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DIY – Butterfly Bouquet

Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with a fun, beautiful, eyecatching alternative to the traditional bouquet. You may remember this photo being featured in our “Fun Bouquet Alternative” post last Tuesday, and I just had to put the instructions on here for you! I do have to say that our local craft stores have these butterflies on wires in all kinds of shapes and sizes (I used them for a craft project not long ago when the Monarch Butterflies were migrating), and with several 40% off coupons, you should be able to make this bouquet for much less than a traditional floral one would cost.

This would even make a fun decoration for your home once you have carried it down the aisle … what a fun conversation piece for your decor. Enjoy!!

1. Peruse your local craft store for fun butterflies (and even some other creatures) that are attached to long wires. I found them in the floral section near where the floral tapes and wires are, but if all else fails, just ask an associate for help. The butterflies are either made of silk or feathers. The bugs being on wires gives the appearance that they are able to flutter on their own.

2. You will also need: white floral wire, white floral tape, ribbon, and … wow, that’s it. Four things!!

3. Gather a few (2-4) of the butterflies together, and use the floral tape to tape their wires together. If you have never used floral tape, it is a great little thing! If you pull it, it gets sticky, and it sticks to itself. It is a wonder of a thing! You will want to stagger their spacing so that they are not at the same height or too close together.

4. Fashion several of these little butterfly clusters and set them aside as you are working on them. When you have the desired amount, put the clusters together in a bundle and play with the height and location of each bundle.

5. Once you are happy with where the bundles are, take the white floral tape and begin taping the entire batch of their stems together. If the stems are not long enough, you can attach the white wire to the bundles by laying the wire alongside of the stems with a 1 or 2 inch overlap and tape the two together to extend the length.

6. Finish off your stem by wrapping it in your favorite color of ribbon.

Again, if you need more fun ideas, be sure to stop by Martha Stewart Weddings and peruse their site … there are lots of lovely ideas for all things wedding (especially if you like DIYs!).


  • Sandy T - I love this bouquet!!! We host a DIY wedding workshop here in our boutique and I have to show this one to the brides, Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely project.

  • [email protected] - Very cute and perfect for an outdoor summer wedding!

  • Lemon - That is SO pretty! Love it for a summer wedding! Can’t believe I haven’t seen this til now because it’s such a great and affordable idea!

  • angie - this is so cute!!

  • R - I think this is really nice, and easy to store after the wedding. I would include some flowers as well though 🙂

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