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Real Brides Share Their Wedding Day Tips

When it comes to wedding advice, why not ask the experts? Former brides, that is! Check out our wedding day tips from local newlyweds.

Wedding Day Tips from Real Brides | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog Advice

I love it when former brides share their wedding day tips with those who are in the midst of planning. Take a peek at their sage advice.

Planning Ahead

My mom and I purchased the same wedding planning book from Barnes and Noble. Since she’s helping me the most it is so great for both of us to have a checklist to go over even though we’re 4 hours away from each other. This makes planning so much easier, and a book will let you know about things you didn’t even think of! ~ Stacey

Don’t be afraid to buck tradition- it’s your day! Also, be willing to compromise with your groom on the little details because it’s his day just as much as it’s yours, and compromise is definitely needed in marriage! ~ Anne-Marie

During the Wedding

Definitely have someone pack a to go meal for the getaway! During the reception many of the guests will be talking to you, leaving hardly any time to eat. You won’t regret it! ~ Valorie

My advice was actually given to me by my photographer, she said “if you’re crying while you walk down the aisle, smile, don’t try to stop the tears”. She said she did when she walked down the aisle and all her pictures she looks mad. I took her advice and those are some of my favorite pictures–raw, honest emotion. ~ Meagan

Interact with your guests! They may be standoffish thinking you’re too busy approach, so you go to them! Don’t get too caught up in “being on display” that you feel like you can’t be a part of the party that’s going on to celebrate you. ~ Carla

Concerning your Honeymoon

Choose a honeymoon perfume and wear it on the day of your wedding and everyday of your honeymoon. When you return from your honeymoon only wear that scent on special occasions. It will bring sweet memories back to you and your hubby of those special days. We traveled to Cancun for our honeymoon and every time I wear my honeymoon scent my hubby says “you smell like Cancun!” ~ Sarah

Be careful with your hotel reservations if your wedding is around a holiday! They may be hosting events/parties late into the night. Our wedding was 2 days before halloween and there were about 500 costumed drunks when we walked into the lobby. Yikes. ~ Kimberly

Your Life Ahead

The day is about your love and commitment. Not about the details of your wedding. Your wedding is probably not going to be what you see on TV or what society thinks it should be. And that’s ok. Don’t obsess about those details, just make it special for you and your soon-to-be husband. ~ Hannah

Don’t forget to plan for your marriage in the midst of planning for the wedding. The wedding is one day, your marriage is for life. ~ Danielle

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Virginia Post Wedding Session as seen on Hill City Bride by Maria Grace

photos by Maria Grace Photography – see more images here

  • katie werthmann - When planning my wedding I was already tuned into offbeatbride.com and things like that, and I new that I don’t believe in traditions.
    People were upset that we didnt want a flower girl (I got talked into it by my brother, though). People were upset that we didn’t have a DJ or bouquet toss (please- my flowers were handmade from book pages and took hoursssss- I’m not wasting it). We didn’t have line dances and the sunshine band songs and garter belts.

    It wasn’t in a hall or church, I wore gold and we didn’t have a cake. I said the whole time that just because it’s “tradition” meaning it’s just what’s people do, that’s not good enough reason for me to want it. Honestly, besides the cake everything that is traditional to American weddings is the worst stuff about it to me, so I bucked it all.

    I would give advice of this: make sure your photographer is legit. Our photos are all crap and there is not one we would hang in our home from him. If you’re using a phone or iPod for music put it in a place where guests can’t go and change the song whenever they feel like it’s their wedding. If you have a friend as your officiant make sure she doesn’t forget to do the VOWS and announces you as husband and wife in a 4 minute ceremony and then says your last name wrong.

    SO despite doing what we wanted, we have no good photos, no vows and barely spent any quality time together just he and I. We will redo it at 4 or 5 years.

  • Kasia - Oh these are some sweet tips from former brides. I havne’t gotten married yet so I can take all the advice I can get lol. I’m terrified of turning into a bridezilla. So these are great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Iva Ursano - Oh I love all the bride tips! What a great blog. Next time I get married (I’m a quintessential optimist) I’ll remember to smile while I’m crying…:) That was cute!

  • Amiekay - This is some really great advice. I would never have thought to have “special” perfume for the wedding and the honeymoon! Scents are so powerful at evoking memories and this is a great way to keep the romance alive. (Also love the smile through the tears advice, super important for emotional people like myself!)

  • Jennifer - Aw, Katie! I’m sorry your experience wasn’t ideal. YES I wholeheartedly agree with you that a quality photographer is key! <3

  • Meera - Wonderful tips on what to look at, when one gets married. Thanks for sharing.

  • ANITA ZYCH - You always have great tips here! Nice article.

  • Cris - My best friend is getting married in a couple of months. I’m sharing this with her, I am sure it will be helpful!

  • Jennifer - Great!! I hope she finds it helpful. 🙂

  • Danielle - My wedding was out-of-town for the majority of my guests. So, I decided to do my wedding on a Friday night. Then, we did a brunch on Saturday morning with the people from out of town.

    It was inspired by my own wedding guest experiences. You can travel so far for some weddings but, don’t even get to talk to the bride and groom.

    My guests loved it!

    Also, we found it less stressful to socialize the day after the wedding because all the planning and work was over.

  • Jennifer - I totally love this idea! It seems like a way to make more of a weekend out of it and create a casual experience where people can interact. Such a fun idea!! 🙂

  • Paula - Gone with the Wine - This definitely took me back on the memory lane for my own wedding! Love it! I used to organise a lot of weddings in a restaurant that I managed for years, and every time I see the wedding couple, it’s so exciting to me. A special day!

  • Agring - What a great wedding tips from the bride. Too bad I’m already married! lol

  • emman damian - I think this is very helpful for bride to be or future brides. Sometimes you get nervous or jitters. A good moral support is really needed on those critical times.

  • Elle Cole - Some of my favorite pictures are outside in nature. These two, look absolutely beautiful in the midst of this natural backdrop.

  • Monika - Funny, if I ever get married, my concept of a wedding is something very private, if not exclusive to the two people who are saying the vows.. so definitely no parties and stress 🙂 But I do love the concept of wedding, just not for me!

  • Dalene - Very beautiful pictures these are. It is really important to always plan ahead for your big day. I love the advice about wearing the special perfume for the honeymoon on special days as a way of remembering that special day. This is so important is strengthening the marriage for sure!

  • Megan - This is so perfect! Going to share this with my bff who is getting married –– always best to get first-hand experience 🙂

  • Heather - Those are great tips. We got married near a holiday but it only made the celebration sweeter. I can imagine the Halloween night being a little crazy.

  • Nayna Kanabar - Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life so it makes sense to enjoy it and put all worries aside.

  • hannanabanana - I loved how there were different topics for the tips! The one about walking down the aisle is great – I will definitely be crying when it is my turn! I am a bridesmaid in a few besties weddings coming up, and I will be crying then too.

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