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13 Travel Packing Tips

I own a magazine, and one of our writers – Deirdre Serio, an empty nester – wrote about travel packing tips. I thought her ideas were so good, that I decided to share them with you, too! Take a peek at her sage (and well traveled) advice for packing.

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13 Travel Packing Tips | Hill City Bride Virginia Travel Wedding Blog

Take a peek at this great list of travel packing tips, which includes items you’ll be thankful to have!

  • A list: I hate forgetting some crucial item. A (male) friend forgot to pack pants, so he had to wear jeans to the first day of an important conference. I started a list several years ago and still refer to it, sometimes adding a thing or two.
  • Bubble wrap: It holds space in your suitcase for your purchases along the way. You can throw out what doesn’t fit, or use what’s there to protect valuables.
  • Extra day bag: Pack a small, empty bag in your suitcase that can be used as a carry-on to hold the goodies you buy on the trip.
  • Roll, roll, roll your clothes: Fold your clothes like you would to put them away in a chest of drawers, then roll. You can fit a lot more in your suitcase. Better yet, wrap a whole outfit together – undergarments and socks in the middle, shirt in the next layer, then pants on the outside.
  • Colorful handle or tassel: I thought I was smart to buy a red suitcase. On one trip, there were four nearly identical red suitcases on the baggage carousel. A flight attendant walked off with my husband’s suitcase once. He caught up with her and thankfully it had a luggage tag with his name on it.
  • Index card with your name, address, and telephone number INSIDE the suitcase: Name tags fall off. Suitcases get mis-directed. If you have no identifying info in your suitcase, it can end up in the vast storehouse of lost luggage.
  • Shoes as storage: Put fragile items like a shaver, which can get accidentally turned on, inside your shoes. Put all your socks inside your shoes – it’s wasted space.
  • Scarf: A great multi-use carry-on, it can be used as a pillow, a shawl, or a sarong.
  • Baggies: I once had a bottle of cough syrup leak all over a shawl I brought home from Ireland. Baggies are also perfect for leftovers in countries that don’t encourage “doggy bags” and for liquids you may carry home.
  • AC adapter for other countries: Don’t assume you can buy one when you get there. My husband spent two days in Finland without a phone charger. The airport stores were closed when his flight arrived, and he had to travel another hour to his destination in a small town.
  • Eyeglass/contacts prescription: I lost a pair of glasses at the start of a vacation. I went for a romantic, moonlit walk along the beach and put my glasses in my pocket. The tide came and went before I realized it and had to spend the next ten days without my glasses.
  • Carry-on: Consider a backpack. It will save wear and tear on your shoulders, fit neatly under the seat in front of you, and can carry an assortment of snacks, reading materials, small blanket, and pillow, etc.
  • Garbage bag: To keep your clean and dirty clothes separated, especially if you’ll be moving from hotel to hotel.

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  • Kari @The He Said She Said Experience - These tips are great! I had never thought before about making sure your name and information is on the inside of the suitcase too.

  • Jennifer - Yes! Such a smart tip. 🙂

  • Laura Dove - Great advice!! I do a few of these already, I always tie bright ribbon around my suitcase so I can see which is mine from a way off!

  • Amanda | Sushi and Gelato - Great tips! I never thought of the bubble wrap, that’s interesting. And the baggies are a great tip! You never know when they will come in handy. I use the large gallon size freezer bags to pack socks and underwear, then squeeze all of the air out before sealing them. It saves precious space.

  • Jennifer - Great idea with the baggies! 🙂

  • rara - AC Adapters for other countries is important specially for bloggers who always bring a camera and a laptop..

    Shoes as storage – that was clever.

    Thanks for the tips 🙂

  • Elaine - Some of these tips I haven’t thought of, I’m glad you listed them here! An index card of my contact info would have been perfect when my tag was ripped off my bag on the carousel!

    I’ve also never rolled clothes to pack or rolled outfits together. If that can save me some space, I am all for that!

  • Aditya - Bubble wrap? That is something unique, I will surely try this if I ever go on a trip to somewhere. Maybe I should buy some stuff just to get this bubblewrap. But rest of those tips are surely smart thoughts.

  • Chelsea - Some really good tips here. I love the one about using shoes as stroeage, I get you can get so much extra in the case by doing that when going on holiday

  • Eloise - Love these tips as I am going on vacation this summer! I never would have thought to put contact info ‘inside ‘ my suitcase… I have one outside of it with a bright color, but I’ll have to add one inside too (better safe than sorry)…

  • Gladys Parker - Those are awesome ideas! I never thought of carrying my eye glasses prescription and would be on my way home without glasses. A scarf as a pillow or wrap win win. My fave is the luggage info.

  • Nikki - I love the idea of rolling a whole outfit together. They would make packing and planning outfits so much easier, not to mention so much easier than digging around your suitcase trying to find that 1 thing you need to complete your outfit. Great idea!

  • Czjai Reyes-Ocampo - Great tips! I also prefer backpacks for my carry-on. I like keeping my hands free since I always travel with my son.

  • Holly - These are great tips. Thank you so much for this information. That is so helpful.

  • Megan - Ooouuuu I travel so much and I really needed this. Bubble wrap?! Genius. Truly genius.

  • Jane - Bringing scarves is definitely a smart and easy way to travel with style without bringing a lot of stuff.

  • Shruti - These tips cover tiny details that we often forget.
    I am going to save this post for my future reference when I travel.
    I totally agree with same color luggage problems as I have faced it myself. It’s good to have a unique and big enough thing painted, stuck or pinned to our luggage. Feels unnecessary but it’s a good prevention of any mix-up.

  • Monica - Great tips! always love to see what others bring with them. I sometimes feel I bring too much but then I confirm I’m ok not out of the norm 🙂

  • Luci - Really great tips. Making a list of the items and extra bags to put in dirty clothes.

  • Hannah Denton - Oh my gosh yes! Adapters are always something I forget! I’ve saved this list and added it to my iBooks!

  • Sayanti | bingeonbasics.com - All these tips are so so useful. I cannot imagine myself stuck somewhere without a phone charger. I guess that is must before you go anywhere!

  • Komal - Love this whole list! You should add an extra bag for dirty clothes!

  • Geraline Batarra - Such a great travel pack list and reminders. I would better follow this once I am going to travel again. Thanks for sharing!

  • Alison Rost - I’ve thought of everything here except for the bubble wrap! That’s brilliant and I can’t believe I never thought of bringing that whenever we travel.

  • Michele Dennis - This is a really great list and will come in handy for my vacation next month. I especially like the bubble wrap tip! I’ve never heard of that one before and it’s such a clever idea 🌞

  • ANITA ZYCH - Taking only hand luggage is very important also for the environment, since more we load, more carbon emission is produced. Here it’s important to buy a small luggage because somehow no matter for how long we go, we will always pack the bag to the maximum. Isn’t it? 😀 Thank you for sharing this practical list.

  • Paula - Gone with the Wine - I loved these tips! I second marking your luggage somehow. It seems like there is always someone with a similar looking bags. I also tried the luggage straps in different colours. They always seem to disappear from my bag. Not sure if they just get broken or get stolen. Something more original but not attractive to thief’s would be good.

  • Laurence - Most of your list I usually do. Except for bubble wrap. I may need to bring some of this for valuables and fragile items. I usually roll my clothes, but when it’s time to go home, I forget 😛

  • Cristine - I always travel with a hoodie or lightweight sweater. Even if it isn’t cold, it makes a good pillow rolled up. Also collapsible water bottles are awesome

  • Blair Villanueva - I always make sure I have an extra foldable bags in my luggage and a walking sandals for my tiring feel. Also a good ziplock is a must for me for my beauty essentials, or I bring those sachet samples of my beauty products for a lighter packing.

  • Monique Cláudia - Amazing 😍😍😍

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