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Everyday Love – Christopher & Kristen

Well, I guess it is about time that I add an “Everyday Love” category to the site. After all, we have everything before the wedding, but life together does not end there! I truly love this posting. It is an article from the heart by Kristen Breedlove, who is the wife of Christopher Breedlove of Christopher Breedlove Photography, and it features Christopher’s photography. Yet, it also features the photography of another one of our talented photographers, Adam Barnes of Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography.

Brides, I would take Kristen’s words to heart. I have heard her story in person, and she and Christopher are very passionate about their business … you will read why below. Enjoy this heartfelt posting capped off by a photo session of a lovely couple.

“The Great Wedding Tragedy”

It happens all the time, and it truly is a tragedy!  The wedding and honeymooning are over, the presents are unwrapped and placed away in their fully functional spaces within the comforts of your newly established lives, and yet you are still waiting for something … the walls are still empty, where are those wedding pictures?  The tragedy for many married couples is that they are encouraged or pressured to have that “friend of the family” or that “family member” take the wedding photos to save money.

For Chris and I, husband and wife team for Christopher Breedlove Photography, that is exactly what had happened to us on our wedding day.  A few weeks before the wedding, we were so stressed out, and the money was lying very thin … so thin that we entrusted a “friend of the family” to take our wedding photos. To this very day we only have 10 photos of the most important day of our lives.

Same thing happened to married couple Steve and Emily Brisson (two dear friends of ours).  They were left with very dark photos that seem to only tell the dark story of how they should have hired a professional photographer.

But there is hope for all the married couples out there, which have experienced this great wedding tragedy.  Go get anniversary photos done…

Near their anniversary, Steve contacted Chris back in August and explained their story.  Chris didn’t waste any time.  The Brisson’s were booked shortly thereafter, and portraits were taken on a cool evening around downtown Lynchburg and around Percival’s Island.

Today Christopher Breedlove Photography would like to encourage all those married couples with tragic wedding photos … a HOPE in that the wedding is never over; it is an everlasting promise, a declaration to the All Mighty and the world that love will last forever and pictures can too.

For you brides-to-be do your research, and invest in a professional photographer that meets your personality and needs because if you don’t, you will never be able to capture that day again.

To all the married couples and soon to be … what are you waiting for?  Contact a Hill City Bride vendor photographer today, and invest and enlighten the flame with professional photographs.

Chris proposed in April 2008 and to my delighted surprise brought Adam Barnes to capture that moment.  We are both so thankful for our friendship in Adam and for his willingness to capture the proposal – the photos you have seen so far have been a sneak peak at the day.  We cherish these beautiful images from Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography more than anything.

And without further ado, enjoy these Antiquated Film Expressions by Christopher Breedlove Photography featuring Steve and Emily.

Thank you so much, Kristen, for your sage advice and your words of wisdom from experience. I personally love seeing your engagement photos … they are so sweet and sentimental! Just to clarify, Christopher and Kristen’s engagement photos (aren’t they the most adorable couple?!?!) are by Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography and Steve and Emily’s images were captured by Christopher Breedlove Photography.

  • Liz - Absolutely stunning work, guys!! Very, very beautiful… very beautiful story… I can’t believe he washed your feet! LOVE! 😀

  • Rachel Guelzo McLean (RS Exclusive) - Such a true message. If there is anything to splurge on (along with hiring your wedding planner!) it is a photographer for your wedding. Through your pictures you can relive that special day for the rest of your life, and share them with your children and future grandchildren. It’s a priceless gift.

    Love your engagement pictures, Chris and Kristen. So precious.

  • Cindy - Love love LOVE the proposal photo. Such a beautiful moment in time to be captured! My fiance and I are lucky enough to have had our proposal caught on camera also…by the carriage driver who took us on a ride around Central Park right before he proposed 🙂 We used the pictures for our save the dates!

  • Jennifer - That is wonderful. I wish I had mine saved! What a great idea to use them for STDs!

  • wedding photo booth - The way they proposed to each other was so beautiful, and the decorations were so great!

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