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When you’re in the throes of wedding planning, think about who you want next to you all the way to your big day (other than your fiancé, of course!). Your wedding party will act as your support system in upcoming months, so it’s important to put a lot of consideration into who you choose to fill your crew.

Picking your ‘maids and ‘men can understandably feel like a sticky situation. Fortunately, there are many ways to navigate the selection process without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Think about personalities

As much as you love your college roommate, do you really think you can deal with her complaints for over a year? Would you trust your brother-in-law who hasn’t shown up on time for an event since you’ve known him? If so, great! If not, however, don’t feel obligated to ask someone simply because you feel etiquette calls for it. Your happiness (and sanity!) are what matters and you need to surround yourself with people who will make the planning process relaxing and enjoyable. Just because you don’t choose someone to be in your immediate wedding party doesn’t mean there isn’t a role for him or her to play in your special day – consider asking them to be greeters, ushers or readers so they don’t feel left out.

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Don’t forget budgets

It’s no secret that being a bridesmaid or groomsman can cost a pretty penny. From attire to bachelor and bachelorette parties to travel expenses, be thoughtful about budgetary restrictions when choosing members for your wedding party. If your younger sister has been touting her ramen-only diet, consider asking her to help out without the expectations of a bridesmaid. Alternately, you could always ask her to be a bridesmaid and offer to pay for a part of her expenditures if you’re in the place to do so. Being a part of your wedding party should be a privilege, not a burden!


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Select who you want

It can be difficult to pick and choose from your friends and family members, but now is the time to follow your heart and select only those you want at your side. Remember – your wedding is your day. In the months leading up to it, you’ll need people who are level-headed (for when you’re about to lose it), fun to be around (for all those DIY project nights), and all-around happy for you (just because). If you think it’ll ruin a friendship because you didn’t invite someone into your wedding party, imagine how it would be if you did and they made a mess of things. Those who truly love you will understand and accept your decision and will be cheering you on at your wedding regardless.

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With the above tips in mind, think carefully about who you see standing at your side when you’re saying ‘I do.’ Once you’ve narrowed down your squad, get ready for the journey of a lifetime!

Amanda Zack is a wedding PR specialist with OFD Consulting, based in Richmond, VA. She also serves as a Public Relations adjunct professor at her alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University.

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