DIY – Pinecone Picture Frames

If you are like me, maybe you are looking for things that are inexpensive yet still provide that “wow” factor. I think that these do the trick! These would be great for a wedding … I can picture them as placecards, as a favor for the guests or even adorning a tree with photos of the bride and groom in them.

This DIY is practically free besides a few inexpensive supplies, but I think that the time invested in making these would be what really counts with this project. Have fun, and let me know if you make these cute frames. I may just make some for our family tree this year!

Supplies: pinecones, photographs, small floral clippers, craft glue, cardstock, pencil, decorative paper, ribbon


1. Use the small floral clippers to clip off the pinecone “scales” as close to the base as possible. Be careful!!

2. Glue your photo to the cardstock.

3. Cut out the photo in whatever shape you would like. You can use a template if you wish to get a specific shape.

4. Hot glue the pinecone scales around the edges on the back of the photo so that their edges can be seen. Here is where you can get creative if you would like by adding some scales to the front of the photograph if you would like.

5. Glue a ribbon loop to the backside of the photograph so that you can hang your frame if you wish.

6. Cut out the decorative paper so that it fits onto the back of the photo, and glue it in place so that it covers both the glued part of the ribbon and the pinecone scales.

7. Allow to dry, and then hang and enjoy!!

This project was found on Martha Stewart’s website here. They always have such great ideas over there, and all photo credits belong to them, too. Thanks, and I love inexpensive, natural ideas like this one!!


  • This is SO adorable! Never would have thought of cutting them apart!

  • Judy Henderlight -

    Love your natural ideas, we are planning a woods wedding next year

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