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White Chocolate Holiday Treats

Ok, folks, believe it or not, these cutie pie snacks are oh so easy to make. Just melt, dip, sprinkle, stir… these white chocolate holiday treats truly are a breeze. I have a collection of four fun ones I found around the web for a TV segment I did, so be sure to watch the video at the end (you may even see me break a pretzel, ha – it’s live!). These are adorable for wedding favors or on a reception candy bar. And, of course, they are perfect for any Christmas party. Enjoy!

White Chocolate Holiday Treats DIY as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Here is the first of our white chocolate holiday treats.

This recipe hails from Sprinkle Bakes, and they are so cute and easy to make. You just need to purchase melting chocolate in your choice of color, fun sprinkles, and pretzel rods. Melt the chocolate in the microwave, dip the rods in, add sprinkles, place on wax paper, let harden, and voila! Cutie pie treats.

See how they are done here. Hands down, these were the cutest I could find on the web!

White Chocolate Holiday Treats DIY as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - pretzel rods, sprinkles, melting chocolate, recipe by Sprinkle Bakes

Want another idea? Ok! Here is another fun one – make tiny Christmas trees.

This is so so cute!! These tiny white chocolate trees from Just a TasteΒ are fun on their own OR as an adorable cupcake topper. I adore these. Plus, at the link there is a recipe for the cupcakes, too. And this is a great example of utilizing colored melting chocolate… you only need green chocolate, sprinkles and pretzel sticks.

Lay your pretzel sticks on wax paper, place your melted chocolate in a bag or squeeze bottle and get your decorative, edible sprinkles ready. Squeeze the chocolate onto the stick to make trees, add sprinkles, let harden and yay… adorableness at its finest. See full instructions here.

White Chocolate Holiday Treats DIY as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - Just a Taste green christmas tree cupcake toppers

Next it’s one of my daughter’s favorite white chocolate holiday treats – peppermint bark!

Super easy to make, yet oh so yummy… this recipe comes from Jessica in the Kitchen. I don’t add the dark chocolate to mine, but I love the added hue of the regular chocolate. For me, I just crush candy canes (or peppermint candies), melt white chocolate and mix them together. I always save candy to sprinkle on top, too.

Be sure to head here to take a peek at full instructions. So delicious!

White Chocolate Holiday Treats DIY as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - peppermint bark recipe from Jessica in the Kitchen

Last, but certainly not least, is white chocolate popcorn!

The best part about this project is that you can make them year round. Just use whatever color you’d like, and you have a treat that coordinates with whatever holiday. Or you can choose to use pure white chocolate and add sprinkles like A Side of Sweet did. Colored sprinkles were added in to make it extra special.

Just take popped popcorn and mix it with melted chocolate (you don’t need a lot, which is nice!). Feel free to add edible sprinkles or even candy. See the full recipe and instructions here.

White Chocolate Holiday Treats DIY as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - popcorn, confetti from A Side of Sweet

Ah!! All of those ideas are super, duper cute. I hope you are encourage to make some white chocolate holiday treats of your own. Have fun!

Also, these are affiliate links to Etsy, but if you need melting chocolate, you can grab some here in different colors! And here are fun sprinkle choices.

I appeared on Daytime Blue Ridge with these projects, so be sure to take a peek at both the ingredients and instructional videos below from my TV segments.

Craving another candy recipe? Take a peek at a tried and true family one of mine here.

  • Mellissa - Such fantastic ideas. Great to print out.

  • Komal - These treats could be made all year round. Just change up the colors!

  • sarah-mae - These are great for seasonal parties! I do agree that these can easily be changed to suit any theme! Some great ideas here!

  • Michele Dennis - Oh I absolutely love these! These would look great on my Christmas buffet this coming Christmas! So simple, I can add these goodies to my Christmas recipe box and I wouldn’t have to stress over them because they’re so easy to make😊

  • Alison Rost - That’s really awesome. I love all the lovely treats that you shared. The Christmas trees are so adorable and the pretzels too. Peppermint barks are so good!!

  • Dalene - Oh goodness!I am totally in love with these chocolate treats. They all look so yummy, especially with the fact that one needs dripping chocolate!That even sounds yummier. I agree that this are too great for the party!

  • Autumn Murray - I made these treats with my daughter and we had so much fun. And, they were delicious. Thank you!

  • London Mumma - I am totally down for the popcorn covered with white chocolate and sprinkles, I think I know what i’ll be making this Easter Friday.

  • Sigrid Says - These are all so creative and cute! Even if we don’t have winter where I am, these give me great ideas for the coming Christmas season. My kids would love them.

  • sabrina barbante - h you are so good at preparing them… even if you are able to make the process look so easy, I’m so clumsy I don’t think I’d have the same results. I have to try, by the way

  • kartika nair - Everything looks so delicious and mouth watering . I love sugar treats . And the Popsicle candy is what I want now .

  • Anna - And now I can’t wait to have xmas again…my little boys will be soooo happy with treats like these. Thank you for sharing!

  • Akamatra - I am supposed to be off sugar. But… I can’t say no to white chocolate so I have found one that’s organic…hubby doesn’t know, lol!

  • Jennifer - Aw, ha! I am a sucker for white chocolate, too – even if it is colored! πŸ˜‰

  • Renata Green - These treats look nice – I’ll keep them for the Christmas season. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • emman damian - I love the peppermint tree treat! It’s perfect for Christmas and New Year time. I love peppermint with chocolate. The kids at our home love it too!

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