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Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas

So, he popped the question. Congrats! Now it’s time for you to ask your besties to be by your side for your big day. But how do you ask them? Well, I have 9 bridesmaid proposal gift ideas to share with you today!

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Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Here are some wearable bridesmaid proposal gift ideas.

I adore these bracelets. What a fun idea! The fact that they are personalized on the inside is brilliant – it’s a keepsake they can wear forever. Available in different colored metals with any saying you’d like, they are a fun way to ask your BFFs to be a part of your wedding. Lovely! Bridesmaid Bracelet, $28 each

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - bracelet

A play on words is always fun as you will see with this next find. Tiny knot earrings are accompanied by a card that says “I couldn’t tie the knot without you.” How cute! Plus, these understated earrings can be worn with just about anything. What a cute idea! Silver Knot Earrings, $11

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - earrings

Want something cute, budget friendly and practical? Take a peek at these hair ties. With a bridesmaid proposal and a sweet “tie the knot” sentiment, these are quick and easy to pop in the mail to your girls. Oh, and you can choose any solid color – perfect! Bridesmaid Proposal Hair Ties, $1.25 each

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - hair tiesLet’s talk paper for a moment.

There are plenty of cute cards out there, but this scratch off card has such a fun element! Your friends will receive a card that they will have to scratch off – and when they do, the “ask” is there waiting. So adorable! Bridesmaid Scratch Off Cards, $5 each

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - card

Purchase your own goodies to put inside of these foldable paper boxes that make their intent clear from the get-go. Options are available for your bridesmaids and  your flower girl (she’d be delighted!). Bridesmaid Gift Boxes, $4 each

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - boxes

Sometimes labels can turn items into the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift ideas!

The soft color of a bottle of wine is perfect for your bridesmaid. These custom labels give you the opportunity to purchase your own bottle of wine (or champagne or whatever you’d like!) and make it a personal item. How pretty! Custom Wine Labels, $6 each

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - wine bottle labels

Who doesn’t love candles? Purchase your own and add these fun labels that are personalized with a name and the ask (and your name, too!). What a sweet gift idea! They also have a play on words by stating “you are such a light in my life.” Cute! They come in a bunch of color and pattern options, so you can coordinate them with your wedding if you so choose. Custom Candle Label, $4.50 each

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - candles

Lastly, here are our final two bridesmaid proposal gift ideas.

Take your ask to a whole new level with these tiny vials. Give your future bridesmaids a message in a bottle that says “will you be my bridesmaid” on one side and “I can’t say I do without you” on the other. These make a fun little keepsake. Message in a Bottle Bridesmaid Ask, $9 each 

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - message in a bottle

What a beautiful, personalized box! Your ladies will definitely want to receive one. But the best part is that this box comes FILLED with lots of fun items (just see here). You can choose color, wording and contents – what a perfect way to personalize something special for your bridesmaids-to-be! Filled Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box via White Confetti Box, $40

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - personalized box

Want more ideas? Check here for bridesmaid gifts and here for your littlest attendant – the flower girl!

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