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Unique Wedding Photos – Scrap a Wedding Photos List

Your big day is fast approaching, and there are SO many things on your to-do list. You want to have unique wedding photos, so you start making a mental list of wedding poses and search for photography shot list PDFs. But what if you chose to ignore the traditional photography checklist? For clients, photographers can get creative and get all of those must-have wedding photos without the worry of toting around a checklist. Promise!

Get Unique Wedding Photos - Scrap the Wedding Photos List

This post is by Heather Cheatham and is an updated repost of an existing article.

Get Those Must-Have Wedding Photos

Every Couple Wants Unique Wedding Photos

Your wedding day has been planned for months with the finest of details. The guest list for your day likely includes an array of special family, friends, and guests. Making sure all the images of your wedding day are captured can be a nervous task for a bride.

For an experienced photographer, this challenge comes naturally based on his/her experience but also flows smoothly with the right information provided by the bride. After all, before you know it your flowers are wilted, your cake is eaten, and your day is over. All you will have to remember your day are unique wedding photos!

Must Have Wedding Photos | Wedding Photography Checklist for Photographers | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Have a Wedding Photo Ideas List

The process of creating the proverbial “shot list” should not be a time-consuming task of listing out every possible detail and situation you need to be photographed. Hopefully, you will choose an experienced, professional photographer.

You should already feel confident your photographer will capture your day in full based on reviewing sample weddings in their portfolio. A wedding photography checklist for photographers can be a cumbersome process for the professional who should be watching your day evolve through his/her lens instead. A wedding photos list can actually be a distraction.

Talk About Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Having said that, your day is as unique as any other. It truly is once in a lifetime, a uniting in marriage, and a special celebration. It is important to provide input to your photographer on what parts of your wedding day are most important to you. Also, establish open communication with your photographer about your joint expectations so that nothing important is overlooked.

Inquire with your photographer about a pre-wedding consultation to go over the details of your special day. This consultation will provide the opportunity to discuss your preferences. Think about your formal portraits and whether or not you are considering a “first look” ahead of the ceremony.

Don’t forget about getting wedding pictures with parents as well as family and special guests in attendance. At this point, it is good to explain who is most important to be photographed. Talk about whether or not anyone has special needs or limitations. Inform them if there are any family dynamics which he or she should be aware of.

Must Have Wedding Photos | Wedding Photography Checklist for Photographers | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Wedding Photo Etiquette Throughout the Day

It is also important to discuss the schedule of events for your day. This will allow you and your photographer to know how long to plan for getting ready and pre-wedding details. They also can calculate how long to plan for your formal and family portraits.

One handy rule of thumb to be aware of is to roughly plan on five minutes per staged formal family portrait. This is very important when it comes to setting expectations for your day.

It would be near impossible to capture a list of 25 different family portraits and only allow your photographer ten minutes to do it! He or she should be able to provide you with a general guideline/timeline based on experience if needed.

Ultimately, with careful communication – and giving your photographer the creative freedom to capture your day – they will successfully capture every detail and moment lovingly. Don’t be afraid to ditch that wedding photography poses checklist!

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Must Have Wedding Photos | Wedding Photography Checklist for Photographers | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

Photos by Daria Shevtsova, Thorn Yang, and Getulio Moraes

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  • Lemon - Gorgeous work and great advice!

  • Kellan - Couldn’t agree with Heather more! Well put!

  • Megan Elliott - Such great advice! I can only imagine how much planning and attention to detail goes into photographing a wedding.

  • Caitlin - I tell every bride I know to make sure she has a photo list for the photographer, esp since there are going to be moments where everything is so hectic you forget you wanted that one shot with your great grandma’s ring!

  • Deborah - So my fiance and I decided the two areas we are putting a lot of importance on is food and photography. These are great tips for wedding photos! We’ll have to work with our photographer on this!

  • Delia Atenea - These are some great tips! My favorite kinds of photos are candids, not posed! I love capturing a persons natural state or situations when they are laughing!

  • Stephanie Whitman - I’m grateful that our photographer had a list of questions for us prior to our wedding day, that way she knew exactly the style of photos we wanted, who we wanted them with, etc. And then I had a good friend of mine who used to shoot my blog photos, who also came before the wedding, to snap photos that I could edit however I liked. It was great!

  • Ashley R - Our wedding photos are one of my favorite things of all time. I never had to touch any of them to edit.

  • Candace Hampton - Great post! I love it when I see very original beautiful wedding photos. In my opinion, they are so much more fun to look at. Weddings only happen once, and it needs to be unique and special to your taste!

  • Carolyn - Getting the right photos were very important to me! I was more interested in pictures of me and my honey over group shots though. I wouldn’t say our photos were unique in nature, but we still like them. Though it would have been fun to get a couple more unique ones!

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