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2012 Flower Trends

Wedding Flower Trends 2012

Wedding flowers and decorating themes of 2012 are definitely following closely the fashion trends seen gaining popularity throughout 2011. Flowers delivered for the top wedding trends for this year make use of feathers, nautical themes, rustic or country, and the vintage look and incorporate the use of dried flowers. Dried flowers are a great choice this year, not only because they last longer, but also they can be incorporated into the bride and groom’s home décor after the wedding, creating a lasting memory. That also makes them eco-friendly, which is another growing trend.

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Much like the trend with feathers in the hair over the last year, we are seeing feathers incorporated into wedding décor. They will be joined by herbs in bouquets and centerpieces. Large peacock feathers can bring a “wow” factor coupled with calla lilies or orchids. Small wispy feathers can be used as accents in hair clips or bridesmaid’s bouquets. The great thing about feathers is that they come in any color and even in patterns, like polka dots or stripes, and they can really add character to anything. White or ivory feathers create a soft and romantic look. For that reason, feathers can be incorporated with any of the decorating trends for this year.

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Rustic Country Wedding

The rustic, country wedding is extremely popular. Using dried flowers and herbs for this type of wedding is quite important. Burlap can be wrapped around the bottom of the bouquet or used as a table runner. Add a splash of color like sunflowers, or wildflowers. Mason jars are quaint for tables; and, when filled with flowers and earth tone rocks, hydrangeas and daisies are also perfect flower choices for the rustic wedding. Use country décor such as lanterns or wooden crates which come in all sizes. If the wedding its outdoors, lanterns are a great accent for the evening.

(source: blog.weddingwire.com)

Tropical Wedding

For the tropical wedding, use daring color combinations, like orange and purple or blue and bright pinks and yellows, which give a very tropical feel. Some great flowers for a bright and tropical theme wedding are lilies, gerber daisies, and orchids, accented with large palm leaves or bamboo sticks. Palm trees are great at an altar or near the head table. Fishing nets can be adorned with the flower of choice. Shells, starfish, sand, and anchors incorporated in with the flowers look beautiful. Leis can also be hung over the backs of chairs or wrapped around torches if the wedding is outdoors.

(source: blog.belvedereflowers.com)

Vintage Wedding

Vintage is a major style trend right now. When decorating for a vintage wedding, one must think delicate. Accent pastel colored flowers such as baby blues, light pink, and ivory roses, peonies, dahlias and tulips with things like strings of pearls, lace tablecloths or runners, velvet, ribbons, and Victorian type décor. Antique jewelry like brooches and pins can be incorporated into the bouquets or hair pieces with the flowers. Topiaries can go almost anywhere. Birdcages adorned with flowers can serve as a card box or be hung with candles inside. Antique picture frames with dried flowers like rose petals are also a great accent for a vintage wedding. Also, silk flowers are quite popular in that they conserve the environment, and are a perfect match for this wedding theme. Silk flowers are often mistaken with real these days (be sure you get good quality ones that can actually pass as real flowers!) and can be repurposed after the wedding.


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A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience providing memories the bride, groom, and guests will carry with them for years to come. A well informed florist is skilled at helping choose flowers that compliment any of these decorative styles for that special day.

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