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DIY – Amazing Mushrooms

Ok, call me crazy, but I just LOVE this … I have never seen this before, and it is super duper simple to do. Whether it is for a wedding or a party, these mushrooms are so pretty (and I do not even like mushrooms).

I had the privilege of seeing Mary Love and Linda Loveleen Williams Hall (otherwise known as the dynamic duo behind Love Is in the Air) in action a little while ago at an amazing wedding that took place in a barn. They asked me to stop by to see the transformation, and I just happened to be there while they were putting out some of the food … yum!

Linda gave me a quick lesson in how to do these super easy mushrooms, and I did a few of them on my own while they were working on setting up. I thought it would make for a quick, fun and easy, food DIY posting. Here goes …

Forgive my lack of mushroom knowledge, but all you need are mushrooms (that look like this … Cremini is what I found that looked similar) and a sharp knife. Be sure to wash and dry the mushrooms (one reader said that you just need to brush the dirt off of the mushrooms instead of washing them … thanks, Angela!!). All you have to do is start in the middle of the mushroom and press the knife into it … lightly enough to make an impression or a slight cut. You do have to press down firmly.

Continue in a spiral pattern around the mushroom with the impressions/cuts. This is NOT an exact science … trust me! Just work from the middle, work your way out, and continue down the sides of the mushroom.

Aren’t they just beautiful? They look so elegant, yet they are SO easy to do!! I saw a bowl filled with these mushrooms, and I actually thought they were decorations (I had no clue what they were). Linda said that after a little while, the impressions will start to become more defined.

Here are the fruits (ok, veggies!) of my labor. Linda and Mary went to get the cake, and I wanted to make myself useful. I tried my hand at decorating the mushrooms … not too bad for my first time, and I will definitely be trying this again in the future!

Here is (L-R), Linda, me and Mary. They transformed this lovely barn into an event venue. These are two VERY sweet ladies that I am happy to be associated with. Honestly, one of the things I love about Hill City Bride is the people that I get to meet and represent. Thank you, amazing ladies of Love Is in the Air!