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7 Tips for Having Body Confidence at Your Wedding

No matter how fit, tall, short, plump, thin, or couch potato-y a girl is, it seems as though every woman I know struggles with body positivity. We all have certain areas that we are more self-aware about, and I am SO glad that we are in a movement that encourages body confidence. Because if there is one day a woman wants to feel lovely it is her wedding day (and every day, really!).

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7 Tips for Having Body Confidence | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

photo by Daria Shevtsova

People look at me and think I’m thin, but I’d totally say that I fall into the “fat thin” category. What? I know, right? Not only do we have categories for our size, but apparently there are subcategories that turn into oxymorons. That is exactly the opposite of what should be happening. Here are my tips below – and I am preaching to myself here – on having body confidence.

Having Body Confidence

Tip 1 – Stop Comparing

I have a friend who after 4 kids has what seems to be the flattest stomach in the world. Seriously. And – as fate would have it – my most body-conscious area is my stomach. We were chatting one day, and she told me about how small my rear end was (I’d actually say I don’t have one, lol) only to find out that her derriere was her most self-conscious area. That was SUCH an eye-opener for me! We were both evaluating what we perceived as our worst areas to the best area of another. Stop comparing.

Tip 2 – Shop for YOUR body

Be familiar with your body shape and head to the stores and brands that know how to do clothes that fit your shape well. A curvy gal may not be able to shop at Forever 21 (don’t get me started on fast fashion!), and a girl with a boyish shape may have to wear certain styles to have a more curvy silhouette. Be aware of what looks good on you – not what looks fab on others.

Tip 3 – Stop Negative Thoughts

This goes a bit with comparison, but we tend to thwart our own body confidence by talking ourselves down. We are our own worst critics, aren’t we? I have chatted with many a woman who was conscious of X, Y, and Z on her body only to see that she was the only one who saw herself that way. Don’t harp on the one thing that may be considered a “flaw” because it isn’t an imperfection. It’s a part of who you are.

Tip 4 – Focus on the Positive

Ok, so your stomach isn’t perfectly flat. Your thighs touch. Your behind isn’t as taut as you’d like it to be. So what? Focus on things that you love about your body. Do you have gorgeous eyes? Is your hair long and shiny with the perfect amount of wave? Are your breasts perky and full? Be sure to focus on your strengths. It will give you SUCH a boost in self-esteem, which will shine through to others. And speaking of breasts – as a part of that confidence – be sure to test out the padded 8-in-1 Evolution Bra by Knix to be sure that everything stays where it should (perky breasts or not!).

Tip 5 – Find Positive Role Models

Who are you following on social media? Are there certain people you look up to? Be sure to fill your mind with female role models who are just like you AND love being that way. You may find new ways to dress and also find camaraderie within like-minded positivity. Talk about body confidence!

Tip 6 – Do NOT Let Others Determine Your Worth

Are others filling your mind with negativity? Please either talk to those people and/or get them out of your life stat. Obviously some people are in our lives for good, so it’s best to talk to them about how their view of you makes you feel. And – if they choose not to stop – then try to distance yourself. It’s easier said than done, but our own inner voices are strong enough without adding degradation from others.

Tip 7 – Treat Yourself

Are you making strides towards body confidence? Celebrate it. Get a little something to show off your assets, such as a new eyeliner, fancy belt, or even a great bag. Rewarding yourself can be a great pick me up. And ice cream counts – even though we are adults, sweet treats are still a great thing to look forward to.

Ready to head out the door with body confidence?

I hope so! Stay strong, love yourself, and be confident. You can do it!

  • Geraline Batarra - Wow, these are great tips to do in preparing your body in your wedding day. I will share this with my friends since she is preparing for her wedding.

  • Monidipa Dutta - I guess I can use these tips as my wedding day is coming. They sound hard to do but I can try i guess.

  • Sreekar - Yes. Agree with all of them. Especially agree with the fact that we should avoid negative images of our own bodies and stay positive always , more so at the weddings:)

  • Clarice Lao / Camping for Women - My wedding has been far from over but I totally with these tips and they are very much applicable in our daily lives. We should definitely start accepting who we are and stop comparing ourselves to others. We are all unique and we just have to learn how to love and embrace our flaws.

  • Rhian westbury - I do think that not comparing yourself to others is so important and something which I fall short on now. I am so bad whne it comes to body confidence but all your points are so important x

  • HilLesha - Brides-to-be deserve to feel at their best on their wedding day. These are tried and true tips that will help endure body confidence.

  • Elizabeth O - This is a really great post. Body confidence hits us all but I think even more so on occasions like our wedding day when all eyes are on us. Great advice here!

  • Wendy - Thanks for this encouraging article. I, for one, don’t have body confidence. I am always insecure that my arms are too flabby but I need to learn how to embrace it.

  • Nayna Kanabar - A very useful post,, if it’s your big day you should concentrate on being happy and you will look great in anything you wear.

  • Jennifer - I feel your pain! I am always so conscious about my stomach and arms. It’s a struggle!

  • chichi - I agree with all your tips. Specially comparison. Every person is unique and comparison just takes the goodness out of everything.

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