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DIY – Food Markers

Something has to be said for the combination of budget shopping and creativity … call it resourcefulness, thrift or thinking out of the box, but this project definitely exemplifies all of the above! When Emily Kim Bart found some planters on clearance (I love it when things are budget friendly) for just $1.25, her thoughts started churning, and she was able to turn the planters into adorable little markers for the food at her wedding.

I am not expecting you to go out and find exactly what Emily did, but a lot of the secret in doing DIY projects is personalizing it and making it your own. So, I encourage you to think about things in a new way and appreciate them for the possibilities like is shown in today’s post. Enjoy this little DIY, and hopefully it gets your mind’s wheels turning, too!

Here are the planters before the project was started. Not too bad, but repurposing them is definitely a great idea at $1.25 each!!

The pieces were disassembled, and both can be used for other projects somehow. The wooden planters are sturdy, but they need some sprucing up.

Cream colored paint was lightly applied to the wood in order to give it a whitewashed look for a vintage, garden wedding.

Emily added extra moss to cover the top of the planter. Small signs were printed off of the computer onto cardstock. I love how the handwriting adds a personal touch … of course it helps if you have nice handwriting! Holes were punched into the paper, and Emily used sticks that she found in order to impale the paper. What a cute effect this has … perfect for a casual wedding.

Thank you, Emily Kim Bart, for sharing these with us. I love to look at items and think about what they could be turned into with a little bit of effort. The fact that she combined a DIY with a small budget is a definite plus. I wonder what this will inspire Hill City Bride’s readers to do. Any ideas?

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