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Autumn is such a lovely time for a wedding! The air turns crisp, the leaves start to change, and there is a change in mood as fall festivals take place. If you enjoy fall weddings, here is one of my favorite painted pumpkin ideas to use as wedding decor. You could even host a pumpkin painting party and have family and friends join in the fun of making painted pumpkins. The technique of marbling is high impact, yet oh so easy for the autumn season.

Painted Pumkin Ideas for Your Wedding Decor Fall Weddings Autumn | Pumpkin Decorating Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog


  • Lavenda Memory - Woah! These are so modern and fresh and pretty. Love!

  • Kileen - This is such a cute and fun idea!! My kids would absolutely love this, love the design as well!


  • Stephanie - What a great idea for weddings, and so many other occasions. I want to do painted pumpkins for my autumn stoop this year!

  • Ashley Rollins - What a cute and simple idea! I love it! It would even be perfect for your porch without a wedding!

  • roxy - Wowwwww that is so lovely! I do love the marbling effect. Hmm, maybe I will incorporate this idea into my Fall decor! And yes it would be ideal decoration for a Fall wedding too!

  • Amanda - This is such a beautiful painted pumpkin! I love the idea of incorporating the pumpkins into a fall wedding!

  • Azanique Rawl - I love that pretty pumpkin! Such a fun way to decorate for fall ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nataly - I am so doing this next year for Fall! I just love it so much! Thanks for sharing!

  • Megan Elliott - Such a great way to incorporate pumpkins into a fall wedding! I love the marbled paint look. Fab!

Ok, DIY bride, this is for you! If you have been searching for a bridesmaids gift or want to add a bit of panache to your bridal look, then learning how to make earrings is a perfect fit. These DIY earrings are fairly easy to make, and the way they dangle is so lovely.

How to Make Earrings for Your Wedding Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog


  • Morgan Klein - Iโ€™m so glad I came across this because I am getting married in a few months! This is so awesome – thank you for sharing!!

  • Jennifer - You’re welcome! They are super easy to make. Check out the hair clips, too. Those are incredibly easy! Thanks for stopping by! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • roxy - They are SO pretty! I love the long drop and simple beads on the end. And they look like something even a klutz like me could successfully make. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kileen - These earrings are absolutely gorgeous babe! Loving this beautiful DIY!


  • Taylor Mobley - Oh my gosh how fun!!

  • Megan Elliott - These earrings are so beautiful and unique! Such a great idea!

  • Amanda - Such a special DIY– they came out so pretty! These would also be a great, unique gift for the bridal party as well!

  • Jennifer - I love the gift idea. So fun!!

  • Erin - Those are beautiful!!

Your wedding day should be one of the most beautiful days of your life. But unfortunately, it can also be a day with lots of waste and not-so-green practices. To help, weโ€™ve assembled 5 easy green wedding ideas for eco-friendly weddings.

Green Wedding Ideas for Eco-Friendly Weddings | Hill City Bride Virginia Blog Conflict Free Diamonds Lab Grown


  • Kileen - Love this post and all the small changes that make a big difference! Our mother Earth is the only one we have!

  • Taylor Mobley - I love the idea of donating flowers to a hospital or nursing home.

  • Stephanie - These aren’t things I had necessarily thought about during my wedding planning season, but looking back – we actually did a lot of them! It’s amazing what can be done very easily to keep a wedding green. Such great tips here!

  • WanderlustBeautyDreams - Thanks for sharing these ideas! Never through about these options before but so glad I came across your post.

  • Kristen - I love the idea of carpooling to the wedding. We did that with our wedding and used a shuttle to take everyone to and from the hotel. This allowed for us to also feel safe about having an open bar and no one driving.

  • Helen Chik - I’m loving some of these ideas hun! Especially think flowers should be recycled because its always such a waste otherwise!!

  • Lauryn Hock - What a sweet idea to donate the flowers afterwards!!!

  • Amanda - So many great eco-friendly ideas! I wish I had thought about these more for my own wedding this past summer.

  • Ashley Rollins - I love these tips! This is so important for me as I get ready for my wedding in December.

  • Caitlin - So many great ideas for anyone planning a wedding! We got married almost ten years ago and it was so hard to figure out a budget.

  • sharon wu - I need to share this post with my bf! We have been talking about marriage passively for the past couple years. Being eco-friendly during big celebrations like this is important to me! Since we love live plants around the home, we will probably go with flowers that can be replanted when the big day comes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jennifer - Such a good idea on the replanting! Greenery is so in – I can picture hanging baskets, ferns, and succulents. All would make your home lovely afterward! Let me know when he goes from BF to fiance!! <3

  • Denise Kokinis - I love this! I guess I never really thought of the environmental impact of a wedding, but I can see how it could be quite large! I have quite a few friends who are wedding planners, so definitely sharing this with them! SO many great tips.

  • Jennifer - Yay! So glad you have friends that will find it useful! <3

The wedding day can be overwhelming for some couples because of the expectation to visit each of your guests within a short period of time. What can you do when everyone tells you to enjoy your day but you spend most of it greeting guests? Of course, it is proper etiquette to greet and thank your guests for attending your big day with a wedding line up, but how can this be accomplished? We have creative receiving line alternatives to help you decide!

Creative Receiving Line Alternatives for Your Wedding Day | Hill City Bride Weddings Blog


  • Nailil - These are some great tips. I know planning a wedding call ones attention to SO many details.

  • Kileen - These are awesome tips babe! Love the idea of a pre-wedding party! Definitely makes it that much more manageable.

  • Carolyn - I like these alternatives! We culled our list and had a small wedding. It was nice to just have the people we knew best!

  • denni - gosh where were you ten years go ๐Ÿ™‚ hated to plan my wedding and i had zero experience in it, you are a pro, love how you thought about the smallest details

  • Taylor Mobley - We didn’t do a receiving line! We just went up to everyone during the reception.

  • Jennifer - Such a smart idea, Taylor! Thank you for stopping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Taylor Aube - These are wonderful wedding planning tips! Greeting and thanking guests is so important, I love that small personalized detail

  • Riah - These are some awesome tips! I don’t think any of the weddings I’ve been to have had a traditional receiving line. I’m bookmarking this for the next time one of my friends gets married.

When it comes to choosing wedding colors, the world literally is at your fingertips! It’s always a good idea to start out with a neutral and build from there, and considering navy blue wedding schemes is a perfect base to build upon. Just take a peek and see how well it pairs with citrusy tones.

Navy Blue Wedding with Citrus Tones - Pink Fuschia Gold Peach Blush


  • Stephanie - Talk about one truly breathtaking wedding! I absolutely loved reading their adorable story and seeing how dreamy their wedding and reception were. The navy blue was an excellent choice. And the bride is stunning!

  • Kileen - These photos are absolutely beautiful and I am loving their color palette choice. So stunning!!


  • Ashley Rollins - I cannot get over the details of this wedding! That dress is absolutely stunning and her ring, I love it! Sourcing so much inspo for my own upcoming wedding!

  • Azanique Rawl - I love all these creative and non-traditional pictures! The one in the tree is so precious ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erin - How absolutely stunning!!!

  • Megan Elliott - Wow wow wow! What an absolutely stunning wedding! I love these colors together.

  • Lily - I am obsessed with NAVY, so I love everything about this. The fun citrus pops are stunning.

  • Yukti Agrawal - Wow, what a beautiful wedding color co-ordination. This navy blue wedding really look like a royal wedding in perfect setting.

  • Deborah - WOW what a beautiful and dreamy wedding! The details are planned so perfectly!

  • Nailil - All the details are so lovely. I just love that dress.

  • Erin - I love the pictures and what a great story! Loved learning more about the couple!

The weather is starting to change as the new season approaches. You step outside your front door in the morning and notice that there is a chill in the air. Itโ€™s time for sweater season: all things cozy and wonderful. For fall wedding ideas, however, comes a shift to vibrant jewel tones, nostalgic notions, and autumn wedding trends.

Unique Fall Wedding Ideas Autumn | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings


  • Carolyn - I had a summer wedding but would totally consider a fall wedding if given the chance. All of these ideas are great and I think it could be so cozy!

  • Ashley Rollins - I have been to so many cold-weather weddings. I went to one where they had a bundle of the blankets they sell at Wal-mart for 2.50 at the entrance. Genius!

  • Kileen - I think Fall weddings are so dreamy!! I absolutely love the colors and these are great ideas babe! An outside wedding during the season is beautiful!

  • Nataly - My wedding was in the Spring, but I would have loved to have a fall/winter wedding. I just love all these ideas!

  • Stephanie - Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary, so clearly I had an autumn wedding hehe. We had our wedding indoors only to keep me from being stressed out any more than I already was as a bride – but we did do some fun twists like having blush and gray as the colors (though I said “dusty rose” and “charcoal” so people thought they were fall-ish haha) and we had our guests enjoy s’mores rather than cake, which felt super autumnal! I loved the season for our wedding. It was truly perfect!

  • Ashley Stephenson - Fall weddings are my favorite! Especially the outside ones – they are just so pretty!

  • Jennifer - That all sounds so magical!! Congrats on your anniversary, and I wish you many more happy years of memories.

  • Candace Hampton - Fall weddings are so romantic. The only thing that always concerned me about Fall weddings is the weather. Specially when one day is hot and the other is cold. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Lily - I wanted a Fall wedding SO bad! But in Texas, we don’t really get a proper Fall. So I had to settle for a Spring wedding, instead. LOL!

Ok, DIY bride…it’s almost your big day! Are you wondering how to make hair accessories for weddings? You have your style all sorted out, but you just need a little something extra as far as DIY hair accessories. Ideas can be hard to come by, but I promise that these handmade accessories are super easy to make. Take a peek at this DIY hair clips tutorial below!

Tutorial on How to Make DIY Hair Clips | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog copy


  • Delia Atenea - OK honestly I’m just completely in love with that leaf detail. It’s so romantic! Love that! And a glue gun is totally a girl’s best friend when wedding planning!

  • Kileen - This is such a gorgeous DIY!! They turned out so pretty!!

  • Ashley Rollins - This is such a good idea. I’ve been looking at pieces for my wedding and I have to say, they are so super pricey! But these are such an adorable way to add a bit of bling to your hair.

  • Jerrieal Lumar - I haven’t tried any hair clips this summer but these are gorgeous! love the way your DIY project turned out!

  • Stephanie - I wish I’d known about this ahead of time! The clips are such a great idea – though they weren’t quite as popular last year during my wedding season. I was originally going to do flowers in my hair – but I had a braid crown instead, which I loved!

  • Nailil - Those clips are the perfect detail. I love how simple yet elegant they look.

You may be wondering, “Are jewel tones coming back?” The short answer is that they never went away! Whether you are considering a jewel tone wedding color palette or want elegant engagement party ideas, this styled shoot will inspire your own jewel tones wedding or event.

 Jewel Tone Wedding Color Palette | Engagement Party Ideas in Jewely Tones | Hill City Bride VA Wedding Blog Weddings


  • Ashley Stephenson - This is such a gorgeous Engagement Party! I am definitely loving the colors! Those drinks are so pretty!

  • WanderlustBeautyDreams - WOW so beautiful. The jewel tones sure do make photos pop. I love the decor and everything. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  • Carolyn - Even though I mostly stick to neutrals, jewel tones feel really rich and luxe to me! Just like all the photos in this post!

  • Ifรฉoluwa - The love the idea of using gemstones as a theme! The table set up looks amazing! Love the satin/silk look of the colors.

  • Lauryn Hock - WOW! I love this color palette! Way to be bold with your choices!

  • roxy - What a beautiful color palette! Jewel tones automatically lend a sophisticated and regal vibe to any party. I love all of the themed drinks!!

  • Taylor Mobley - How fun!! I never did an engagement party – just a bridal shower – but these colors are stunning!

  • Deborah - WOW, I would have never thought about using colors like this for any party! So beautiful!

  • Nicole Flint - I love all of the jeweled tones! Super fabulous.

  • Lily - Oh wow…such beautiful colors! Loving these pictures.

Destination weddings are a trend that is on the rise. Todayโ€™s couples are craving experiences and intimate events over long guest lists. If a smaller affair with style appeals to you, then saying, โ€œI do,โ€ in a faraway location โ€“ such as having a destination wedding in California – may be the perfect fit!

Having a Destination Wedding in California โ€“ experiencing Sonoma Countyโ€™s wine country


  • Ashley Rollins - That looks gorgeous! I was recently in Sonoma for a bachelorette and the area was so pretty!! I’m getting married in December so I’m always on the lookout for inspo!

  • Azanique Rawl - A wine country wedding would be a dream! I love destination weddings ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jennifer - Ah! Have fun planning, and yes – Sonoma County is perfect for bachelorettes, too!! <3

  • WanderlustBeautyDreams - These photos are so gorgeous. I can see why people would want to have their weddings here, looks so dreamy!

  • Nicole Flint - These photos are dreamy! Great tips and perfect for a wedding destination!

  • Soumya Gayatri - Wow! What lovely pictures! I would love to be married again in one of these places. Destination weddings definitely seem to be the trend nowadays and having one in California looks so dreamy and gorgeous. Plus, there are so many options to choose from.

  • Yukti Agrawal - Wow what a wonderful destination wedding in wine county. It is a superb idea to host wedding in or around vineyards as grapes sound romantic too. I loved the decor, food and the venue for this destination wedding. Good to know we can select our wedding style from many given options.

  • Anda - Great guide for picking a destination wedding in California. I can’t imagine a better place for a wedding than sunny California. We are blessed to live in Los Angeles and had our son’s wedding in Redondo Beach, but the Wine Country seems like a great place too.

  • amar singh - I must admit weddings can get a bit overboard these days and people end up spending huge amounts but this lovely destination seems perfect and not over the top. This is minimalistic yet very different and the perfect venue for that special day. Love the natural beauty and surroundings. Surely the wine must be great. It makes me want to get married again. Thanks for sharing a unique wedding destination.

  • Paula - The wedding at a winery are definitely a California thing, and they are always so lovely and romantic. Sonoma is beautiful! I especially love the early fall and the harvest time in wine country.

  • Pooja Shah - I myself had a destination wedding and I suggest it to every other couple. Planning and execution become very easy to handle at a 3rd destination. California seems to have some beautiful sights for destination weddings. I specifically loved the swanky modern weddings. What are these locations? They are amazing. Loved the photographs.

  • Jennifer - They are actually private estates that the wedding planner can book for you. They aren’t available to the public, which is super cool!

  • Bhushavali N - I love destination weddings. It automatically becomes a private affair as well (unless someone is super rich! lolz!). Small, minimalistic, unique weddings are always nice. Having a wedding at a vineyard is indeed splendid. The food & drink options look so delicious. Planning a wedding is a very very stressful thing, I know coz I’ve been there, done that! Haha. So yeah, having someone to organize it all and provide an all-inclusive package is such a good thing!

  • Medha - Oh how I would love to be invited to a destination wedding in the wine country in California! These venues look charming, the food looks delicious and the wine has to be amazing. I am sure I would never be able to afford a wedding like that for myself but I do hope I end up with some rich friends who can LOL!

  • Ami Bhat - If I were to get married again, well then I think it will all be about the wine caves. There is something so dreamy abt the setting. And of course, the vineyard smells and the intoxicating atmosphere owing to that ๐Ÿ˜‰ . What a lovely description of all venues. Enjoyed the read

  • Katie Aaron - Being a resident in the Napa Valley and a neighbor to an illegal wedding event venue, these businesses who cater to “destination wedding” seekers should take into consideration what impact you have on the neighbors. The neighbors who chose to live in the country years ago, before Napa became cool. The neighbors who see your large busses cause near misses while turning into a venue that isn’t permitted to have large busses bringing guest. These venues are not permitted for a reason, they don’t have the building permits, access permits and fire code requirements. A huge liability and risk to be taken considering its a couples special day. To the industry that caters to the brides, be responsible, and do it legally.

  • Jennifer - You are absolutely right! Anyone that hosts private events on their property should go through the proper channels for permitting and zoning, as well as discuss with their neighbors possible solutions to minimize the impact on their neighborhood. While I’m sure that there are unpermitted event venues operating in your area, all of the venues featured by our publication are either permitted or operating under zoning allowances. Thank you for taking the time to stop by – I appreciate you commenting in such a thought-provoking way! <3

The details that go into a wedding are endless, and some newly engaged people could be a little overwhelmed. One big stressor that Iโ€™ve received complaints about is planning a guest list. Some couples have huge families who all expect to be invited, others have tight budgets and need to be cautious about how many guests they have in attendance. The best way to manipulate your guest list by following plus-one etiquette.ย 

Plus-One Etiquette Rules for Weddings | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


  • Megan Elliott - These are great tips! I can only imagine how difficult it would be to try and configure a guest list that would please everyone. Super tough!

  • Nataly - I didn’t know some of these rules! Thanks for sharing!

  • Carolyn - I remember the guest list being really hard to figure out when I got married! You want to make people happy, but at the same time, you have to pay for whoever is there!

  • Keilara - These are good tips, I wish I had this information for when I got married lol. Thanks for the post girl!


  • Stephanie - This is exactly how we did it for our wedding, and it was a pretty great success. Of course, there are always a couple of people who are bummed they can’t bring someone with them, but for the most part, it’s a very small amount of complaints.

  • Kileen - This is such an awesome post and great tips to have a seamless and less stressful wedding!

    cute & little

  • Ashley Rollins - As someone who has a wedding coming up, this is SO helpful! Thank you so much for this ! I didn’t know who should bring who!

  • Deborah - These are great things to have in mind, not just as a person who’s extending the invite but also as a person who gets wedding invites. It’s good to know when I could feel like I should ask for a plus one or not.

  • Whitney - These are great etiquette tips to know! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Taylor Mobley - This is so interesting. We gave everyone the option of bringing a plus-one to our wedding but these all make total sense.

  • Yukti Agrawal - Great tips on wedding invite and especially to those who wants to bring their partners but not married ones. As in India wedding is a grand affair and sometimes we overlook these small things which creates a long confusion and chaos afterwards. But you put some great points and advice in your post.

  • alexis - This was a great read! We definitely went overboard with plus-ones and it’s the one thing I wish we could take back. I wish we would’ve had this post back in the day.