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DIY – Fabric Covered Frame

My friend, Michelle Duncan, is definitely a go-to girl for all things creative! As the owner of e&a WED, she shows her creativity through her designs, and she also loves all things wedding. It is no wonder as she works for the YWCA and manages Church Street Bridal and Church Street Couture. Here is a DIY project that she completed recently that she is sharing with the readers of Hill City Bride.


  • picture frame
  • enough fabric to cover front of the interior cardboard piece that comes with the frame
  • ribbon to coordinate with the fabric … the larger the frame, the wider the ribbon (frame shown here is 4×6 photo size)
  • thread or embroidery floss, needle, scissors, silk pins (4)
  • photo of your choice – make sure there is plenty of “negative” space around the edges of the photo as you will be cutting it down
  • glue gun


  • First take the frame apart, clean the glass really well and put it aside to dry.  Iron your fabric.
  • Take the inside cardboard and lay it on the “wrong side” of the fabric.  Trace lightly with a pen (do not use a marker or liquid type pen or it will bleed) and cut it out. Place a dot of glue in the center of the cardboard and line the fabric.  This will temporarily hold it in place. Put this to the side.
  • Next cut enough ribbon for the top so that you can loop it around, tie a bow and have enough “give” in it to replace the glass.  Tip:  I looped the ribbon around, replaced the glass and tied the bow while the glass was in it so that the ribbon was held in place.  Just be careful that you do not cut yourself or break the glass.
  • After tying a nice bow, secure it to the frame with a dot of hot glue.  Also put a dot under the ribbon that runs along the back side.  You could even add a rhinestone button, a letter, or anything you may like to the middle of the bow.  For the bottom part of the ribbon, make sure it also has a little “give to it” when looping it around.  Secure it with a little hot glue on the back of the frame. Do not do it on the front, or you will see it through the ribbon, especially if you use satin or organza.
  • Replace your glass, and lay this all to the side
  • Next, take your photo and cut it down so that it is 1.5 inches (or more) smaller on all four sides than the glass size.  Center in your fabric and secure it with a small silk pin in each corner (do not worry about the holes, they will be covered by your stitch marks).
  • Thread your needle with embroidery floss or double regular all purpose thread, Starting at one corner “sew” your photo to the fabric covered cardboard.  If your fabric slips, put pins in the four corners while you are sewing.  You can stitch it on as shown in the photo, use an “x” stitch, whipstitch or use whatever pattern you would like when sewing it on … be sure to go through the photo, fabric and the carboard. Tip:  Do not pull your stitches too hard or they will make the fabric buckle.

Now, put your frame back together and enjoy!

Thank you, Michelle, for giving me a wonderful DIY as a posting for HCB’s readership. Oh, and for those of you who did not know … she is married to a great photographer, David Duncan. I would encourage you to give his work a peek, too.

  • Michelle Duncan - Looks good Jennifer…I think these would be so good in the middle of tables at a reception with different photos of the bride and groom!

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