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Destination Cleveland, Ohio – Lucky’s Cafe

Ok,ok. I will admit right off of the bat that this posting has nothing at all to do with weddings. My last two Cleveland postings gave cake and favor ideas, but this restaurant just impressed me so much! In my own town, I try to support locally owned businesses, and it is great to eat the local foods, and Lucky’s is doing just that… Cleveland style! I had the opportunity to visit Cleveland on a press trip as a guest of Positively Cleveland. I had a wonderful time in a city that I had never explored before. Lucky’s Cafe was delicious, which was evident by the line of people outside waiting to dine.

One thing I loved about Lucky’s was being able to explore the garden, which was right off of the restaurant. I could not resist taking photos of the plump, juicy veggies that were growing. Talk about “farm to table” … literally!

Ordering was tough, but luckily the girls on the trip were more than willing to “divide and conquer”, which is my favorite way to order. I think it’s great when you can decide to order two meals with a pal and then split both. After all, I can never decide on just one thing at a new place, and it ALL just sounded too good!

I love fresh cucumbers, so I could not resist trying their cucumber salad fresh from the garden … delish.

The pecan crusted bacon was to die for. Have you ever even heard of such a thing? Neither had I, which is why taste testing it was a MUST.

I am not quite a Reuben gal, but hey, I was splitting after all.

Cheese ranks up with chocolate for me, which is truly why I could not resist the mac and cheese. Here is how the menu read (which is why I found it irresistible!): Baked Mac-N-Cheese – cheddar, brie, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses baked with pasta and cream topped with brioche bread crumbs served with house made apple sauce. YUM!!

And, of course, there were desserts (which I unfortunately could not find any room for in my stomach).

We even had a chance to speak with the owner, which was a delight. I adore locally owned establishments, and no matter where you live, I encourage you to test out the ones in your area. If you visit Cleveland, I would surely give Lucky’s a try.

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