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Newly Wed – “I Do … Now What”

Weddings. So much time and effort is invested in planning them, and honestly … the planning is FUN! After all, it is the biggest event that most people will ever throw in their entire lives. It celebrates the bride and groom, and family and friends are invited to join in the festivities. What a happy, joyful, memorable time of life!

We here at Hill City Bride want to help you have the best, most “you” wedding that you can have, but we also realize that your one day of celebration is followed by years of marriage! So, here is where we introduce Rachael Eberle and her column, Newly Wed. Rachael has a big heart, and we know that will shine through in her writing. Speaking of writing, Rachael works for the News & Advance, and one of her duties is to edit the engagement and wedding announcements, so many of your photos and stories may have already crossed her desk!

Look for the column, Newly Wed, on the second Monday of each month, and without further due … we want you to hear from Rachael herself!

“I Do … Now What?”

The date is set. You have carefully selected your bridal party and color palette. You are still debating between a few reception site venues and photographers, but you console yourself that at least you have selected the perfect dress. The guest list keeps expanding, but you found a great deal on your caterer. Still, you keep feeling like you are forgetting something…

While most of you are scurrying to meet the deadline of your life, it is easy to forget one major detail –your marriage. That’s right. But wait, isn’t all of this about the marriage? Well, sort of. You see, your wedding is a day to celebrate your marriage with your family and friends. It is the day that you and your husband officially become one. But, no amount of preparation for that celebration can prepare you for what follows. When the music fades and the guests have gone home, you will be left with that one person – your husband — to spend the rest of your life with. This can be a daunting and scary thought! However, just like your plan for your wedding, you can plan for your marriage.

That is where I come in. As a newlywed myself (eight months in, to be exact), I want to offer you bride-to-be’s some powerful advice that I have learned through marriage counseling, various books and devotionals, and most importantly, personal experience.

It is my desire to help you ladies step into marriage with confidence; and while I can not completely prepare you for your marriage (because each marriage has its own unique dynamics), I pray that what you glean from my thoughts will help you make wise decisions as you tackle the rewarding challenges of a lifelong commitment. Some of the topics I will be covering include:

  • Communication
  • Understanding and utilizing your differences
  • What a man needs
  • Keeping romance in your marriage
  • How to express your love more effectively

If you have any specific questions or suggestions of topics for me to cover, please email [email protected] with “Rachael” in the subject line.

I am excited to take part in this exciting journey with you, friends. Just remember … as you sample cakes, select your bouquet, and register for gifts … that the true celebration far exceeds that one day. Congratulations and good luck!

~ Rachael

Special thanks goes to Michael Lupino Photography for the use of their images of Christian and Rachael. If you recognize those two little girls in their wedding post, you will know just one more reason that Rachael is so special to us at Hill City Bride.


  • Rachel McLean - I think Rachel and I both got married in October. I’m also an 8-month newlywed! Must be a Rachel thing 🙂 Love the message your promoting through this column. So many couples need to hear this.

  • Rachel McLean - *you’re 🙂

  • Jennifer - Rachel … you both did! It was our family’s October of “Rach(a)el” weddings, and it was a lot of fun.

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