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Point of View – Wedding Photography Advice

If you are looking for wedding photography advice, of course a wedding photographer is the way to go! And with Adam and Sarah Mullins of Adam Mullins Photography, you get not one but two experts! They give their clients such sage advice on getting great images for your big day. From first look to your getaway, this couple offers their insight. All photos are by them, too!


From the bride getting ready to the grand exit, your photographer is with you to document each moment of your wedding. One such camera-toting couple, Adam and Sarah Mullins, has advice for your big day, and a few things to consider in order to have your wedding perfectly documented.

First Look – Considering whether a first look is right for you? While first looks are not for everyone, there are many pros to doing one. Take some time and talk about what’s right for you and your wedding.

  • The biggest pro is privacy. Seeing each other for the first time when walking down the aisle is a very special moment, but it doesn’t allow much time for just the two of you.
  • The first look allows you to have a more intimate wedding day. It is a time where just you two – photography happens from a distance – can see each other for the first time and have a moment to reflect on what the day represents.
  • The groom normally has his back to the bride, and she will walk up and tap him lightly on the shoulder. The groom then turns around to see his beautiful bride for the first time!
  • Walking down the aisle can be nerve wracking – especially knowing that people are waiting to see the bride and what the groom’s reaction is going to be. The first look takes off a little bit of pressure, and you can focus in on the joy of the ceremony.
  • The first look allows almost all of the pictures to be completed before the ceremony, which means you can be announced to your guests much sooner, and there is less waiting for your guests.

Adam Mullins Photography as seen on Hill City Bride 3

Grooms – Ok, guys, this may be the first time ever that the attention is on you! Photos are definitely in order for the day, and here are a few things to think about in order to pose like a pro.

  • Know where to look (or at least fake it). With two cameras pointed at you, it can be confusing to know who to look at. If you are unsure, just stare longingly into your bride’s eyes. If your photographer needs you to look at them, they will tell you. Easy enough.
  • Take your phone and keys out of your pocket. The scenery is awesome, and you guys look amazing, but after that perfect romantic moment is captured, we realize you have a giant square in your pocket. Bummer! Plus, who’s going to call on your wedding day?
  • Try on your wedding clothes as soon as you get them. This rule also applies to your groomsmen! It is not uncommon for some of the guys to end up with the wrong pair of pants or to be missing pants altogether.
  • The day of the wedding tell your guys to show up earlier than they need to be there. There are always going to be one or two that oversleep. It is important that everyone is dressed at least 10 minutes before your portraits start so that you can be fresh and ready.

Adam Mullins Photography as seen on Hill City Bride 2

One big tip for the day is to be aware of your hands. What do you do with them? Take some tips for being with your bride or on your own.
With your bride?

  • Put your hand on her waist.
  • Wrap your arms around her shoulders.
  • Hold her hand.
  • Place your free hand in your pocket.

Without your bride?

  • Stick your hands in your pockets.
  • Place your left hand over your right for a formal look.
  • Give your groomsman a hug – come on, you can do it!

Adam Mullins Photography as seen on Hill City Bride 1

Grand Exit – The day is over, and you are off on your journey in a new life together. Before you are whisked away, take time to carefully think about your exit strategy.

  • Consider what time of day your exit is. If it is mid-day, sparklers won’t show up very well in pictures. Consider flower petals or something quirky like LOTS of colored sprinkles.
  • The more guests the better! If it looks like your guests are leaving early, consider doing your exit sooner than planned. The more sparklers (36 inch are best), petals, or bubbles, the better!
  • Try not to run through as fast as you can. If you slow down just a bit it allows for more awesome pictures. Don’t forget to stop for a kiss!
  • erin s - Love these tips! When I got married, I didn’t know any of this! It totally helps take the nervousness out 🙂

  • Nicole Hensley - Great Tips! A lot of photographers do not mention these tips or wait until photos have already begun. 🙂

  • Robin - All of this advice is perfect!

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