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Using Instagram Hashtags for Wedding Planning

Instagram is my go-to form of media. I love that you can just scroll through and see a curated feed of things that you enjoy! And many brides are using the social media platform to plan their weddings. How? Well, take a peek at these types of Instagram hashtags for wedding planning to search for when getting ideas for your big day!

Using Instagram Hashtags for Wedding Planning | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Going from the general to the super specific, here are several types of Instagram hashtags you can search for planning your big day!

Types of Instagram Hashtags for Wedding Planning

General Wedding Hashtags

When searching, it’s good to do a general search for images. I do have to say that the more general a hashtag is, the less curated the photos will be, but it’s smart to start with an overall look. Some suggestions are:

  • #wedding
  • #weddings
  • #wedspo
  • #weddingday
  • #weddingideas
  • #weddinginspiration

Specific Image Hashtags

If you are looking for a cake, flowers or even makeup, just use what you are looking for and add “wedding” in front of it. You are sure to find ideas that fit into the scope of what you are searching for! Below are some examples.

  • #weddingcake
  • #weddingflowers
  • #weddingmakeup
  • #weddingupdo
  • #weddingfavors

Vendor Hashtags

Want to get ideas from those in the industry? Just like the suggestion above, add the word “wedding” in front of whatever vendor type you are wanting to look at. It’s a fun way to see the work of real wedding pros while sneaking in some behind-the-scenes images with this one of our Instagram hashtags for wedding planning.

  • #weddingflorist
  • #weddingplanner
  • #weddingcakeartist
  • #weddingphotographer

Hashtags for Your Wedding Type

Here you will gain ideas that are more honed down for your own wedding. Search seasons, colors and styles to get all sorts of inspiration. Take a peek at ones to get the hang of what to search.

  • #summerwedding (any season works!)
  • #greenwedding (any color works!)
  • #vintagewedding
  • #farmwedding
  • #hotelwedding

Area Specific Instagram Hashtags

Here in VA there are several that we utilize to see local weddings, but you can apply this to any state, region or country you’d like!

  • #virginiawedding
  • #virginiaweddings
  • #vawedding
  • #vaweddings
  • #hillcitybride (my favorite!)

Hashtags for Your Vendors

Do you have your vendors set already? Be sure to see if they have any specific hashtags of their own! Doing so can get the style that your wedding professional works in along with gaining fabulous ideas of what they are capable of. Here are some examples.

Want more ideas? Take a peek at the video below that I did with WDBJ7 talking about hashtags. And find more social media hints here!

Photo by Chelsea Anderson Photography, and see more of that wedding here.


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