Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds

Part of your wedding planning is preparing your new home together, and even if you are already sharing a space or combining two households of items, there are still ways to freshen up your room and make it a retreat. Where we sleep is supposed to be a respite, a haven of sorts. It’s a place to get rest, relax and, yes, to connect with your partner. So, I have a list of cozy bedroom ideas for you soon-to-be newlyweds out there. Enjoy!

This post is sponsored by Tomorrow Sleep and contains affiliate links, yet all opinions are mine (and my husband’s) after receiving our own mattress and pillows. 

Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog with Tomorrow Sleep

We are all experts in sleep, right? After all we spend about one-third of our lives in slumber. That’s so unfathomable when you think about it! Some get more sleep and some get less, but we all need restful nights in order to function. I am so excited to share some tips with you on how to make your shared space comfy and cozy… so let’s get on with my cozy bedroom ideas for newlyweds.

Think about the room itself.

A room is just that when its empty – a room. So let’s begin by talking about what you have to work with within that space.


What type of floor are you working with already? Is it wooden and beautiful? Carpeted? An industrial surface? No matter what is existing, add in some soft elements. A plush rug can add warmth – both visually and practically – to a space. No matter what you choose to add to an already established surface make sure your feet LOVE it. After all, it’s the first thing your toes will feel as they hit the floor every morning.

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Here is where we start to build a palette with our cozy bedroom ideas. Try to choose colors that are soothing. Neutrals, grays, pastels, browns and dark, deep colors fill a space with the feeling of serenity and are soothing bedroom colors.


Natural light is always best, so try to make use of it if you can! To add ambience, it’s best to pepper the space with soft light from lamps instead of relying on potentially harsh, overhead lights. Be sure to consider the amount of light you are letting in at night, and cover the windows with tasteful blinds and/or drapes that can be easily closed so the morning light or street lights don’t keep you awake.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog with Tomorrow Sleep

Consider your larger elements.

Now it’s time to think about your investment pieces.

Storage Pieces

When it comes to storage, these pieces can really set the tone for your space. Are you a modernist? Minimalist? Art lover? Vintage at heart? Consider your style (and that of your spouse!) when it comes to choosing these pieces. Selecting timeless designs for your dressers is important for longevity – and don’t forget the all-important nightstand and headboard.


Mattresses don’t nearly get the kudos they need, but they greatly determine how you (and your partner!) sleep each night. I’m convinced that a good mattress is the most essential part of a bedroom. Be sure to choose a firmness that you are both comfortable with. Bonus points if it has a hybrid sleep system so you don’t disturb your spouse. Be sure to support your head with a good pillow.

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Sitting Space

The next of our cozy bedroom ideas is creating a seating area. We all need a place to sit (besides the mattress!) in our rooms. Why not create a dedicated nook with a comfy, overstuffed chair? If your bedroom doesn’t allow room for a nook, then a chair in the room or a bench at the foot of the bed can add coziness and functionality. No space for any of that? Using the bed is ok. I do!

Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog with Tomorrow Sleep

Add in personal elements.

This is where it gets fun and your flair for decorating comes into play! Of course, no list of cozy bedroom ideas would be complete without considering these essentials.


Pillows, blankets, drapes, linens, bedding and rugs can all serve to add texture and comfort to a room. They are not only beautiful ways to add pattern, but they are also useful. These elements serve their intended purpose while also absorbing sound to reduce the noise level in your room. I love things that both add beauty and function!


Natural elements can serve to soften a space. Think of wicker and rattan in addition to utilizing materials such as cotton and bamboo fabrics. Whether or not you have a green thumb, pick out a few live plants that are easy to care for. A fleck of green here and there adds serenity to a bedroom.

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Art & Decor

Whether you have family heirlooms or rustic pieces to hang on your walls, select your art thoughtfully. And don’t be afraid to treat your bedroom like you would your living room. Surround yourself with pieces you love – whether they be in the form of wall art or unique decor pieces to place on dressers and nightstands.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog with Tomorrow Sleep

Make room for romance.

Your bedroom also serves as a place to connect, so why not add in a few romantic elements?


Both for scent and soft light, flickering candles safely housed in glass or a fireproof vessel are beautiful and romantic. Keep a few in your room along with a box of sturdy, wooden matches.


A phone docking station or a small sound system will do the trick for letting soothing sounds waft around the room. This can even serve well while you are trying to relax while reading or for ambient noise as you drift off to sleep.


If you have children or pets, be sure to make boundaries known. Have kids knock respectfully or establish some sort of ground rules so that your room can stay a haven. Have pets? Give them their own place to sleep if you don’t want them on the bed. An ottoman or pet bed of their own can serve a room well.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas for Newlyweds | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog with Tomorrow Sleep

All photos by Daria Shevtsova. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed all of our cozy bedroom ideas for newlyweds in creating your own thoughtful, beautiful, romantic retreat!

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