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DIY Hair Masks

One of our interns/writers, Michelle Wood, has a love for natural beauty … that being making yourself beautiful using natural ingredients. Enjoy her posting! 

Forget the expensive commercial products that can do more damage to your hair than good … there are masks for your hair that will give you amazing results.

What I am going to concentrate on in this post is dry hair. Dry hair looks unhealthy and is prone to split ends making it hard to brush and style. Masks treat your scalp and hair at the same time.

It’s winter and the weather outside is frightful! We don’t want your hair to look the same, but there is no reason why your hair can’t still look and feel shiny, smooth and most importantly, hydrated. If you are experiencing dryness due to the cold winter air or just because that is how your hair is, help is on the way!

Take a look around your kitchen, and let’s grab some ingredients to make this winter hair mask that will rejuvenate your locks. The good news is this treatment is completely natural giving you the results you want.

When reading these items that you will be applying to your hair you may raise an eyebrow, but stay with me. Wait until you hear what the ingredients do!

Mayo by Stacy Spensley

Mayonnaise: 1/3 of a Cup

When it comes to deep conditioning your hair, it is time to bring out the mayonnaise. It is a traditional natural treatment that will restore moisture, provide that healthy shine and even add volume to your hair. The popularity of mayonnaise for conditioning your hair is due to the fact that it’s three main ingredients (eggs, vinegar and oil) are all great for returning your hair’s natural and much needed moisture.

Egg: 1 yolk

Egg is rich in essential vitamins and proteins that repair your hair making it stronger and hydrated. It also prevents hair fall-out and breakage. What more could you want?

Olive Oil: 1 Tablespoon

Natural oils work wonders on our hair. Olive oil nourishes, conditions and improves the strength of our hair. Believe it or not, it even helps with dandruff by calming your scalp.

Honey: 2 Tablespoons

Most of us know honey as a delicious, sticky and sweet product that we use in the kitchen as an ingredient to make our tea taste sweet. Honey is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and it is even antibacterial, holding incredible healing properties. It locks in moisture and soothes hair by relaxing the cuticles. It is food for our hair, or should I say dessert?

Honey by Siona Karen

Now that we know what these magical ingredients do and what you can expect to see, let’s make it!

I will pre-warn you, some of this may seem a little out there, but trust me once you see and feel the effects you will be glad you did it.

In addition to the ingredients mentioned above, grab two towels and a shower cap or plastic wrap (yes, the same plastic wrap you use to wrap food … trust me). Take the two towels, and pop them in the dryer to warm them up; we will use them in just a bit!

Add all of the ingredients together in a bowl. I like to add the olive oil first so the honey will not stick to the tablespoon. Mix it well! You should have a creamy consistency. If you have long hair double the batch.

Hair by HCB/IDW

Also, if you have oily hair, don’t apply the mask to your scalp and roots, and focus on your strands to the tips. (Start about an inch from the roots).

Split your hair into sections. Apply the mask to your whole head, and comb it through. It may be tough to brush through because of the honey, but it’s all right; whip out those mad brushing skills.

Ok, done with that? Here comes the fun part! Gather all of your hair on top of your head, and grab the shower cap or plastic wrap. Cover all of your hair. Remember the towels in the dryer? Get one of the towels and wrap it around the shower cap or plastic wrap. Leave the other towel in the dryer still running. I know you look stunning right now; just remember it’s worth it.

You may be wondering why you have to wrap your head. Simple. It enhances the effects of the mask. The heat from the towel opens up the cuticle of your hair and will give you a deeper conditioning, allowing you to get the full benefits of the mask.

Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, switching towels 15 minutes into it. Take the one that is still in the dryer and wrap it around your head. Deep conditioning treatments need to be left on your hair longer than daily conditioners to give your hair a chance to soak in the vitamins and benefits that improve your hair’s appearance and condition.

Once your time is up, wash it out and shampoo and condition as normal.

Now that you are a deep conditioning believer, make it a habit! This mask will help the condition, feel and look of your hair. Every hair type can benefit from a deep conditioning treatment. Damaged or dry hair should be given a good, deep conditioning treatment at least once a week. Now you can enjoy healthy, clean and more manageable hair regardless of the weather conditions outside.

~ Michelle

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