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Holiday Fashion Helpers!!

One thing I absolutely LOVE to do is play dress up … adult style! Give me a fun event to attend (especially if it has a theme!), and I will hit YouTube, Google and lots of other sites to help me with my hair and makeup looks. False eyelashes, hair extensions and feathers? Bring it on!

Well, I thought that I would give you ladies some holiday hints from a few sites that I peruse around the web. I hope you enjoy the links, and enjoy playing with some fun, holiday looks!

From Daily Candy:

Learn how to apply false eyelashes … nothing opens up your eye more while giving you a little added dimension to your look. For those early mornings after late nights, be sure to check out how to get rid of those dark undereye circles.

For holiday hair consider a messy side bun, a new side ponytail or a wraparound braid.

From Makeup Geek:

One thing that always stumps me is how to wear red lipstick. It is such a little tease in a tube! Red is my favorite color, but wearing it on my lips is a whole different story. Watch this tutorial on how to rock those red lips with some eye makeup suggestions to compliment them. Oh, and seven tips for looking younger using makeup? YES please!!

Hopefully that is enough to keep you busy for a little while trying some new things, and let me know if you have any tips or even go to sites of your own. Who knows? You may even see me around town sporting a messy bun and those daring red lips after all. Have fun dressing up for your parties!

If you want some professional help, be sure to check out Spa 4109, BeautiControl and our newest advertiser, Mitchell’s Salon, for your beauty needs. They will take great care of you!

  • Rachael Eberle - The Daily Candy videos are so addicting! I started watching the one of how to make a messy bun and watched about 10 others after it. 🙂 I love how easy and quick their “How To” videos are. Thanks for sharing!

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