6 Fabulous Tips to Guarantee You Enjoy Your First Cruise

So, you’re headed off on your honeymoon and you booked a cruise. What a fabulous idea! However, if it’s your first cruise, you may want to prep a bit beforehand. Our six fabulous tips will guarantee that you have a great time aboard your vessel.

6 Fabulous Tips to Guarantee You Enjoy Your First Cruise

How to Enjoy Your First Cruise

Cruising has fast become popular amongst couples. Of course, this includes newlyweds, as many like to head off on a cruise as a honeymoon option. With everything being in one place, it can often be the ideal choice.

After all, what other way can you see multiple amazing locations, experience luxurious surroundings, and have different activities and cultures?

Cruising is such a versatile and flexible vacation option. Although, if you have never done it before, what should you expect? And more importantly, how can you ensure that you enjoy it? 

If it’s your first cruise, don’t worry! We have tips that will help you embrace cruising for the first time. Although cruise boats were once associated with the older generation, all ages can now sail away.

From luxurious cruise liners to small ships, get ready to have the ride of your life. Literally! So without further ado, here are six tips that will help to ensure that you enjoy your first cruise.

Breakfast on a Cruise Ship Honeymoon

1. Take your time when creating your first cruise booking.

One of the first things to do is take your time when trying to book your first cruise. It will be a little different from what you might be used to when booking package deals. Firstly, you may assume that it is all-inclusive, but some cruises will offer this as an upgrade.

They might also want you to use cruise money on board or perhaps set up a tab for the duration of your trip. Check the fine print. Then you’ll know what to upgrade if needed or so that you can be prepared in advance for your trip.

You might also want to let them know it is a special occasion. Especially if you’re traveling for your wedding anniversary or honeymoon. Doing so could help you to secure a particular type of room. You may even get a little extra special treatment while on board. Every cruise company will be different, so be mindful of that when you book.

Woman on Cruise Ship on Her Honeymoon

2. Arrive at your port a day before your cruise ship leaves.

Most cruises will have a departure port and city. Additionally, you may need to travel to it as it might not be local.

Therefore, a great tip is to head there a day before. You could make a night of it and enjoy a luxurious hotel room. Getting there in advance means you won’t feel rushed when heading to the port for check-in.

3. Pre-book activities at your ports before you leave for your first cruise.

During your cruise, you may want to take advantage of excursions off the ship. After all, that’s part of the fun! 

Many cruise companies offer particular activities or day trips at each port. Booking excursions before you travel means that you can plan your itinerary. However, the cruise line may also give you an extra discount on the price.

There will be a lot to choose from. So booking ahead of time will give you the chance to consider all of your options.

Honeymoon Cruise Ship at Night

4. Pack a carry-on bag to use during the first few hours of your cruise.

When you check in, your suitcases will be taken away to be placed into your cabin. Luggage service is convenient, but it can leave you without some of the essentials.

As you can imagine there will be a lot of cases. Therefore, it could take a few hours before you are reunited with your luggage. To avoid frustration, pack a carry-on case that you can keep with you.

While you enjoy those welcome drinks and cocktails, you will also be secure in the knowledge that you have a change of clothes. Also, pack an extra layer of clothing and some toiletries. That way you can freshen up while you are waiting for your luggage to arrive in your cabin. As a result, you will at least appear as seasoned pros.

Sunset on Cruise Ship

5. Don’t feel pressured to do everything on your first cruise.

When cruising, it is important to understand that there will be a huge selection of activities and entertainment daily.

You will receive an itinerary, newsletter, or daily announcement, depending on the cruise liner. These papers will inform you of everything available for the day. Don’t feel pressured to do it all, and pace yourself.

Some of the activities will be repeated daily, and this is supposed to be a vacation—your honeymoon! The cruise liner has a duty to cater to all of its guests. If you want to do something then go for it, but don’t feel like you have to do it all.

Cruise Ship in Port

6. Fully immerse yourself in the cruising experience.

Further to the last tip, make sure that you embrace the cruising experience. There really is nothing like it. And because it will be your first time, you may find it a little strange and hard to get used to. The best advice is to go with the flow and enjoy it. 

The only thing left to say is relax! Head off on your first cruise as a newly married couple ready to have a fabulous time. Happy honeymooning!

Tips to Guarantee You Enjoy Your First Cruise

Photos: Adam Gonzales, Reynier Carl, Ben O’Bro, Peter Hansen, Reiseuhu, and Ferran Feixas

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