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DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal

When it comes to honeymoon travel, many brides and grooms come home with a collection of things to save – ticket stubs, postcards, brochures, maps and more. Why not curate something fun to collect and house all of those honeymoon mementos along with jotting down your thoughts and memories? This beautiful DIY honeymoon travel journal is just the thing!

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Wedding Travel BlogProduct List for our DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal

There are several ways to approach journaling, so I suggest getting what speaks most to you. I headed to my local, independent art store in Lynchburg called The Art Box, and they were beyond helpful in aiding my choices. Here is what I purchased along with my reasons below.

  • Watercolor Journal – Yes, any journal will do, but I wanted to try my hand with accenting the pages with watercolor, so a journal specifically for watercolors was ideal for my intent.
  • Water Resistant Pen – If you decide to go the watercolor route, be sure to use a pen that won’t run when it comes in contact with water.
  • Watercolor Brush – Mine is a travel brush, which was a lifesaver! Water is stored in the base, which is taken apart and capped when not in use. What a great on the go item!
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Glue Stick
  • Bag for Carrying

If you choose not to use watercolors, you can certainly purchase any kind of journal. Use colored pencils, fine tipped markers, pastels or even crayons (why not?) to pepper color throughout your honeymoon travel journal.

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - art, watercolor, travel blogger, destination

Take note of the travel watercolor brush below.

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - art, watercolor, travel blogger, destination

While I was traveling, believe it or not, I was on a journey to personal discovery.

I actually thought that my work would look like that of a kindergartner. My sample trip was to New York City, and my first bit of inspiration came while I was at Bread & Tulips, a local eatery inside of the Hotel Giraffe. On my table was a vase with a tulip, so I decided to copy it. I also wrote down several things about how I felt being there at the restaurant – the food, the ambience. For me, all of this was related into my own travel journal. I’m not saying I’m an artist, but I was genuinely shocked at what came from the pen strokes. Although I was alone, as you hopefully won’t be on your honeymoon, this was a good way for me to document and be in the moment (instead of on my phone, perhaps?) while I was experiencing a new place.

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - art, watercolor, travel blogger, destination

Another moment hit me while I was taking in breakfast at The Library Hotel in New York City.

As I was looking out the window, it occurred to me that the motif on the building across the way reminded me of open library books. Although I only got half of it complete, if you look at the large swirl – imagine the other half – can you see the open book? Interesting! I think this is my favorite piece, although it’s incomplete. I also jotted down notes about the hotel and my experience. Also, as a sidebar, if you DO choose to make your journal an art piece, actually drawing what you see forces you to look at things in a different way. Noticing shadows, curves, lines. Taking note of the vast shapes really caused me to pause and reflect.

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - art, watercolor, travel blogger, destination

And, yes, I did put memorabilia into my journal.

Restaurant receipts, my conference badge and my Lincoln Tunnel receipt for $15 all made it into the book. Oh, and as a sidebar, my waitress, Anne (see her name on there?)… her parents own a cabin not far from where I live in Virginia. It was such a fun connecting point! I used the glue stick to carefully place my items in the book to save.

I also documented my time – and horribly copied the lamp (so out of proportion!) – at the Hotel Elysee, another stop on my journey. One of my goals was to make it a point to relax and work on my travel journal at each stop.

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - art, watercolor, travel blogger, destination

A revisit to my favorite drawing. I love it – finished or not!

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - art, watercolor, travel blogger, destination

Jill, an artist who also works at The Art Box in downtown Lynchburg, inspired me to do my own DIY travel journal.

She IS quite an artist, and her work is shown below in her travel journals, which she has been compiling for years. From locations and maps to mementos and postcards, her work is really beautiful. Take note of the variety – some intricate designs I couldn’t do, but some of her shading and coloring I think I could test out in my own journal!

One piece of advice Jill had I loved. She went to Washington DC to the Air and Space Museum, which is not of particular interest to her. Her husband, on the other hand, reads each and every plaque in detail. A piece of marriage advice? Jill lets her husband peruse and read without complaint. While he is doing that, she busies herself with her journal – finding and replicating shapes and filling her diary with whatever inspires her. I’d say that is a fabulous piece of advice about compromise!

DIY Honeymoon Travel Journal as seen on Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog - art, watercolor, travel blogger, destination

So, whether you are headed on a faraway destination wedding or a close by honeymoon in the mountains, I hope this DIY honeymoon travel journal has inspired you to create your own keepsake.

Here is a resource list of where you can purchase honeymoon travel journal items online if you don’t live close to an independently owned, local art store. If you purchase any of the following items, we do get a small commission, which helps to keep the blog growing!

Want more DIY inspiration? Just click here!

Oh, and be sure to catch my DIY segment on Daytime Blue Ridge below!

  • Ashley Triggiano - I LOVE this idea. I have a sketchbook specifically for watercolors, and I tend to add watercolor to my bullet journal, but I’d really love to dedicate one to quick captures of our travels while we’re out! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jennifer - Thank you, Ashley! It really was a journey for me, and I have fallen in love with watercolors now. I appreciate you stopping by!

  • Kia - I love this! I like to travel journal myself but I always struggle with packing light, I end up taking way too many art supplies with me! I might try taking a small kit like this 🙂

    I also love that you didn’t feel pressured to finish that drawing, it really does look like an open book! And the fact it’s unfinished and leaves a little to the imagination makes it all the more charming to me 🙂

  • Jennifer - Aw, thank you, Kia! I really appreciate your insight. My journal is definitely becoming a treasured keepsake. 🙂

  • Kristina - Aw this is such a lovely idea, and your journal looks fabulous! The illustrations are amazing! It’s such a cute thing to have – you can remember all the nice experiences you had 🙂

    K xx

  • Jennifer - Thank you so much! It’s a great way to remember for sure. 🙂

  • kartika nair - I must say you are a very creative person and your journal is indeed very artistic . I love the way you draw everything. It’s beautiful.

  • Garf - That is a cute journal. I love DIY stuff. The idea of having a journal is cute. It’s a great way to remember.

  • Brian Epie - These tips are so amazing!! I really love how you explained it in detail particularly watching the video. It was very informative. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Cianie - This is a very creative idea for saving your travel memories! Thanks for sharing.

  • Felicia - These are gorgeous! What a perfect idea! DIY is so meaningful and fun to do!

  • Iya - Louisa - I love this idea! its so cute! Not too sure about my drawing skills compared to yours may have to just add some photos aha!

  • Joline - This is a delightful idea! Wish I thought of it when we went on our honeymoon. So much more meaningful than selfies eh? 🙂

  • MELANIE EDJOURIAN - What a lovely idea. It’s perfect to help make memories you will always treasure. Not sure if my drawings would be half as good as yours.

  • Hadas Aharon - I would love to make one myself for when I’ll be going on an honeymoon, it is such a good idea! I loved the inspiration you gave me, and yours looks incredible. x

  • Alison Rost - A travel journal is an awesome idea and I think it’s a great way to bring out your creativity while also storing memories that you shared with your spouse. Love all the ideas that you shared here!

  • Rhian Westbury - This is such a good idea for a honeymoon journal, I don’t know too many people who have got married so I didn’t even know this was a thing. I’d definitely do something similar when my time comes. x

  • Luiza Calini - This is such an amazing idea!I would never thought of this.When I was little I used to cut pictures from magazines and stick them to a note pad.

  • Sigrid Says - These are nice honeymoon ideas! But honestly, I did not have this when went on our honeymoon. I am ore of a picture kind of girl. 😀

  • Manoj - Cool. It is a great idea to collect and store our sweet memories in the form of a journal. It’s a good way to remember. I am getting married by June this year, I too want this journal before going for honeymoon.

  • Puneet Kaur - I like the idea of a watercolor journal! I guess usnig oil paints would look good too.

  • Jean - This is such a lovely idea and a really nice keepsake. I really wish I had done something similar for my honeymoon, to cherish and look back on for years to come 🙂

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