How to Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating

Sometimes we have a lot to celebrate! Whether it’s the end of a year (buh-bye 2020!) or the start of something new, joy calls for a tasty cocktail. Our Cellar Citrus Spritzer recipe is a delicious concoction that is totally worthy of your next celebration. With fresh-squeezed citrus and tasty red wine, our juice spritzer recipe is a renewed twist on a classic drink.

How to Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for New Year's Eve and Celebrations

What are citrus fruits?

For this recipe, we used more traditional members of the list of citrus fruit, such as oranges. However, you may be asking questions, such as, “What is citrus?” In short, they are plants in the citrus genus (remember biology from long ago?).

Most are grown on trees in warm climates and contain a lot of healthy Vitamin C. Popular citrus fruits are lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines, and oranges. However, there are many more on this more official citrus fruits list.

What Are Citrus Fruits Lemon Lime Orange

How to Make a Cellar Citrus Spritzer

Many seltzer recipes are non-alcoholic, but what fun would that be? Ours is flavored with red wine from Old County Cellars and is simple to make by the glass.

Here’s how to make our Cellar Citrus Spritzer recipe for your next event. It would even make a fun signature drink for a wedding reception!

Old County Cellars Spritzer Recipe

Ingredients for Juice Spritzer Recipe

  • 1 bottle of Old County Cellars red wine (we used a 2016 Pinot Noir)
  • 10-ounce bottle of seltzer water
  • orange (1/4 fruit per 4 oz glass)
  • lime (1/4 fruit per 4 oz glass)
  • lemon (1/4 fruit per 4 oz glass)
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Supplies Needed for this Red Wine Cocktail

  • lemon squeezer (or hand citrus juicer, ours is from Verve)
  • small knife
  • glasses
  • cutting board
  • skewers

Ingredients for Citrus Spritzer Recipe

Instructions for Citrus, Wine, & Seltzer Recipes

  • Cut each of your citrus fruits into quarters. You will use 1/4 of each fruit per drink.
  • Place the citrus fruit you won’t need into sealed containers and refrigerate.

How to Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating

  • Use the hand lemon squeezer and juice 1/4 of the lemon into each glass.
  • Repeat the above step with the lime and orange (in no particular order).

How to Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating New Year's Eve

  • Fill each glass about halfway with the seltzer water.
  • Top each glass off with chilled red wine.

How to Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating WeddingsHow to Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrations Old County Cellars

Instructions for Citrus Peel Garnish

  • Use a sharp knife—be careful—and hold one of the fruits by its ends. We used the orange, which is the easiest because it has the largest rind.
  • With the knife, peel off as much a section of the rind as you can without breaking it. Don’t go too deep into the fruit. Repeat several times to get pieces that are large enough to roll for garnish.
  • Trim your skewer to be about 1-2″ higher than your glass.
  • Roll the peel into a circle, and slowly insert the skewer as to not break the peel.
  • Repeat for both glasses.
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Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating WeddingsMake a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating NYE

  • Place garnished skewers into each glass so that the skewer lays on the side of the glass.
  • Adjust as needed.
  • Drink and enjoy responsibly!

Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating NYE

Final Result of our Cellar Citrus Spritzer Recipe

Make a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating NYEMake a Yummy Citrus Spritzer Recipe for Celebrating NYEBride Holding Cocktail Juice Spritzer RecipeBride Holding Cocktail Juice Spritzer Recipe With Citrus Garnish

The Virginian on Jefferson Styled Shoot Vendors

Love this red wine cocktail recipe? Save it!

How to Make a Red Wine Cocktail Citrus Spritzer

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