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Inspiration from Vintage Valentines

I grew up loving all things vintage… truly! My mom opened an antique shop when I was five years old, and ever since then I have had an appreciation for things from the past. I really enjoy incorporating them into life when I can.

Vintage Valentines have always been a favorite of mine, and I actually have a little collection of them. The wording says so much about the time period they came from, and I also love how they play on words… somewhat being corny and cute at the same time. Enjoy this little collection of Valentines I put together. Maybe this will inspire you to head out to some local antique and estate stores this weekend to collect your own, or if you are crafty, some of these sayings would be just right for a handmade card.

Enjoy, and I hope that you end up having a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

*Vintage cards from scans around the web.*

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