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5 Modern Trends for Making Your Wedding Your Own

Weddings have always been about love and about celebrating that love with friends and family, yet today’s weddings also incorporate getting to know the bride and groom. Never has there been a time when the true spirit and personalities of the couple can shine through in everything from the overall theme to the invitations. Here are a few fun, yet trendy tips to have your wedding be a day where your uniqueness shines through.

Vintage Touches

It does seem odd to start off with all things “vintage” when talking about modern weddings, but one of the biggest crazes is to have a throwback wedding. Whether you choose an era (say the 40s or the 60s … each of those would be such a blast!) to model your wedding after or whether you choose to just add a few vintage elements into your day, this trend is one that I absolutely love!

Think about adding a few “something old”s into your day. Wear your grandmother’s jewelry, carry your great grandfather’s handkerchief, or even have a “family tree” at an outdoor wedding by hanging framed photos of generations both past and present on the tree trunk itself.

Other ways to incorporate a vintage feel are to choose a color palate that goes with the antique vibe you are going for. I am picturing soft, muted pinks and creams as the bride carries a bouquet of heirloom roses and fragrant peonies. The sky is the limit … how fun! I would like to stress that if vintage isn’t true to yourself or really doesn’t make a statement for you as a couple, then shy away from the whole overly done “vintage wedding” trend … I fully adore this when it’s real for the couple and not when a couple just chooses vintage because of trending.


For those who do not know, DIY stands for “do it yourself”, and no I am not talking about being your own caterer, officiant and dj all in one. I am speaking of those small touches that wow your guests that may not take as much time as you would think.

Think about snipping your own flowers from your garden for stunning centerpieces, or how about learning how to make some fun floral headbands for your bridesmaids? If you live where fresh fruit is grown and in season, try making some jams or jellies in small jars to give away as favors. Many DIY projects can be done several months in advance so that you can have these little, special touches out of the way long before crunch time! Even so, be careful and do not DIY yourself to death … a few touches is fine, and don’t get too bogged down. Enjoy the process of planning your wedding, and don’t cause extra stress with too detailed of projects.

Nontraditional Cakes

A lot has to be said for the traditional, beautiful wedding cake (especially when eating it … yum!), but many couples are opting for cakes that border on fun. Cakes now express interests of the bride and groom (say hiking, theatre or even bowling) along with being edible works of art. For those who want a true nontraditional cake, cupcake towers and carefully stacked donuts or cookies always offer a little bit of fun at the end of the reception.

Pre-Reception Entertainment

We have all been to weddings that have been beautiful only to be followed by the boredom that comes in between the wedding and reception. Why bore your guests?

One fun trend is to have a caricature artist. This not only helps to pass the time, but it also gives your attendees a fun keepsake from your wedding (even if it is only a little something to laugh at for a while!).

Many photographers now offer what they call a “photo booth” where they bring a fun backdrop and a ton of props, and by props I mean wacky stuff! Oversized sunglasses, boas, mustaches and the like are there for the wearing, and guests and groups can get in on the fun and have a photo to take home with them. Also popular is the actual photo booth … you know the kind where you actually get in a booth and have a series of photos taken? Renting one of these also makes for some fun memories while guests pass the time.

Theme Weddings

Weddings are a theme in and of themselves. Many brides just choose a color scheme and go with it … after all, that is what I did! Nowadays couples are so creative in really letting their interests and hobbies shine through in their weddings.

I have seen themes such as cowboy, nautical and Indie that were all very tastefully done. You can draw your color inspiration, decorations, invitations and so much more from your theme if you choose to have one for your special day.

No matter what you choose to incorporate in your wedding, just remember one thing … it is about you and your spouse to be. I would say do not go crazy and overboard because it is important to pull off your wedding with style and grace. That being said, YOU need to shine through. Besides being married after the day is done (yay!), there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that your day was uniquely yours from start to finish.

This may sound a little familiar to you if you read The Favour Shoppe’s blog because I first wrote this article as a guest posting. I hope you enjoyed it!

  • Rachel (RS Exclusive) - Very, very cute!

  • Jason Jarvis - HCB,

    Loved this article. JoAnna and I are currently trying to do some of these vintage ideas ourself for our own wedding. Keep these types of articles coming! We eat them up!!

    Know anyone who does the “old school” barber chair hot shaves? I was thinking that would be a great idea for the groomsmen on the day of.

    Talk to you soon!
    -Jason & JoAnna

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