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Top 10 Favor Trends of 2010

Again, kudos go out to dear old Twitter … you know, the social media connection I swore that I would never join that now would be the last one that I would give up (business wise, speaking … I would perish socially without Facebook!)? Well, through Twitter I “met” Caren Richardson, who is the owner of The Favour Shoppe and hails from Canada. I had the opportunity to guest post for her blog, and she is returning the favor (or favour!) for the readership of Hill City Bride.

Caren is very in tune with the trends for wedding favors, and she has a wonderful way to keep track of the trends … after all, what sells best on her site is what brides are dolling out as gifts for her guests. Thank you, Caren for compiling this information on the Top 10 Wedding Favors in 2010!

Top 10 Favor Trends of 2010

Wedding favors are keepsakes given by the couple on their wedding. They show the guests that you appreciate them sharing in your day. As 2010 unfolds, I am seeing how popular some wedding favors have become.  Here at The Favour Shoppe I will give you our top 10 trends for 2010.

#10 Towel Cakes

  • Towel cakes popularity is on the rise this year.  These favors are made to resemble favorite desserts but are actually made with soft and comfortable towels.  Best part of a towel cake favor? They are 100% calorie free!

#9 Bottle Stoppers

  • Wine bottle stoppers are functional and also enjoyable wedding favors.  Guests love these useful favors that they can enjoy after your special day.

#8 Scented Soaps

  • These are always a popular choice.  Soaps are practical wedding favors and very unique.  Why not say thank you with an aroma that lets people feel relaxed and gives them a desire to be pampered?

#7 Candles

  • It’s about time that candles are becoming popular once again!  After all, candle favors are the most practical and most affordable wedding favors nowadays.

#6 Themed Favors

  • Deciding on having a themed wedding? Why not? From cute Las Vegas favors to “winter wonderland” favors, each bride can now choose from an array of themes to enhance her wedding.

#5 Personalized

  • Personalized favors are slowly on the rise this year.  By customizing the favor with your names and date, it instantly adds personality and flair to your favors, making it more memorable.


  • Bookmarks are climbing the popularity ladder in hot trends.  Bookmark favors are something that your guests will enjoy for years to come.

#3 Edible Favors

  • You can never go wrong with edible favors.  With the abundance of choices out there, you are bound to find something that appeals to you and your guests.

#2 Eco-Friendly

  • The “eco” trend began quite a few years ago and has made a huge impact in the wedding world.  It is still one of the top hot trends in 2010.

And our #1 top trend for 2010 is …

#1 Damask Patterned Boxes

  • Damask is a reversible pattern that was originally created in the Middle Ages, and it is making a huge come back as one of the leading wedding favor trends in 2010. It is perfect for any event that you are planning on having. The box is a gift in and of itself, and whatever surprise you put inside is sure to please your guests!

You can rest assured that no matter what direction the wedding world takes, these wedding favor trends will still have the timeless appeal for years to come.

Thank you again, Caren! Be sure to visit her site, The Favour Shoppe, which she started in 2009. 

  • Rachel (RS Exclusive) - These are a lot of fun, especially the wine topper idea! LOVE IT!

  • KathleenK - I love the starfish idea! I’m getting married at the beach and going with the starfish and sand dollar theme. This is such a GREAT idea!!

  • Brigitte - Thanks for using my printable damask pillow box as an example of the number one trend! I am honored!

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