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Trending – Painted Fondant Cakes

Wedding cakes are a central focus for many wedding receptions, and it is something that the bride painstakingly chooses … the flavor, fillings, icing and style are all chosen to reflect the taste (no pun intended!) of the bride and groom and their wedding day.

Recently we attended an event where we saw something that was new … or at least new to us. Fondant cakes are all the rage with the ability to have the icing as smooth as canvas, and that is what some bakers are turning their fondant into … yes, canvas! We would like to introduce you to the painted fondant cake.

Brushstrokes on a smooth surface like fondant allow for more detailing than piping icing or using fondant pieces can. All cakes are works of art, yet a painted fondant dessert truly takes the cake as far as artwork goes! Enjoy the samples below, and maybe one of these types of designs is right for your wedding day.

This is the detailing of the cake that inspired this post, which was made by Center Stage Catering. It truly was a work of art.

It would be lovely to have a wedding cake or bridal shower cake that would match the flowers that were in the wedding bouquets and centerpieces!

Nature inspired themes also lend themselves to hand painted cakes.

Peacock feathers are widely used in weddings today, and although real feathers may not be very appetizing for a cake, these hand painted ones fit the bill nicely.

This is one of our favorites due to the three dimensional detailing with the berries.

Inspiring, isn’t it? We can picture many things painted on a cake that would be meaningful to a bride and groom such as interests they have or memories they have shared together. This type of cake would even be fun for a groom’s cake … we can just picture a cake with fun fishing lures painted on for a groom who likes to fish. The possibilities are endless, and enjoy the ideas we have given you to start with.

  • Jennifer England - I agree, the look is stunning when done well. I love painting on cake ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rachael Eberle - These cakes are simply gorgeous. I love how art is used to make these cakes incredibly creative and memorable. I will definitely suggest this idea to my friends who are getting married!

  • Jennifer - I LOVE them! I had never seen it before, and now I adore the look!

  • Kelly - I agree… these are very unique looking wedding cakes. We’ve all seen the fondant wedding cake sculptures that look amazing… now it’s time for the painters to have their wedding cake due.

  • Linda Hall - Love Is In The Air - Decor, Cakes, Flowers & Catering - We LOVE painted fondant cakes!

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