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5 Double Duty Wall Art Maps for Your Wedding & Home

I don’t know about you, but if I can save money and/or have items that serve a dual purpose, I’m there! Especially when it comes to weddings. After all, it’s one day, and it’s great to have elements that you can utilize in your home later on. Well, why not show your love for a city or state at your wedding and then hang the art in your new home. What a fab idea! Check out 5 of my favorite wall art maps.

This post contains affiliate links and is in partnership with Minted to expose you to their beautiful art. This is a sponsored (paid) post, and I will also earn a commission if you make a purchase through an affiliate link contained within.

Wall Art Maps with Minted Gallery Walls | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Take a peek at my 5 top wall art maps from Minted. So pretty!

If going green is your style, then this wall art is perfect! With soft, beachy hues, it would make a fun addition to your wedding, and possibly (I dare say!) a fun thing for you to use as a guest book alternative. Imagine all of your guests signing this and then hanging the art in your new home? So fun! It’s also available in a variety of sizes. Click here to see this Virginia paint art print. 

Wall Art Maps with Minted Gallery Walls | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Have photos you want to show off? Why not use some of your engagement photos (or candids!) to create a fun map of your favorite state. It would make another fun, keepsake for your guests to sign, or just displaying it on your wedding day would be so lovely! Click here to see this photo filled map of Virginia. 

Wall Art Maps with Minted Gallery Walls | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Love dogwoods and Virginia (or any other state with its flower)? Then this one of our wall art maps is oh so fabulous to say none other than “home sweet home”. If you hail from different states, display each one as an homage to the roots that brought you together. Click here to see this Virginia print featuring dogwoods. 

Wall Art Maps with Minted Gallery Walls | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Love gold foil?  You’re definitely in luck here! This beautiful art piece showcases so much more than just an outline of the state. It offers so much texture, and the foiling adds the right amount of panache. Pretty! Click here to see this foil pressed Virginia map. 

Wall Art Maps with Minted Gallery Walls | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Hand drawn art just has such an adorable element to it. Pops of fun colors and exaggerated landmarks add so much. There are only a few cities featured so far (like Washington DC), but if you’re lucky enough to be from one of the cities, it’s a fabulous addition. Click here to see this hand drawn city art of DC.

Wall Art Maps with Minted Gallery Walls | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Aren’t those gorgeous ideas? I love how easy Minted makes things – and they are so personal, too. If you’re attending a wedding, these would also make fabulous gifts for the newlyweds. Hint, hint! Thank you Minted for partnering with us to bring our readership new ideas.

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Blog header photo by Daria Shevtsova. All other photos via Minted

  • Seanna - These are lovely! I’m right with ya when it comes to choosing things that can be reused. And who wouldn’t want a happy reminder of their wedding day in their home?

  • Taylor O'Halloran | Not Quite an Adult - These are GORGEOUS. I love the idea of having a gorgeous map on the wall!

  • Preet - Oh wow, I love this. This would be really perfect at home. I have to look into this.

  • Geraline Batarra - Those are beautiful artwork but my most favorite design was the first picture it looks so fresh and I like those colors.

  • Arunas - Interesting idea! I love hand drawn art! Those maps look really nice.

  • Gladys parker - How beautiful those are! I would love a state of New York Map in the foil. I’d hand it with pride. These would make great gifts as well.

  • Kristy Bullard - My niece is getting married and is from Alabama. She is also a huge Alabama football fan. She would love one of these paintings for a wedding gift.

  • Elizabeth O - Oh I absolutely love these. How very creative and unique. They would make a gorgeous gift!

  • Alexine - These are lovely art & designs. I would probably have the fourth one at home. I’ll be a world map for sure. The first one is pretty though I like it too. These are really great to have at home!

  • Explore The 6 - Creative and unique, these are beautiful. Loving the maps.

  • Alison Rost - There’s nothing like wall art to add more color to your home. I think these are all so beautiful. I love that they’re shaped like maps!

  • Twinspirational - Loving all of this colorful art. How original for them to be shaped like states! This is such a creative idea.

  • Shoma - These are such ideas. Will definitely be putting them to use around my house!

  • Meghan Karaan - These are so very cute and could add so much to your home! I am definitely going to be thinking about incorporating one my decor.

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