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Favorites from Wedding Bloggers Around the Globe

When it comes to weddings, professionals experience dozens of events each year. Although it’s natural to think of wedding planners, photographers, florists and the like, one group of individuals gains wedding experience in a different way. Wedding bloggers have hundreds of weddings cross their computer screens, which helps them keep up with what’s en vogue around the world.

Favorites from Wedding Bloggers | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

We polled this group of international experts to get their take on favorite trends, meaningful moments and timeless classics. Listen to this sage advice from wedding bloggers, and take a peek at their websites while you’re at it!

Karen Cinnamon, Smashing the Glass, planning a Jewish wedding your way

A trend I’m loving is grooms becoming more and more involved in every aspect of the wedding planning. Over the last few years, grooms have been really impressing us all by adopting great style, but now many of them are getting super involved with wedding planning too – it’s wonderful! I often get emails from grooms, asking me questions, and they are often jointly (or solely!) filling out the wedding reports for our real Jewish weddings. Their increased involvement is fantastic!

Danielle Calhoun, Black Sheep Bride – devoted to giving back and wasting less

I’ve been encouraged to see the growing interest in incorporating local-grown flowers and seasonal fruits and veggies being used in the centerpiece designs. It’s definitely a less wasteful alternative to the whole centerpiece idea, and the leftovers can be either be canned, donated to charity or composted. It also decreases the carbon footprint of the wedding day by avoiding huge shipping costs for out of season/non-local blooms.

Favorites from Wedding Bloggers | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

photo by Melissa Batman Photography

Anna Coats, Marry Me Tampa Bay – inspiration from Tampa, FL

You incorporate the latest decor, fashion and music into your wedding, so why not do the same with food? I love seeing wedding menus focused on a fun and memorable presentation, such a liquid nitrogen desserts and family style serving and plating!

Chelsea LaVere, Tidewater and Tulle – love, weddings & travel for Coastal VA

I’m in love with the timeless trend of remembering loved ones who have passed. Whether it’s an empty front seat at the ceremony, a memorial bouquet charm, or a photo frame collage at the reception, these details always squeeze my heart. Remembering those who are unable to be there in person is such a wonderful way to honor their memory and have them be a part of the celebration.  (see more on this topic here)

Ways to Remember Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding Honor Deceased | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Victoria Deardorff, Burgh Brides – showcasing & celebrating Pittsburgh weddings

I’m loving seeing more and more couples incorporating inspiration from their hometown(s) into the big day. We can’t forget where we come from, and simple touches like local treats in hotel welcome bags, bridal party portraits at an iconic hometown location, or even something as epic as a Pittsburgh cookie table (Google it!) are all great ideas. Plus, it gives out-of-town guests an easy opportunity to learn something about your city!

Shafonne Myers, Pretty Pear Bride – bringing bridal inspiration to plus size brides

I’m in love with the emerging trend of plus size brides feeling that they can show off their curves. For so long, curvy and plus size brides have been told to stick to A-line dresses or dresses that cover up their bodies, and forget about about wedding gowns that hug their shape and showcase their curves. I just love this new empowerment that showing off your curves is ok. And can I say, we look amazing doing it!

Favorites from Wedding Bloggers | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Jen Siomacco, Catalyst Wedding Co., love, sex & marriage for woke folk

A pretty common theme we are seeing is couples eloping at the courthouse with immediate family for the ceremony and then having a big party at their homes in lieu of a traditional ceremony and reception.

We are halfway through our advice and favorite trends from wedding bloggers around the globe. So fun!

Dorothy Polka, Polka Dot Bride – a feel good wedding blog

I love the trend of foliage at weddings. There is something so amazing about seeing a blank canvas transformed with just greenery. I am particularly in love with using unique elements like herbs to add beautiful texture (and smell!) to a celebration.

Favorites from Wedding Bloggers | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding BlogJessica Bishop, The Budget Savvy Bride – planning a beautiful wedding on a budget

I always love seeing the creative ways in which couples are incorporating DIY or handmade projects into their weddings. There’s a common misconception that DIY is always about saving money, but in many cases I see couples creating and crafting things themselves to put more personal touches into their wedding details. Whether they choose to make a special family cookie recipe to give as wedding favors or opt to sew fabric bunting to use as decor, there are so many ways to further personalize the day with DIY.

Favorites from Wedding Bloggers | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Alejandra Baca-Rodrigues, Belle The Magazine – chic wedding ideas & inspiration

At first, I wasn’t a big fan of the “greenery” trend. But lately, it has grown on me, especially the glamorous take on greenery. Now, I am all over greenery table garlands mixed with peonies or a bundle of candles. Or a greenery garland decorating a venue staircase for a fairytale effect. Yet, my favorite feature of the trend is how it can be incorporated in almost every element of the wedding from invites and hair accessories to the ceremony and the cake.

Rhiannon Downie-Hurst, Bride Club ME – United Arab Emirates’ inspiration

Here in Dubai, we are seeing more and more couples embrace organic, earthy and foliage themed weddings. Outdoor weddings are becoming the norm during peak season, with couples opting for lawn or courtyard weddings that feature greenery, with lots of foliage and locally sourced blooms for decor. Beaches and ballrooms will always have their place in Dubai, but it’s exciting to see this global trend pick up speed here in the city of dreams.

Favorites from Wedding Bloggers | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Christen Evans, The Minimalist Wedding, a place for simply celebrating love

A wedding should be a reflection of the couple, and one trend I’ve loved seeing is how couples are incorporating things that they find fun and entertaining into their celebration. From lawn games to s’mores bars to bouncy castles, they’re adding a whole new level of personalization that also helps up the fun ante during their reception.

Gee Asaam, Knotsvilla, inspiration and education for a memorable wedding

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses! It’s so perfect that a part of me no longer considers it as a “trend”. I am convinced that the idea of mismatched bridesmaids dresses are here to stay as brides and bridesmaids not only realize how economical it is but also how true it is to individual styles.

Favorites from Wedding Bloggers | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

And one last one from one of the wedding bloggers you are familiar with. Me! 

I’m so glad to see that couples are able – and willing – to make their day their own. Whether they desire a traditional church wedding and ballroom reception or to say “I do” in a field followed by a casual picnic-like reception, it’s refreshing to see couples interpret their wedding day into just that – THEIR day.

Isn’t that fun?

This article featuring wedding bloggers originally appeared in our 2017 wedding issue of clutch, and I am glad that so many ladies responded to the call. And please do check out their blogs – there is a lot of inspiration at your fingertips with this lovely group of wedding bloggers. Happy planning!

Photos are by: Melissa Batman Photography, C Howell Photography, Say Say Photo, Visions by Heather Photography and Katc Coogan Art and Image.

  • Laurence - These are great photos!

  • Jennifer - Thank you! I work with some fabulous photographers. <3

  • Enele Ogah - The photos and post itself was amazing!!!!
    Well done!!

  • Jennifer - Thank you! I know a really great group of ladies who really know weddings. <3

  • Jillian - Wow, I wish Pinterest and blogging were more a thing back when I got married. I am sure these sites will help many in their planning.

  • Jennifer - Yes! There are a lot of wedding bloggers out there providing consistent, great ideas. It’s fun! 🙂

  • kumamonjeng - This is once in a lifetime experience, so it is better to engage professionals to help couples capture the best memory! Mismatched bridesmaids dresses is a great idea! I really love the color tone and it has inspired me to do something like that.

  • Jennifer - Glad you were able to be inspired from it! 🙂

  • Amy-Lynn Vautour - I’m getting married this summer so i loved reading this post. I never would have thought of putting oranges in a centerpiece! lol… anyways, we are doing a country chic sort of thing at this really quaint place that even has a petting zoo!

  • Sakshi - These are such beautiful pictures. I have always been ao intrigued by Christian weddings. Indian weddings on the other hand are loud and colorful. These are so subtle and delicate.

  • Jennifer - Yes! I recently featured an Indian wedding, and it was SO beautiful and colorful. I was proud to showcase it. They are so different! <3

  • Jennifer - Oh my! A petting zoo?? That sounds SO fabulous. I love it!! Your guests will have a great time. Congrats, and happy planning!! 🙂

  • Elizabeth O - It is really refreshing to seeing bloggers supporting each other in this way. You highlighted some other brilliant wedding bloggers here.

  • Ayana - It’s so fascinating to learn about what’s trending!! I love the direction weddings are going in with all the DIY, local support, and embracing your body no matter what shape. It’s a great trend!

  • Ana Ojha - I’m too loving the trend of mismatched bridesmaids dresses as it gives a distinguished personality to each bridesmaid as well as creates a signature style! I enjoyed reading your post!

  • Jennifer - So true, and thank you! 🙂

  • Evelyn, PathofPresence - I have to say, I learned a lot from this post! It is a fun read, even though I’ve been happily married for 12+ years…the mismatched bridesmaids dresses are my absolute favorite. I’m inspired to dream of my renewal now :-D. xo Thanks!! Evelyn, PathofPresence

  • Alison Rost - I totally think it’s awesome that you’re sharing these. It’s really nice to see how people celebrate their own weddings and come up with their own ideas. Each one is unique and beautiful.

  • Christin - I always see the mismatched bridesmaid dresses. When I got married last spring, the big trend was purple bridesmaid dresses, and I unknowingly picked that trend.

  • Preet - You highlighted some amazing wedding bloggers here. It is always great to learn about the trends and to help plan for the weddings coming in the family and extended family.

  • NAti - This is such a great selection of bloggers and tips! I sometimes feel like doing my wedding again! I got married longtime ago, in the “pre-internet” era, so all this information and cute ideas weren’t available. I had been hesitating to “re-marry” with my husband for our 20th anniversary 😉

  • Jennifer - Good for you! And I LOVE purple tones. 🙂

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  • Jennifer - Aw, thank you! Everyone had their own take on their own idea. 🙂

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