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Our Experience with Minted Wedding Invitations

Ok, folks – I haven’t been saying a lot about this because, even though this is my blog, it’s not all about me. But, I need to give you fair warning that there will be a LOT of photos coming up for one particular wedding and the events that surround it. Why? Well, because my very own daughter is getting married. So exciting! And, of course, with a wedding comes stationery and my daughter loved the selection at Minted. You’ll see her choice below along with a bit about our experience ordering Minted wedding invitations.

Hill City Bride is a Minted partner, and a purchase made through one of our links goes to help our blog and could quite possibly help pay for a wedding.

Minted Wedding Invitations | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

When it comes to wedding invitations, choosing the right one is important. After all, it is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. How exciting! My daughter, Aubrey, has always loved lavender, so she knew that she wanted to incorporate both the color and the plant into her big day.

She also loves the whispy feel of wildflowers and wanted a square invitation. When she saw the “Wildflower Crest” style of Minted wedding invitations, we both immediately fell in love! Aubrey loved the colors in the invitation suite so much we used it as the wedding color palette. So pretty!

Minted Wedding Invitations

Curious about our experience? I’d love to share! Take a peek at a few of the things I loved about ordering wedding invitations online.

The site was easy to navigate.

The ability to search by color, style, shape, and price is so helpful. Aubrey’s main criteria included square invitations in purple hues. She also wanted some sort of circle or oval as a focal point, so I can’t tell you how perfect these were. This design also comes in navy and charcoal for those who like a darker background.

Personalization was a breeze.

We already loved the fonts, but adding in middle names made the text a bit wide. The ability to adjust the font size was handy! There was so much to love about the invitation itself that we just made minor tweaks, but doing so was simple.

Minted Wedding Invitations | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

There are many matching pieces.

For the stationery suite, we ordered the invitations, RSVP cards, and matching stamps for both the invitations and RSVP cards (so cute!!). We are finalizing our ceremony order and menu details, so we will also be ordering the programs, menus, table numbers, favor stickers, and the ever important thank you cards. There are SO many matching pieces, which is both beautiful and important for a cohesive feel. Just look at that suite below. I’m in love! She also got the matching website that coordinated with the invitation. Love that!

Checks and balances add confidence.

Once you place your order, Minted checks to be sure that everything looks perfect. The person who checked ours over made a few small recommendations to help us come up with an invitation to truly notify our guests in style!

Minted Wedding Invitations | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

Everything came quickly.

As with anything I order, I’m a bit impatient. I check to see where it is in the process – ordered, packed, shipped, out for delivery. Aubrey’s invitations came in a timely fashion, and everything was ready for us to put together easily and send out once it arrived.

The quality is impeccable.

I love how everything from Minted feels. The paper has such a quality to it, which is also important for longevity and offering a great first impression to the recipient.

Minted Wedding Invitations | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

The result?

Everyone loved them!

The highest compliment of all is that our wedding guests loved the invitations. They are hanging on fridges all over the US – even mine! We’ve also given a few to wedding vendors so that they could have a copy of the color palette, and they have raved about them, too.

Aubrey’s wedding is 3 weeks from today, and I can’t wait to share more of Minted’s coordinating pieces after the big day. If you would like to see more of this particular suite, just click here. Want to see how else Minted can help besides stationery products? See how they can help with decor here.

A special thanks go out to Meridith of MDK Studios for taking these lovely images! 

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