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Advantages to Using a Honeymoon Travel Agent

Amidst the wedding planning, it’s also necessary to think about honeymoon ideas! Unforgettable honeymoons are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and planning that kind of vacation is a great time to utilize travel agents. A honeymoon travel agent can be an ally in a time of need while you are off enjoying yourself in a different destination. Not convinced? Take a peek at reasons why using a honeymoon planner can work to your advantage and actually save you money.

Advantages to Using a Honeymoon Travel Agent | Hill City Bride Wedding Travel Blog

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Using a Honeymoon Travel Agent

Some couples skip using a honeymoon planning service because of their budget, which is understandable! Personally, I once checked out a cruise and went to book it, and then I quickly questioned our travel agency. Online isn’t always the best way because our agent was able to find us the same cruise for a better price. How fabulous!

Local honeymoon travel agent, Melissa Taylor, answered a few pressing questions about contacting a travel agent for honeymoon plans. In short, an expert can be the best way to go!

Travel Agent for Honeymoon Planning Service | Hill City Bride Destination Weddings Blog

Advice from a Honeymoon Planner

Plan the Expense into your Budget

Yes…let’s not forget the honeymoon! When planning your wedding budget, remember that the honeymoon is the ONLY component in the planning process that is just for the bride and groom. Make a plan to pay for your honeymoon along with finding destinations that will work into that budget. It’s a trip you want to remember, but also try not to break the bank.

Don’t Let Options Overwhelm You

Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed with all of the honeymoon destination options. You can easily narrow down your choices by asking each other a few simple questions. Would we prefer a warm or cold climate? Do we want to drive or fly? Will we want a little adventure or just relaxation and romance? Should we set a budget and then figure out quality vs. quantity or vice versa?

Travel Agent for Honeymoon Planning Service | Hill City Bride Destination Weddings Blog

Blend Ideal Honeymoon Ideas

Consider the fact that you and your fiancé may have two very different ideas of the perfect honeymoon. Maybe he wants a lodge in the mountains and she wants an all-inclusive jacuzzi suite in the Caribbean. There is a great solution to that problem, by the way! There are many destinations and honeymoon travel packages that can blend both of your interests into one amazing vacation.

Travel Agents Don’t Increase Costs

A local travel agent who specializes in honeymoon planning is a great resource for keeping your life simple in this department. There is typically no additional cost to working with a local agent because they are paid by the vendors (cruise line, tour operator, resort…etc) as a local employee for you.

Travel Agent for Honeymoon Planning Service | Hill City Bride Destination Weddings Blog

Utilize a Honeymoon Travel Agent

Trust your honeymoon to someone who watches for specials, packages, and promotions every single day. Even after the honeymoon has been booked, new promotions and discounts can usually be applied right up until the final payment.

Decide Soon and Book Early

Do not leave the honeymoon decision for last. If you are looking into honeymoon travel packages, there is the potential that they will be booked and you will have to come up with alternative honeymoon ideas. You two will need this most important vacation you will ever take to finally relax and get to know each other all over again!

Bonus Tip – Raise Funds for Your Honeymoon!

This is an added tip from Hill City Bride, but a great way to ensure that you have a fabulous honeymoon is to have your guests help you raise funds. Instead of buying china and silverware you may never use, Honeyfund is a way for family and friends to send you off on the best vacay ever. Be sure to check it out!

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  • Jessie-Lee - Oh I loved Honeymoon wishes! We used it in addition to a traditional registry and it was greatly accepted by all of our guests. Some think it is a little tacky, but we loved that it allowed us a few more luxuries for our honeymoon. Go for it! Who cares if Grandma doesn’t approve. Great advice!

  • Jennifer - Agreed! I am glad to hear from someone who has used it. Thank you so much for stopping by HCB.

  • Stephanie Whitman - This makes me wish we had a more creative honeymoon. I think maybe one day we’ll have a second honeymoon and actually go somewhere … out of state?? HAH. Good to know this tip!

  • Nataly - This sounds so perfect! I would have loved to use a travel agent for our honeymoon.

  • Carolyn - We didn’t use a travel agent for our honeymoon, but I definitely see the pros. I didn’t know that some you wouldn’t have to pay extra for!

  • Helena Marz - This is great information and I will keep this in mind in the future! ❤️

  • Ashley R - I have never thought to use a travel agent for a honeymoon. What a great idea!

  • Azanique Rawl - I’ve never thought about using a travel agent but this is persuading. I rather spend my time relaxing before a trip versus feeling like I have to plan every little detail.

  • Megan Elliott - I can definitely see how using a honeymoon travel agent would be helpful! I love planning my own trips so this wouldn’t be ideal for me, but planning can be a ton of work so I’m sure it would be a great option for others!

  • Iféoluwa - These are really great tips! I am sometimes skeptical of using a travel agent but your post encouraged me to not worry about it.

  • Lily - We aren’t really travelers but are thinking of taking a big trip this year and we are definitely looking into going through a traveling agency. It just seems easier!

  • TianShanae - My husband and I used a travel agent for our honeymoon years ago. It was beneficial then and I am sure it still is today.

  • WanderlustBeautyDreams - These are such great tips to consider when planning a honeymoon! Sending this to a friend who’s in the stages of planning one.

  • Caitlin - There are times when a travel agent is a MUST and a honeymoon is definitely it!

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