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Finding the Right Stylist for You

One of the things I really enjoy about being in the wedding community is that my paths cross with such wonderful people, and Emily is no exception. The first time I met her was at the backyard party of wedding and event planner, Jennifer McBride of McBride Events in Richmond, and Emily was wearing a yachting cap and orchestrated the *very* fun games we played. Besides being loads of fun, she is super sweet and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to beauty. I am so thrilled to feature this first of three articles by Emily on the blog. 

Tips for Hiring a Stylist or Makeup Artist for your Event

Congratulations! He asked, you said yes, and now you have a wedding to plan! So much fun and excitement awaits. For many of you, this will be your first time to dive into a project like this. Some of you may have been bridesmaids or even maids of honor, but this time (your time) there are so many more things to think about.

Let me help you with the one that I am most familiar with, how to find the right hairstylist or makeup artist for you.

First things first, determine what you will need from your stylist for this event.

Here are some things you may consider. Do you want and individual, or a team, to come to your location, or are you looking to make an appointment at a studio space? Do you want one person who does both hair and makeup, or are you looking for only one or the other?

How many people will be in your party? Which of those bridesmaids, mothers, grandmothers, or flower girls want their hair or makeup or both done?  What is the budget for hiring someone to do this? Do you have a specific time frame that you will need to work within?

Are you looking for anything specific? Some stylists work in a studio or on location only; some stylists may offer both options. Are you looking for someone who specializes in updos or formal event styling? Not every hairstylist does this, so find one who specializes in what you want. Not every makeup artist offers airbrush makeup, so if this is important to you, find one who offers this and specializes in bridal.

* Photo: Katelyn James Photography*

Find the Artist who is right for You.

Now that you have determined what you want this person to do for you, the next step is to find the right artist for you. Ask for referrals from other vendors… specifically the venue, your coordinator and photographer.  These are people who work closely with stylists often and would be mostly to have one to recommend.  They will probably have someone they have worked with before that could be a good personality fit and be able to achieve the look and style you want.

Ask your friends who have recently gotten married (if you liked their style), who they used for hair and makeup. Find out what the experience was like with everything from requesting information to how the day of the event was handled.

Look online. Most experienced stylists have portfolios online for you to look at examples of their work.

Contact the artist.

First, ask if they are available on your date. Don’t wait! I have booked dates as far as 18 months out. Especially if you have a popular date in April, May, September or October, beat the rush and secure your artist as soon as possible to make sure you get the one you want.

Ask questions to find out if they fit what it is you are looking for.

Find out price and booking information. Determine if they fit your budget and if they have a minimum booking requirement. Make sure that you are clear on all the information required to officially secure your date on the artist’s schedule and when your final payment is due.

Stay tuned for more from Emily Hudspeth, hair and makeup. Coming soon… tips on planning a successful dress rehearsal before your big day.

  • Emily Hudspeth - Thanks for the opportunity to share this information. I also look forward to serving as your friendly “entertainment director” at the next soiree we attend. Don’t worry,I still have my whistle!

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