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Royal Wedding Week!! Souvenirs … you know you want one (I do)!!

Scour many an antique market, and you just might find some old time souvenir from yesteryear’s regal nuptials. So, why not collect one or two now for fun, and they will be a fun find along with possibly being worth a little something someday … even if it is just for laughs! Of course since we can’t be running off to London to peruse the shops to purchase these pieces of memorabilia, I thought I would bring you some of the finest (and funniest) ones around.

These plates are available individually, or you can purchase a set which comes with 5 different plates, 3 of which I am showing below.

“Royal flushes” aren’t just for card games anymore. I can not believe this one, and I have NO clue where to purchase it. Don’t even ask. Ha!

For fashionistas, everything from bags to a cute scarf (the Katie Scarf) are aglow with the British flag. What a way to make a statement! They hail from Ted Baker.

For those of you who may be looking for a true heirloom, this next set of photos from Mulberry Hall is definitely pricy yet beautiful.

This plate is lovely, and what could be more UK-like than an egg cup and spoon?

The box would be such a useful keepsake, and the mug is appropriately called a “loving cup”. Perfect!

Again from Mulberry Hall, these are interesting to say the least. They are candle snuffers … no joke!

Here is one for those of you who are truly distraught over not being “the one” for Prince William. This one is my favorite and cracks me up immensely!

Ok, I will just straight up admit it on this next one. WHY did I not find these in time for the Royal Wedding?!?! I really, really, really want these, and I just might order them anyway. So cute to see Kate and William swimming about in your tea … adore!!

For those of you who still need some memorabilia inspiration, be sure to watch this YouTube video for some more interesting ideas to say the least (including a fridge … really!).

Well, what fun are all of those? Of course if you go to London (or look online), you can purchase things like pens, clocks, glasses, spoons, keychains and the like, but I wanted to show off some different and fun (and downright odd!) things, too. Ok, now, off to order those tea bags …

  • Rebecca - He he.. these souvenirs are excellent! And so funny, thank you sharing your finds. Completely cheered up my rainy morning in Wales!

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