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Royal Wedding Week!! DIY – Hair Fascinators

I am so doing this!! So, so, so!! I love the flowers, bows, feathers and all sorts of other goodies that are showing up in hair nowadays, and they were big in the UK before they were barely noticed here in the US (shame on us!). Of course, Royal-to-be, Kate Middleton, is well known for sporting a lovely hat or a fascinator … especially if she is attending a wedding.

I hope that you enjoy this video I found on how to make your own fascinators, and it even includes a photo of Kate and you get to hear a British accent. How wonderful! Enjoy, and I hope that you will be well on your way to making a few hairpieces of your own.



If you have trouble locating a fascinator base at your local craft store (I have not tried to search for one yet locally, but I will!), you can try Etsy … just click here to look at what I found. Happy DIYing!! Also if you would like to see a mini fashion show of some of Kate’s hats and fascinators, just click here … it’s worth the visit.

  • Jeremiah Stone Blue Productions - That is pretty cool and you can’t beat the price.

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