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Great Wedding Cakes

So, hopefully you have grown to know and love me throughout my blogging, so I have a true confession … what is a perk of being in the wedding business??? CAKE!! Yes, almost no matter what is on the inside or the outside, I just can not wait to delve into the moist inside and creamy outside of a delectable cake. Plus, they are just so beautiful … an edible work of art.

Recently, I was perusing the website of Martha Stewart Weddings, and I came across these beauties below. Take a peek!

The beauty and simplicity of the geometry created by the circles is so pleasing to the eye. I am not sure if I like the paneled cake, but it surely interesting!

Art Deco (left) or Art Nouveau (right)? The choice is yours, but these cakes both represent the beauty of former eras.

Black and white cakes have been popular for a while, but why not try adding a pop of color to be unique and add interest? Ahhh … church bells, Christmas bells or wedding bells? You decide, but how cute is that cake idea?

Taking cues from nature? These piped roses add a bit of pop (and you can trade out the roses for whatever you would like!). The simplicity of the golden apples atop a naked layer cake adds an element of sophistication.

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