How to Make Bath Salts for Gifts & Favors

No matter the time of year, skin can always benefit from a salt bath made with Epsom salt. Bath recipes with essential oils are especially soothing in the winter when skin tends to get drier. In the summer both mind and body can be soothed with a soak using therapeutic bath salts. Recipes are easy to make, and whether you need to make a bath salt recipe for stress or want to make a homemade bath soak, this recipe is perfect for both. DIY bath salts for gifts work perfect for favors, too! Your guests will be so delighted to take home something that will smell good, have skin benefits, and help them relax.

Epsom Salt Bath Recipes with Essential Oils | DIY Bath Salts | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

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Have you ever taken a bath with salts? There are so many bath salts benefits, such as soft skin and being able to relax the day’s tension away. When you use Epsom salt bath recipes with essential oils, you can further enhance the experience by adding a scent that will perform a specific task such as helping you feel relaxed or making you more alert. You may be asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do you make bath salts with essential oils?
  • Are there bath salt recipes with Epsom salts?
  • Is making bath salts for gifts difficult?
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Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered with this DIY bath salts recipe. It’s really simple, and it is the perfect homemade bath soak to relieve stress. They also make super cute favors and gifts, and you can put them in just about any container you choose. If you want to make a big batch, you can put them in a big jar and just scoop out what you need for each bathtime.

How to Make Bath Salts for Gifts and Favors | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

How to Make Bath Salts for Gifts & Favors

Lemon Homemade Bath Soak Needs Per Bath

You will also need some sort of container to place your DIY bath salts in. I used tiny metal containers with a see-through lid. I also used a yellow ribbon to tie the lids shut. Other options would be small, clear baggies for each person.

Also, this bath salt recipe for stress isn’t like a baking recipe – you can omit ingredients (although keep the Epsom salt). Bath recipes with essential oils are extra-sensory, but if need be, the oil can be omitted, too. No matter what the ingredients are, you just mix and place them into your container. It’s so easy to do!

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How to Make Bath Salts for Gifts and Favors | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Personalizing Therapeutic Bath Salts Recipes

The first 3 ingredients are essential, but if you want lavender bath salts recipes, you can easily switch out the calendula, lemon balm leaf, lemon zest, and lemon essential oil for lavender buds and lavender essential oil to make lavender bath salts. Recipes are very easy to adapt by swapping out the type of oil you use and the plant-based ingredients you add.

The type of homemade bath soak you make is totally up to you! Bath salts benefits will vary depending on what you decide to use, but the fact still remains that taking a salt bath is healthy and good for you, too!

My DIY Bath Salts Experience

We hosted a shower, and these were so easy to make beforehand. The DIY bath salts were mixed and placed into containers so that guests could take them home as favors after the shower. We also had tiny floral arrangements for the guests to take home, but I would definitely recommend making these to treat your guests the next time they want to take a bath.


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How to Make Bath Salts for Gifts and Favors | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

How to Make Bath Salts for Gifts and Favors | Hill City Bride Virginia WeddingsHow to Make Bath Salts for Gifts and Favors | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

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