12 of the Best Free Valentine Dates That Don’t Cost Money

If you’re searching for cheap date ideas, we can do one better. How about no cost at all? Our free creative date night ideas are all you need for a great Valentine’s Day with your sweetie. Bonus: Our suggestions aren’t specific to February 14th, so you can plan these dates that don’t cost money all year round!

12 of the Best Free Valentine Dates That Don't Cost Money

Why plan dates that don’t cost money?

Besides the obvious benefit of not having to shell out any money, there are other reasons to plan free dates. Dates that don’t cost money force couples to get creative with the time they spend together. Instead of heading off to the same styles of dates, doing something inexpensive can let you focus on each other. Some of the most unique date ideas are free!

Also, some folks may think that planning inexpensive or free dates will come off as being a cheapskate. Just remember that the quality of the time you spend together is more important than the cost. Getting to know your significant other on a deeper level is one of the most wholesome date ideas.

Red Roses for Valentines Day

Tip: Don’t stop dating after you say, “I do.” All of our suggestions work as free date ideas for married couples, too!

Creative Date Night Ideas

At Home Dates That Don’t Cost Money

Sometimes staying home is what it’s all about on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are crowded, and you may be craving a bit of time just for the two of you. If your ideal evening includes cheap date night ideas at home, this is the list for you. Pick one of our indoor Valentine’s date ideas at home to make February 14th extra fun.

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1. Binge watch a new show.

Pick a show neither of you has seen and watch as many episodes as you can both handle. Binge-watching is one of the best indoor date ideas for couples to snuggle and spend the evening at home.

2. Stay in and have a game night.

Check out The Dating Divas for some printable game night ideas. Alternatively, break out the board games and make your own game night. Playing card games—or making up your own—can be just as fun as a night out.

Indoor Valentine's Date Ideas

3. Enjoy a relaxing spa day at home.

Make your own face masks, start a nice bubble bath, and even learn how to give each other massages. This intimate date night idea is an excellent idea for relaxation and fun.

4. Slow dance in your living room.

Dress up in your finest attire and turn down the lights. Spending the evening dancing is so dreamy, even if it’s just in your living room. Slow dancing is one of the most romantic date ideas you could do.

Couple Slow Dancing Free Date Night Ideas Valentine

5. Plan a snuggle day.

Cuddle up on the couch or somewhere cozy, and spend the day talking, napping, or watching movies. Trust us; you won’t regret a day of relaxing and snuggling together. 

6. Have a themed date night at home.

Yes, this one of our at-home date ideas takes a bit of planning, but it is a Valentine’s Day date, after all. Choose a movie or theme for the evening, and then build your creative date night ideas around it. You could choose French, space, or any number of themes. Round out your date with a theme-centric meal and movie to enjoy together.

Couple Cooking Together During a Date Night at Home

Going Out Dates That Don’t Cost Money

7. Find a free movie screening.

You might have to drive a little way, but you can see a ton of free movies. Check the internet for free Redbox codes for a movie night at home. Alternatively, you could check out sites like Advance Screenings or Gofobo to find a free film near you.

8. Go on a romantic hike.

If you don’t mind the cold weather, go for a romantic hike. There are thousands of excellent hiking trails that can give you the perfect opportunity to hold hands and talk. Don’t shy away from winter date ideas that take you outside. Also, feel free to choose the length and difficulty that suits you both best. 

Couple Hiking on a Free Date Ideas

9. Find a free festival in your area.

Check Eventbrite and Facebook to find free activities or festivals that are happening in your city. You might be able to find art showings or even a concert for free. Free indoor date ideas like these are fairly simple to find if you look in the right places.

10. Play tourist in your area.

Go out on the town and see what kind of free fun you can find. A trip around the farmers market or a stroll downtown can be so enjoyable. Put on your tourist goggles and indulge in some of the free things your city has to offer.

Romantic Date Ideas Explore Hometown

11. Go on a secluded picnic.

Whether you head to a rooftop or go out in nature, pack a picnic and enjoy the view. Take along a charcuterie and a bottle of wine, and you have one of the best wholesome date ideas.

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12. Head out on a book date.

The library has tons of books that you can either check out or read there for free. Choose one that you’ll both enjoy, and take turns reading to each other. Fun date night ideas like this can take your mind away to someplace new.

Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine's Day Book Picnic

Final Thoughts on Dates That Don’t Cost Money

They say love doesn’t cost a thing, but dating usually does. It’s true that you can have a fantastic Valentine’s Day without spending any money. There are plenty of ways for you to keep the romance alive this Valentine’s Day that doesn’t involve draining your bank account.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to come up with some fun free date ideas for Valentine’s Day. Let us know if you have any other ideas for dates that don’t cost money!

Save our dates that don’t cost money!

Free Valentine Dates That Don't Cost Money

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