5 Pros and Cons of a Commitment Ceremony Instead of a Wedding

Lots of couples are taking baby steps towards a legal bond, yet they still want to be together as a couple. And there are many reasons why folks choose a commitment ceremony instead of a wedding. But is it right for you? And the big question is — do you tell your guests that you’re not getting legally married? Here are our thoughts on the topic of Virginia commitment ceremonies.

5 Pros and Cons of a Commitment Ceremony Instead of a Wedding

Should You Tell Your Guests If You’re Not Getting Legally Married at Your Ceremony?

There are a variety of different ways that a couple can commit to one another. Some couples might decide that marriage is the perfect option.

However, some couples might feel that a commitment ceremony is better. While you may be thinking, isn’t having a ceremony to commit ourselves just a wedding in disguise? The answer is no. One of the biggest differences is that it doesn’t bind you legally.

While you can still include traditions and vow to spend your lives together, it isn’t like Virginia weddings.

What is a Commitment Ceremony?

By definition, a commitment ceremony is when two people pledge their lives to one another. It is similar to a wedding ceremony and consists of traditions but is not legally binding.

Traditionally, these ceremonies were held for groups of people who couldn’t marry legally because of their sexual orientation or race who opted for a commitment ceremony in its place. However, many couples still use this ceremony to commit to one another without going through the legal steps of marriage.

Wedding Ceremony with Candles

Pros of Telling Guests You’re Having a Commitment Ceremony

Your guests are made up of your close friends, coworkers, families, and any other special people in your life to celebrate your special day. Whether it’s a legal wedding or a commitment ceremony, the people you invite will still want to be there to celebrate your union.

Telling your guests is keeping communication open and honest with everyone. Additionally, guests should understand and respect that decision. Your loved ones might feel hurt or upset if you lie to them about this, which may create future problems.

Whether you are having a Virginia wedding or simply committing to each other, your loved ones will still want to and make the time to be there for it.

Cons to Telling Guests You Won’t Be Legally Married

Many guests might not understand why you choose a commitment ceremony over a marriage. If you don’t think your guests will understand, it may be time to rethink spilling the beans.

Choosing not to tell them it’s just a commitment ceremony can do more for your stress and damage control than divulging. For many couples, it’s not just about you anymore once you start to involve your guests.

While people have the right to choose if they want to attend, people might not take it seriously when it’s called something other than a wedding.

Bride and Groom with Bouquet

Mens Wedding Bands

Are there any downsides to having a commitment ceremony over a wedding?

Any couple can have a commitment ceremony regardless of who they are. Many people who can marry choose to have a pledge instead because they don’t want to formally recognize or have restrictions on their marriage.

You may miss out on the legal benefits of being married, such as tax benefits or health insurance. Plus, some cultures might not approve of going the non-traditional route.

Save these ideas for your Virginia wedding.

Whether you choose to have a commitment ceremony or a wedding, there is no wrong answer. Both can still be wonderful ceremonies and fantastic receptions whether or not there is a marriage license and legal binding at the end of it.

Should You Tell Your Wedding Guests You Are Not Getting Legally Married

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