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DIY – Moss Balls

I am so pleased to have a guest posting today by a local, creative designer! This is such an adorable idea, and you may be able to still snag some Christmas balls fairly inexpensively. Thank you, Amanda for contributing this fun, easy, thrifty DIY for our HCB readers!

1. I saw a tutorial on this blog for making moss topiary balls. I loved the idea … here is my own quickie version. Get a package of moss from Michael’s (Use a 40% off coupon, and it will total $3.50).

2. Find some round object to cover. Originally, I thought I would use foam balls, but they were overpriced (I thought), so I found the ugliest ornaments I could. They were 90% off and came to 70 cents a piece, which is great, since they already have the perfect opening for a pole or stick.

3. Then it is just super easy construction. Hot glue on the ornament, and put the moss on the glue. Easy!

4. And voila! So cute!

5. I will probably put them all on sticks eventually, but it’s too stinking cold to hunt for just the right sticks right now. So, in the mean time, I love them on random items from around the house.

6. I was really wanting something fresh and clean looking after removing all the Christmas decor, and this is just right!! I love how it picks up on all the green in my dining room.

7. This took about 20 minutes to do and total cost was about $7. So fun!!

Amanda Carver is a lover of interior decor and most things creative. With a very eclectic style, she focuses on making things beautiful without breaking the bank. She gets immeasurable joy from transforming items from thrift stores and garage sales into beautiful, usable pieces. When she is not hot gluing, spray painting or putting holes in the walls, she is chasing after her two sweet daughters.


  • Amanda - Amanda is amazing! A daily inspiration to us all. She knows her stuff!

  • Katie - I always love Amanda’s ideas!

  • Jennifer - She does do a great job!

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