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9 Reasons a Honeymoon Registry Is the BEST Idea Ever

Have you ever thought about registering for your honeymoon? It’s a great idea! From the practical to the posh, here are reasons why a honeymoon registry is absolutely the best idea ever.

This post is done in partnership with Honeyfund, a fabulous honeymoon registry. All opinions are my own, and if you choose to register via one of the links in the post below, I earn a small commission, which in no way changes your registry.ย 

Honeyfund Honeymoon Registry | Hill City Bride Wedding Blog

I can’t wait to share all of this with you! Last year I went to a conference and met Sara, the CEO and founder of Honeyfund, and it was so great to hear her heart. She even presented her ideas on Shark Tank and had great success. So fun! Hey, if the sharks thought it was a great idea, I hope you do, too.

Here are my reasons why I think starting a honeymoon registry is the right way to go.

1. You already have too much stuff.

Are you combining two households into one? If so, you are probably in the mood to purge rather than register for more material things. Yet, you know your wedding guests will want to get you a gift, and this is the perfect way for them to be able to do so!

2. You are a practical thinker.

Don’t need china or “good” silverware? Why register for items that you may not ever need just because tradition says to? Registering for just a few essentials (pots and pans, that mixer you have your eye on…etc.) and leaving the rest to go towards your honeymoon isn’t a bad idea at all.

3. You practice minimalism.

If even the thought of adding an extra tchotchke or knick-knack into your home gives you the shivers, then skip the traditional gift list and go for a honeymoon registry instead. There’s a big trend towards gifting consumables to keep our tendencies to collect stuff at bay.

Honeymoon Registry with Honeyfund | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

4. You love to save money.

Are you one who checks your bank balance all the time? Why build it up just to have it drain away on a trip? If you utilize a honeymoon registry, then you can let others gift you the funds to take the vacation of your dreams with your new spouse. Oh, and you can actually BOOK your honeymoon through Honeyfund, which can save you extra. What a win-win!

5. You can’t afford a honeymoon.

Practically speaking, you can’t even begin to think about a honeymoon because you just don’t have the funds. By using a honeymoon registry, you can head off on your honeymoon with confidence and excitement while exploring a new place.

6. You enjoy splurging on extras.

In addition to the actual honeymoon itself, guests can pick items for splurging. Imagine your aunt and uncle gifting you a massage for two or your best friend treating you to a meal at the beach. Yep! Experiences can also be part of your honeymoon fund. Isn’t that great??

7. You want people to see you enjoying their gift.

Are you nuts over social media? Imagine how your wedding guests will feel when they see you actually ON your honeymoon enjoying a drink at the beach, a splash in the pool or you perusing a historic site? They will know that they aided in giving you that experience. So fab!

Honeymoon Registry with Honeyfund | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog Beach

8. You deserve a great honeymoon.

After all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, right? You are off to celebrate with the one you love and just committed your life to. You deserve a getaway that is spectacular. A honeymoon registry can definitely help with that!

9. You adore free things.

Ok, last, but totally not least. Using Honeyfund is FREE to you and your guests. Yep! You get your own site (which you can upgrade if you’d like), and all of the funds go to you (minus any PayPal or WePay fees, but that’s it!). Now if that isn’t reason enough, I don’t know what is.

Happy planning for your honeymoon! Just click here to check out Honeyfund for yourself.ย  Are you looking for honeymoon travel inspiration? Just click here to see what else I have to offer. And don’t forget to watch your costs as you travel on your honeymoon, too!

all photos by Ibrahim Asad

  • Seanna - I like this idea! Today it seems like couples are already living together and accumulating homewares before they’re even married, so it doesn’t make sense to gift them with more stuff!

    A honeymoon is a great experience, and awesome memories won’t clutter up your house.

  • Joniamac - This is a genius idea! I agree, most couples already have everything they need, so why add more. Thanks for sharing this post! I’ll try to share this with couples who get married at the venue I work at and my friends that work in events!

  • Annie - I love the idea of a honeymoon registery. But honestly I think I’d just want a ton of money for my honeymoon, not any gifts. It’s a really good idea though.

  • Dee - I wish someone had told me about this 16 years ago when I was getting married. Me and my husband would love it. We love traveling together and if someone would give us gift like that we would be over the moon

  • Monidipa Dutta - I love this idea of honeymoon registry but on the other hand being a workaholic I don’t think I could enjoy without thinking about work.

  • Iya - Louisa - I am not even getting married but I cant wait to check this out haha! This is such a good idea as so many times you end up with gifts you really don’t want etc..

  • Luci - I’ve never heard about this but that would be a really nice way to pay for a honeymoon.

  • CJ - My wife and I did a honeymoon registry. It was great! We got a free limo ride from the airport to our resort and a free whale and dolphin watching boat trip.

  • Elizabeth O - I love the idea of a honeymoon registry. It is a really handy and great idea for people to contribute to something special like this.

  • Jennifer - That all sounds fabulous! And smart, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Corina - I already have too much stuff lying around my home and I hate it when I get gifts I didn’t actually need and won’t use, but I won’t throw them away as they are gifts so I’ll just have to dust them off regularly. Indeed, a honeymoon registry is the best idea to avoid suprerluous things ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Talya - I think this is such a great idea -a friend of mine did this a few years back and I thought it was genius. It feels more meaningful than a usual wedding gift list.

  • Eboni Dixon - I would definitely consider a honeymoon registry if and when I get married. I have always been an “experience/holiday over material things” kind of person so this would perfectly represent me!

  • Patrice Boothe - I think this is such a good idea, because at least people know where you are spending it! And it is going to something worth and special instead of gift you may never use.

  • Adriana - I think this is such a great idea. Rather than people purchasing items you might need, they can put their money towards something more useful

  • Jo - This is a splendid idea! Never heard of this but sounds like something I would do for my wedding for sure!!!

  • Laura Dove - Oh I would have loved to do this but my husband wanted a UK based wedding. Maybe if we renew our vows we could do it abroad!

  • Monique Elise - I never even knew this was a thing until my friend had this type of registry for her wedding last year. I think it’s a GREAT idea!! Super smart and cost-effective rather than have guests waste money on household items you’ll rarely ever use.

  • Farya - Yup a registry is far more better and financially beneficial than gifts.

  • Wendy - Never thought this exists, but this gives me an idea. I might consider this — by the time I get married. lol

  • Alison Rost - I agree with this completely. It’s really nice to have a registry for your honeymoon so you don’t have to worry much about it and have more budget for your pocket money.

  • Renata - www.byemyself.com - Yes, it might be a bit less romantic than traditional gifts, but it is certainly a practical one – for both sides.

  • Ivan - I was gifted with plane tickets for my honeymoon and it was my most favorite gift. Honeymooning can be expensive so itโ€™s nice to get all the help/sponsorship you can get.

  • Mommy Sigrid - Honestly, this is the first time I have heard of the honeymoon registry. It wasn’t in when we got married. Hubby and I also had a honeymoon but it was nothing really grand. Now, I wanna travel with him because the kids are already older.

  • eliza - I must say that this is truly a great idea. And I always opt for being practical and minimalist. I don’t see anything wrong with that especially nowadays.

  • David Allen Elliott - I had a wedding registry but I never had a honeymoon one. But I can see why it would be a great idea. If we had one I think we would have been able to plan better and do more. We would have known what we were getting better and it would have helped with the planning. This is awesome.

  • Mayuri Saxena - Ohh! I didn’t have a wedding registry. It sounds like a great idea, I am going to forward this to my cousin who is getting married in December!

  • Sayanti - Honeymoon registry is a great idea and indeed a money saver. Besides, it is of no use giving the couple things that they already own.

  • Blair Villanueva - I like the idea of having a service registry coz it saves time, effort and money in choosing the gives. Also, this will avoid gifts that will be recycled by the couple coz they don’t like it. Whoever discovered this technique is a genius!

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