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Wedding Reception Lawn Games Your Guests Will Love

It’s summer! And that means outdoor weddings…and outdoor receptions. Why not give your guests options of fun, interactive games at your wedding reception? And best of all is that this type of entertainment you can keep and use for outdoor activities for years to come! Take a peek at these fun wedding reception lawn games.

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Wedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Love to have fun outdoors? Me too! I know your guests will love to mix and mingle in the warm weather. Take a peek at my finds for a memorable outdoor wedding reception.

Wedding Reception Lawn Games


What adorable domino tiles! Playing dominoes can be both fun and frustrating as you try to match up the numbers. This game is simple enough for your smallest guests, but I can definitely picture groomsmen getting in on the fun! Lawn Dominoes, $55

Wedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Tic Tac Toe

This is such a classic game, isn’t it? Take tic tac toe to the next level with this large, portable set. Whether your guests win or end up in tie after tie after tie, this is sure to entertain guests of any age! Tic Tac Toe, $60

Wedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


It’s safe to say that this game is an outdoor classic. Take it to the next level and personalize this cornhole board with your choice of sandbag color. This is one of my favorite outdoor games! Cornhole Board with Bags, $130

Wedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Ring Toss

Provide hours of fun with this game that’s a bit harder than it looks. Test everyone’s skills throughout the night to see if they are getting better or worse! Ring Toss, $42

Wedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Tumbling Tower Blocks

Be sure to get out of the way if these blocks are toppling! Modeled after the smaller, tabletop version of Jenga, these oversized blocks will be a challenge to get to balance outdoors. Tumbling Tower Blocks, $100

Wedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog


I remember sitting around the table playing Yahtzee with my grandmother, and this oversized yard game is just as fun! Bring back childhood memories and laugh as you toss the big dice in an effort to win. Oversized Yardzee Game, $70

Wedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding BlogWedding Reception Lawn Games | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

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  • Nancie - Excellent game suggestions for keeping all of your guests entertained.

  • Terri Beavers - Oh wow, I love these games. I’m not getting married but I’d love one of those tic tac toe games for the grandkids. I think it’s perfect for wedding games with the x’s and o’s. xo

  • Lisa Rios - Outdoor weddings look so much fun – As long as it is sunny outside, of course. I have always loved the pictures of couples outside, like on swings, or with florals. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a wedding snow photo shoot!

  • Holly @ Mimi's Dollhouse - These are great game suggestions. I love the idea of having activities at your wedding. Especially things for the kids to do!!

  • eliza - Oh! I love the idea, this is another way to involve and have the guest entertained and participates. Great!

  • Preet - This was a fun and great idea for a wedding reception. This is so perfect since my bestfriend is getting marriend. I have to share this with her.

  • Czjai Reyes-Ocampo - I love that personalized Jenga! So cool! 🙂

  • Paige Marie - These are such a great idea to keep guests entertained! I wish I had known about these when I had my wedding!

  • Julie Plagens - What a great idea for a wedding. I would never have thought of this. They don’t do this in Texas. We have lots of barbeques and beer.

  • Diana - We have an outdoor Cornhole and Giant Jenga set that my husband made! It’s so much fun! I’ll have to try the other ones!

  • Maureen - This all look like fun! We played the Tic-tac-toe at a friends wedding last year, it was epic! I can totally see these games at a picnic or BBQ party as well. So cool, ❤️ It

  • Esme Sy - Yes, this sounds like a lovely idea. If it’s an outdoor wedding then this should be a perfect match. Let’s hope the weather gives you the thumbs up!

  • Danielle - How fun are these games?! Such a great idea. Love the letterboard quote as well.

  • Elizabeth O - This is such a lovely and creative post. The photos are really gorgeous and it looks like so much fun to have games at a wedding reception like this!

  • Lisa Rios - Hahahhaa! I love that little saying. As a competitive girl myself, I can definitely see the appeal of these outdoor games, especially the life-size dominoes. LOL Such a great summer idea!

  • Becca Wilson - These games look like they would be so much fun. I have never really thought about doing this at a wedding reception.

  • Nina - I love the photography, this is so creative. I am in love with these games, haha. keep up the good work.

  • Britney - Corn hole is always a favorite! I’ve never seen yard yatzee before!

  • Kevin - This is so timely. My workmate is getting married soon and I will definitely recommend these games. Looks fun!

  • Jordan Nunamaker - Ahhh Yardzee looks like a lot of fun — and is also absolutely adorable!

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