15 Remarkable Ecofriendly Gifts That Help the Environment

If you are looking for gifts that help the environment, there are many ethical, sustainable gifts that will fit the bill nicely! In fact, incorporating sustainable and zero waste choices into your wedding day and home is essential. Take a peek at our ecofriendly gifts that are sure to please.

Remarkable Ecofriendly Gifts That Help the Environment | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

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TL;DR ~ Sustainable gifts are perfect for you to receive for your new home. Also, consider environmentally friendly gifts as inexpensive wedding favors and bridesmaids gifts that are ecofriendly.

Why choose ecofriendly gifts?

There is so much waste in our world nowadays, so anything we can do will help. Even small swaps, such as reusable straws and market totes, can make a big difference.

The less waste we each produce, the better. And your wedding day is the perfect place to start encouraging others to participate in a conscious lifestyle.

Some of these would make fabulous sustainable holiday gifts, too. Don’t limit your gift-giving to your wedding day as you can encourage an eco-conscious life all year round.

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Who should receive ethical, sustainable gifts?

  • Incorporate zero waste gifts into your wedding registry. What a lovely way to have a conscious home as newlyweds.
  • Natural gifts can also serve as wedding favors for guests. Of course, you’d want to find cheap ecofriendly gifts due to the quantity.
  • Luxury eco gifts are perfect to give your wedding attendants. In fact, you can put together a beautiful box or basket filled with a variety of sustainable gifts for her.
  • Ecofriendly gifts can also be tucked into welcome baskets for out-of-town guests.

Ecofriendly Gifts That Help the Environment

Zero Waste Gifts for the Kitchen

1. Organic Cotton Reusable Bags, $19

Gifts that Help the Environment | Hill City Bride

2. Snap Peas Tea Towel, $11

Cheap Eco Friendly Gifts | Hill City Bride

3. Zebra Chopstick Pair, $13

Zebra Gifts | Ethical Sustainable Gifts | Hill City Bride

Sustainable Gifts for Her

4. Speckled Tea Strainer, $25

Luxury Eco Gifts | Hill City Bride

5. Sari & Jute Slouchy Net Bag, $21

Sustainable Gifts for Her | Hill City Bride

6. Chic Reusable Market Bag, $21

Natural Gifts for Her | Hill City Bride

Natural Gifts for Him

7. Marble Shave Bowl and Brush, $60

Gifts for Environmental Activists | Hill City Bride

8. Stone Drink Chillers, $25

Natural Gifts for Him Stone Drink Chillers | Hill City Bride

9. Salt Crystal Drink Glass Set, $50

Luxury Eco Gifts | Gifts for Him

Ethical Sustainable Gifts for the Bath

10. Natural Hemp Washcloth, $13

Sustainable Holiday Gifts | Hill City Bride

11. Lemon Soap, $6

Gifts for Environmentalists | Natural Gifts | Hill City Bride

12. Coconut Wood Soap Dish, $19

Zero Waste Gifts for Environmentalists | Hill City Bride

Luxury Eco Gifts

13. Shea Butter Cream, $21

Shea Butter Natural Gifts | Hill City Bride

14. Essential Companion Tote, $40

Bridesmaids Gifts | Luxury Eco Gifts | Hill City Bride

15. Recycled Sari Napkin, $9

Recycled Sari Napkins | Sustainable Gifts for Her | Hill City Bride

Will you incorporate ecofriendly gifts?

Aren’t those lovely? Ecofriendly gifts don’t have to be bland and boring. I love the variety, and that market tote is so practical (so perfect for bridesmaids!). Think sustainable and zero waste for your big day. You can make a big difference in small ways.

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