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Destination Sandusky, Ohio – WKCafe

Last summer, I was invited as part of a press group to tour Cleveland for three days. Having no expectations whatsoever, I hopped on the plane, and had an experience that far exceeded my expectations. I had no preconceived notions about the city and its surrounding areas … good, bad or indifferent, so I was prepared for a totally unbiased, open experience. The team at Positively Cleveland (who promotes Cleveland tourism) had a wonderful itinerary for us full of food, adventure, culture, fun and more food (truly!). I will be doing a few postings about my experiences in the city, but I just had to share this one first.

About an hour away from Cleveland lies the village of Sandusky, which we were told meant “cold water” to the American Indians (who knew?), and it is set on the coast of Lake Erie. On its main street lies a great bakery, WKCafe, owned by Wendy Kromer (WK), and it is such a feast … for the eyes and the palate! Wendy herself has an interesting story, and it seems as though she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Born and reared in Ohio, Wendy actually started at the age of 21 being a Paris runway model, and after 10 years of success, her heart beckoned her back to the US, via NYC, where she entered pastry school. What started out as a love for food burgeoned into a desire to create edible art. Twenty years after leaving her hometown of Sandusky, Wendy returned to open up Wendy Kromer Confections and WKCafe.

 While still in NYC, Wendy entered a cake design contest on a whim. She not only won first place (amazing!), but she also caught the attention of the team at Martha Stewart (yes, this is a true story … don’t you love it?). Wendy has been a part of the Martha Stewart Living team since 1995 having roles as a contributing editor, co-author of “Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes”. Chances are that if you are familiar with Martha Stewart Weddings (as every bride should be) or Martha Stewart Living, you have seen either her adorable cookies or impeccably decorated cakes gracing the covers and inner pages. Truly, from successful runway model to one of the top cake artists, everything that Wendy touches turns to … gold (okay insert *sugar* instead).

Well, needless to say, it was quite a treat to visit WKCafe and to meet Wendy. It was delightful to eat lunch (a yummy chicken salad wrap with a HUGE chocolate chip cookie sprinkled with sea salt … jealous yet?) and browse through her confections as the picture story below will tell. Enjoy this visual treat!

Wendy offers ready made items for wedding and other cakes … confectionary decorations. They are so artful!

Wendy has also coauthored a book with Martha Stewart, entitled Martha Stewart’s Wedding Cakes.

Before we get to her stunning cakes, I thought I would show you some of her sweet cookie creations. They are so fun and detailed!

Ok, ok … enough teasing. Enjoy these amazingly beautiful cakes from Wendy’s shop.

Thank you again, Wendy, for sharing your shop with me … it was a fun treat to be able to see the beauty of your creations! If you would like to fan WKCafe, just head on over and check them out here.

  • Lexi Hotchkiss - Thanks for visiting, Jennifer! We had such a blast on our little girlfriend getaway, especially since we got to try the sweeter side of our the Cleveland area. Keep it edgy, girl 😉

  • Wendy - Jennifer, thank you! We enjoyed sharing our downtown & story with you!

  • rachael - So awesome! Her cakes are so detailed and beautiful. Glad you enjoyed it here in Cleveland!

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