20 of the Best Board Games for Couples to Enjoy at Home

It’s date night, and you’ve decided to stay in, but what are you going to do? Watching another movie or eating and going your separate ways to scroll social doesn’t sound fun. Next time you stay home, challenge each other by playing a game. Whether you love strategy or a good laugh, we’ve got a list of the best board games for couples.

20 of the Best Board Games for Couples to Enjoy at Home

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Why play date night games at home?

There are so many great date night ideas that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Maybe you are on a tight budget and can’t afford a date out, or possibly you just want to spend a little more time together at home. Either way, at-home date night games for couples are a great idea!

A fantastic way to spend the evening is by playing date night games at home together. It’s a great way to enjoy time together. Plus,  having a fun, competitive night of games is always fun.

You don’t need a crowd of people to have a fun time playing the best board games. So, get ready to break out some boards and utilize our list of couple games to play at home. 

Board Game Date Night at Home with Pizza

20 of the Best Board Games for Couples at Home

Best 2 Player Board Games for Couples

Looking for games that are only for two players? Our stay at home date ideas for games is one of the best bonding activities. Couples will enjoy these selections as they are only meant for two people anyway. Here are our picks for best 2 player board games for adults.

1. Battleship

The familiar phrase “Who sunk my battleship?” comes to mind with this classic, two-player game. Take turns guessing where your significant other’s ships are before yours are all sunk.

2. Mancala

Mancala is a two-player board game that is centuries old. It involves strategy and counting as you and your partner try to succeed in collecting the most gemstones.

3. Connect Four

Looking for a semi-mindless game? Connect Four is perfect! Yes, you do have to be aware and think a bit. However, it doesn’t require the hard thinking of some of our other suggestions.

4. Cribbage

Sound familiar? Cribbage is one of those board games for couples that we’ve all heard of but probably haven’t played. Learn a classic on your next date night.

5. Chess

If both of you enjoy thinking and strategy chess is one of the most fun games for couples night. Plus, the set featured below folds to store all of your pieces safely when you’re not playing date night games.

Best 2 Player Board Games for Adults Chess

Board Games for Couples You Grew up Playing

These games on our stay at home date ideas for couples will most likely need no explanation at all. Many are long-time classics that are meant for two players or more.

6. Monopoly

You either grew up loving Monopoly or hating it! Maybe you have a favorite piece—dog or thimble, perhaps? Possibly you were always the first to run out of money. Either way, revisit this classic board game on your next date night.

7. The Game of Life

For some couples, The Game of Life hits too close to home, yet others love it. Go to school, get a car, and fill up your car with a family. Although you’ll have separate cars, this is still one of the most fun bonding activities for couples.

8. Scrabble

Word nerds, unite! Decide beforehand whether or not you can use proper nouns (you’re not supposed to!) to play Scrabble. Also, determine if you can use a dictionary for this fun date night game.

9. Risk

Try and take over the world in the ultimate game of strategy. Risk takes quite a while to play, sometimes, so plan a weekend or Saturday to test your skills.

10. Trivial Pursuit

Don’t choose the Trivial Pursuit game that you actually played back in the day as many of the questions are outdated. Today’s updated versions are fun as are themed versions, such as Harry Potter and Breaking Bad editions.

11. Yahtzee

The version of the Yahtzee game below is based on the look of the classic. Add a bit of vintage style to your collection of date night games.

Date Night Games for Couples

Board Games for Couples That Involve Cards

Ok, these technically aren’t board games for couples as these involve cards. However, they still make fabulous stay at home date ideas for the two of you to play on your next night in.

12. Phase 10

Phase 10 is a great card game to have on hand when you have a large group. That way you can play it on your at-home date nights, too!

13. UNO Attack

Love the original version of UNO? The updated UNO Attack is both fun and unpredictable as you never know how many cards you’ll be attacked with. Have a laugh and challenge each other with fun games for couples nights like UNO Attack.

14. Sequence

Good news! This game involves both cards and a game board. So it truly can be called one of the best board games for couples. The goal of Sequence is to get 5 chips in a row—see if you can do it before your partner can.

15. Exploding Kittens

Don’t let the name fool you! The creator of the Exploding Kittens card game actually likes and donates money to charities that help kitties. So, play this UNO-like game, and watch out for explosions (and goats!).

Best Card Games for Couples Exploding Kittens

Other Fun Board Games for Couples Night at Home

Our last roundup of best 2 player board games for adults double as stay at home date ideas. Try a new game, or rely on an old faithful for some good ol’ fashioned competitive fun.

16. Hive

The game of Hive has been recognized by Mensa and has won a variety of awards. Get on the fun with Hive, which claims that it’s just crawling with possibilities.

17. Jenga

Learn to balance like a pro by playing the Jenga tower game. Best of all is that it comes in a tabletop size and a jumbo size if you want to move your date night games outside.

18. Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet is another game for those who enjoy playing around with words. You can vary the difficulty and play with more than two if you have friends over for the evening.

19. Ticket to Ride

Play a fast-paced, 60-minute game with your partner if you want to limit your time. Build routes and connect cities before your significant other can when you play Ticket to Ride.

20. Forbidden Island

Show off your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills together. Forbidden Island also has won multiple awards and is an Amazon favorite.

Forbidden Island Game Night Choice

Save our best board games for couples!

Best Board Games for Couples to Enjoy at Home

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