured my skin wasn’t dried out, which could lead to flakiness, pimples, or both!

  • Liz Bayardelle - I never think of skin as something that is important but every time I look at a picture it’s so noticeable! This is really great advice.

  • Karla - I love these tips! This reminded me that I have to dispose of some products that I don’t really need.

  • Dalene Ekirapa - Always eat well…getting beautiful skin starts right from within. Right now, I’m trying to detoxify as much and eat more healthy veggies.

  • Nina Nichols - What a very informative post! I am getting tired of snow. I can’t wait to have spring cleaning and just go outside to breath some fresh air!

  • Claire Justine - Some great ideas here. My skin is a little hit by Winter and I need to drink more water and buy some new products.

  • Aia - thanks for this tips.. I indeed agree that we need to take care of our skin not just for special occasion.. Consistency is the key, =)

  • fashionandstylepolice - A good night rest helps, especially in the days leading up to the big day. Great tips here.

When it comes to engagement sessions, some of my personal favorites involve showcasing a hometown. From walking down streets to finding quaint hideaways to steal a kiss or two, taking a stroll with your photographer can truly produce photos that focus on you as a couple as you will see in this downtown Lynchburg Virginia engagement session. So sweet!

Adorable Engagement Session Lynchburg Virginia | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog Riverside Park Virginian Hotel


  • Liz Bayardelle - I am always so darn excited when you put out a new blog post. They’re all so adorable! This couple seems to have great chemistry.

  • Gervin Khan - Wow, I love these photos very stunning! The couple is so sweet, lovable and beautiful and that is such a perfect place to do this session.

  • Clarice - This is a brilliant idea. This is one of the themes we considered for my engagement shoot but did not push through due to travel costs and time constraints.

    Anyway, I find this really sweet for couples who grew up together in the same hometown. I enjoyed looking at the photos. They’re very beautiful. I see the love between this couple.

  • fashionandstylepolice - What a cute photoshoot session. I really like the photos. The couple looks great. Love the shots!

  • Amore Albums - Beautiful photographs and couple.

Awards season is here, so why not celebrate? Of course, these DIY wine charms can be personalized with anything, such as names, destinations, and the like, so feel free to be creative with these Oscars worthy, handmade charms.

Air Dry Clay DIY Wine Charms Oscars Party Golden Globes Reception | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog Handmade Craft


  • Michael - So cute. I like how it adds fun to the table and not only to the wine container. Great idea, as long as you have the appropriate raw materials.

  • Liz Bayardelle - These are so adorable and so easy to make! I can think of so many uses for them that don’t even involve wine glasses, come to think of it.

  • melissa major - These charms are brilliant, they would be perfect for parties and things like that, so much fun and also rather unique too

  • Elizabeth O - Looks so great as well as beautiful. Thanks for sharing the method. I will try it at home.

  • Gervin Khan - I like that wine charm it so unique and beautiful. I will try to make that as a gift for my sister. Thank you so much for sharing this method with us.

  • fashionandstylepolice - I like the look of the wine charm. So beautiful. I would like to have that here.

  • Enricoh Alfonzo - thanks for the tips and tricks shared.
    my mom and sister would love this!

  • Garf - So cute. Great addition to the table settings…

  • aisasami - I share this with my friend who owns a restaurant. She will be interested and might include it in special occasions.

  • John Sallie - Now this something my daughter would love. She loves to entertain with plenty of style.

  • Jenn - This is such a great idea! I love how easy they are to make, might have to have a go myself for an Oscars themed summer party!

When I first heard about this styled shoot, I couldn’t even fathom what a wedding would look like at the Lynchburg Hillcats baseball stadium. Once I saw it, I was truly amazed to see how the baseball theme was incorporated so beautifully and tactfully. There are so many lovely and creative ideas. I can’t wait for you to see!

Lynchburg Hillcats Baseball Styled Wedding Shoot | Hill City Bride Virginia Lynchburg Weddings Blog


  • Irene hill - How can I get this mag? I’d love to have a few.

  • Jennifer - Irene, hi! Are you local to Lynchburg, Roanoke, or Charlottesville? I can be sure you get some – or I could mail you a few. Let me know! My email is [email protected]. Thank you!

If you don’t know, my daughter got married in October. What a wonderful day! It was fun to plan and then see it all come together to create such lovely memories. We did a lot of DIY planning, which included using Etsy wedding vendors. I’d love to show you some of our projects today!

How We Used Etsy Wedding Vendors | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog


  • Cris - These are such amazing ideas! I really love those lavender cones!

  • Maysz - What a great plan for wedding and also the pictures are stunning 🙂

  • Lauren Porter - I had never thought about using Etsy to do so many DIY wedding bits, what an amazing job you all did – gorgeous photos!

  • Clarice - Etsy is a wonderful place to look for resources. I was able to use a couple of Etsy vendors too for my sons birthday party.

    Anyway, I shared your post to my best friend who’s about to get married. This is very helpful.

  • Monidipa Dutta - My sisters brother in law is getting married soon. This vendor thing will for sure help him.

  • David Elliott - I didn’t realize that Etsy had wedding vendors. If I had known such a thing back when I got married to my ex, she would have loved it. Was a great wedding nonetheless. And it looks like a beautiful wedding there.

  • fashionandstylepolice - Lovely bridal ideas here. I am a huge fan of anything rose gold. Rose gold earrings are so beautiful.

  • Hannah Marie - I would do this too if I’m getting married. haha! I love all the choices you made, so fab!

  • Christopher Mitchell - Well, I really wish I read this BEFORE I got married this summer, haha!

  • Gamma - Etsy – vendors? I did not know too?! Thank you for this information!

  • Jessica Camerata - What a beautiful wedding! Loving all the details especially the Junior Mints, my fav!

  • Colleen Wisniewski - Love the lavender sachets and the monogram napkins! So cute.

Spring means warmer temperatures, a little bit longer days, and pastel hues. And when it comes to weddings, sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit. And that is exactly what this team did with this beautifully styled shoot! I love the juxtaposition of using autumn tints as unique spring wedding colors. So gorgeous, and I can’t wait for you to see!

Autumnal Styled Shoot with Unique Spring Wedding Colors | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Liz Bayardelle - This is such a unique wedding for so many reasons! Her dress is so beautiful but isn’t one of the typical dresses you usually see, the color scheme is wonderful, and the pictures are fantastic!

  • Kemi - That cake is so divine with the floral arrangement! Simple but beautiful. Beautiful colours and I love her dress…and the flat lays are just BEAUTIFUL!! I love them all!

  • Steve Shakeshaft - I love the photography!
    My wife and I had a simple wedding so it always amazes me the effort others go to to make their day extra special 🙂

  • Eloise - I absolutely LOVE the Spring color wedding you’ve shown… It’s stunning! Your photos are beautiful and I would love a wedding like this some day.

  • aisasami - Wow, this is beautiful! I have never been to a themed wedding but I love this idea. I love her bouquet!

  • Karen Monica - I simply love every detail of this wedding. The dress, the cake and the flowers are all so beautiful.

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that means it’s time to get creative and come up with fun ideas for your love. Well, take a peek at these inexpensive date ideas that you can do any time of year (well, at least when it’s chilly for some!) that are sure to create memories and keep you on budget.

Inexpensive Date Ideas for Valentines Day and Beyond Budget Friendly Dates | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog Valentine


  • Elizabeth van der Bij - So many great ideas! Thanks!!