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Funny Clean Valentine’s Day Cards

I love a good play on words, and – sometimes – when looking for sentiments it’s hard to find funny clean Valentine’s Day cards. Well, I scoured the web for a few cute sayings for you to send to your sweetie when the love filled day rolls around.

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Funny Clean Valentine

Take a peek at these funny clean Valentine’s Day cards featuring fun word changeups!

Super cute and true all at the same time. Have you ever seen otters look like this? They’re adorable and so playful and friendly. Give your “significant otter” a fun card that will make them chuckle. Otter Love Card, $4.50
Funny Clean ValentineCrave donuts? I do. Yum! Declare your love and that you “donut” need anyone but your significant other with this fun, colorful card. Donut Card, $5Funny Clean Valentine

Olive you! What a sweet sentiment complete with heart shaped pimentos. Show them your feelings with this understated card. Olive You Card, $4Funny Clean ValentineWhether you say “olive you”, “I love you” or “I loaf you” the sentiment is the same. Plus, isn’t this little guy the cutest thing since sliced bread?? I Loaf You Card, $5
Funny Clean Valentine

Now it’s time to add in a tiny bit of pop culture into our funny clean Valentine’s Day card selections.

Are you and your beau fans of Star Wars? This R2D2 card is adorably stylized into a heart. What a fun way to say “R2 cute” to your favorite person! Star Wars Droid Card by Cardinal Creative Co, $5

Funny Clean Valentine

Whether the saying brings back memories of the ’90s (1993, specifically) or gives flashbacks of Will Ferrell in A Night at the Roxbury, this card is sure to give a laugh. And that lamb is a cutie pie, too! Don’t Herd Me Card, $4,50

Funny Clean Valentine

Socks, pizza and… well, you’ll see. Take a peek at our last collection of funny clean Valentine’s Day card for you to share!

You two DO make the perfect pair, so why not give a card that says so? Complete with a kraft paper envelope, this is a fun card to give. Perfect Pair Card, $$4.50

Funny Clean ValentinePizza! Yum. Let them know they’ve stolen a “pizza” your heart in a fun way. PLUS, you can customize this one with a name. Woo hoo! Personalized Pizza Card, $4.50

Funny Clean Valentine

Ok, we all know that love is… um, real? We all deal with the day-to-day and being able to be our true selves around our love, so why not celebrate it? And it’s nicely placed into a poem. How thoughtful! Roses are Red Card, $4.50

Funny Clean Valentine

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  • Echoesofhervoice - Cute cards!

  • Jennifer - Thank you! Etsy has a lot of fun choices. 🙂

  • Emily Fata, www.EmulatingEmily.com - These are the cutest Valentine’s EVER! SO sweet! My best friend got her boyfriend the Significant Otter one for V-Day last year and he’d gotten her this otter plushie. It was so cute!

  • Holly Lasha - These are super cute cards. I love finding new ways to say I’m thinking of you and new unique card ideas!

  • Amanda - These cards are so funny and cute! As a Star Wars fan, I especially love the R2-D2 one! <3

  • Jennifer - Yes, that was one of my favorites, too! 🙂

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