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Everyday Editorial – Hill City Bride Photo Shoot – “The Dining Reception”

One thing that I love about Central VA is that it is rich with history, and downtown Lynchburg is no exception. The main streets of the Hill City have an eclectic feel, and the buildings are full of character. Our location for the photo shoot exemplifies this, yet it also provided an amazing backdrop for our editorial shoot. Nestled on a corner of Church Street the “Ward Building” as it has been dubbed was once a masonic lodge and a dance studio. Now it sits in disrepair just waiting to be restored back to its original beauty.

Much like our location, Josephine purchased a home while Napoleon was gone at war. Not only was Napoleon a little unsettled about their new mansion, but their estate was also in great ruin. The Bonapartes had their home restored to be a beautiful location in which to raise their family. I love how that story translates itself into our beloved building that we had to ourselves for the day!

Last time in “The Sitting Room” post, I bragged on my dear friends who comprised the planning team, and today I would like to focus on the vendors of Hill City Bride who brought the vision of our French inspired theme to life. The vendors were provided with a time period (turn of the century 1800s), a color scheme (purples and teals) and a vision of what we were trying to convey.

Each individual person used their creativity and expertise in their specific area to have their artistic voice heard throughout the shoot. Not only did they do an amazing job, but we all worked so well together and had a TON of fun! From flowers, furnishings and tablescapes to calligraphy, cakes and decor, our team designed a set worthy of a king and queen. Adding garments, jewelry, hair and makeup put the finishing touches on our royal pair. Truly, for a group that had never worked together before, it was a well oiled machine. I am so thankful for each and every one of them!

I hope that you enjoy my favorite set of photos from the shoot … “The Dining Reception”, which is an intimate, romantic dinner fit for royalty.

Special thanks goes out to …

Bowen Jewelry Company for the lending of their beautiful, vintage jewelry

Celebration for the tuxedo

Church Street Bridal for the wedding gown (which I dubbed “the cupcake dress”) and large white headpiece

elle&anne for their handmade small ivory headpiece

Interiors by Moyanne for the table, chairs, silver candelabras, wall art and urns for “The Dining Reception” scene

Love Is in the Air for their amazing calligraphy, food featured on the table, large glass candelabra and minor accessories for our set

Petal Flower Company for the fresh and colorful bouquet and boutonniere

RS Exclusive for the overall table design and setup including the draping and choosing accessories

S Carter Studios for the beautifully executed pear favors

Stone Blue Productions for our amazingly unforgettable photos

SPA 4109 for their wonderful artistry with eyelash extensions (Joellen Perkins), hair (Kate Pitera), makeup (Patty Mattingley) and nails (Jeanine Maxwell)

And of course thanks goes to our models, Gordana Ban (Josephine) and Jordan Sorber (Napoleon) for being wonderfully photogenic and great sports for the day.

Below is a full listing of those involved with the photo shoot:

Project Management Team

Jennifer Prince – Hill City Bride, Project Coordinator/Art Director

Stone Blue Productions, Photographer/Art Director

Crystal George – Crystal George Studios, Artistic Consultant

Michelle Duncan – Church Street Bridal/elle&anne, Style Consultant

Liz Cook – Sincerely, Liz: Photography, Creative Consultant

Hill City Bride Vendors

Bowen Jewelry Company – jewelry

Celebration – tuxedo

Church Street Bridal – gown, headpieces

Michelle Duncan, elle&anne– headpieces

Interiors by Moyanne – drapes, furnishings, rugs

Jennifer England, La Bella Torta – cake artist

Linda Hall and Mary Love, Love Is in the Air – food, calligraphy

Elisha Dudley, Petal Flower Company – bouquet, boutonniere

RS Exclusive – table design, decor

Sabrena Deal, S Carter Studios – favors

Brad Bennett, Shaking Hands Productions – cinematography

SPA 4109 – Eyelash Extensions (Joellen Perkins), Hair (Kate Pitera), Makeup (Patty Mattingley), Nails (Jeanine Maxwell)

To view more features from our editorial photo shoot, just click here.

  • Meagan Roper - I LOVE that the mushrooms from Linda and Mary are in the shoot!

  • Lapurse Scarves - Amazing shoot!

  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - It was such a pleasure to work on this project. When Jennifer first asked about whether or not we could provide calligraphy and “dummy” food, I really didn’t quite know what to think — never made any “dummy” food before.

    The calligraphy wasn’t a problem, except for the fact that some of it needed to be BIG, so we just had that blown up.

    As far as the “dummy” food, what we settled on was that we didn’t have to season it – it didn’t need to taste good – and why waste filet mignon for beef wellington if it was just going to sit on the table all day and be thrown away?

    So the beef wellington is actually baked potatoes covered in puff pastry, decorated to look like real beef wellington. The rest of the food is actually exactly what it’s supposed to be, minus the seasoning…. dutchess piped potatoes, yeast rolls, fingerling carrots, asparagus, shallots, and mushrooms.

    The shoot was so fun. All of the vendors get along so well that it was a pleasure to be able to work along side Lynchburg’s best and create something that we are incredibly proud of.

    Can’t wait to see what Jennifer will come up with next!

  • Jeremiah Stone Blue Productions - Now that is a post. Loved working on this project. Some of my favorite photos ever taken.

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