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You’re planning the perfect day for you and your groom, and that day also includes your friends and family. Your wedding guests are a big part of your big day, and you try your best to calculate the average wedding attendance. Unfortunately, there is the possibility that you will have a few wedding no shows. As disappointing as that can be, how do you deal with last-minute wedding cancellations?

When Guests Go Rogue | Dealing with Wedding No Shows | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Advice


No matter the time of year, skin can always benefit from a salt bath made with Epsom salt. Bath recipes with essential oils are especially soothing in the winter when skin tends to get drier. In the summer both mind and body can be soothed with a soak using therapeutic bath salts. Recipes are easy to make, and whether you need to make a bath salt recipe for stress or want to make a homemade bath soak, this recipe is perfect for both. DIY bath salts for gifts work perfect for favors, too! Your guests will be so delighted to take home something that will smell good, have skin benefits, and help them relax.

Epsom Salt Bath Recipes with Essential Oils | DIY Bath Salts | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings


  • taylor aube - This is such an amazing gift idea for the holidays! I love this idea and you can’t go wrong with gifting a DIY project! Such a cute gift!

  • Helena Marz - I haven’t taken bath salts in ages and I remember using them – it made my skin feel so smooth! This sounds like an amazing product to try and perfect for a Christmas gift!

  • Stephanie - I love the idea of giving bath salts as a gift or favor of some kind. It’s the type of product you can make in large quantities, easing the process of gifting it. This particular combination sounds fantastic to me!

  • Ashley R - I am on a budget this year since I am getting married so this is such a big help.

  • Erin - What a unique but awesome idea!

  • Chloé Arnold - What an amazing idea!! This would be cute even or teachers gifts or mom gifts!!

  • Delia Atenea - This is such a great gift idea and I love that its so personal! The fact that it’s personally made, makes it so special!

  • Deborah - Wow, this is a great DIY! Holidays are so stressful and gifting bath salts are a great way to relieve some of that stress!

  • Sharon Wu - love me a good diy! this is such a great gift idea and sounds fun to make too!

  • Tara Fuller - I would love this as a gift!

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are approaching, lights are twinkling, Christmas music runs through our mind, and gift lists are formed. And, it’s also the time of year where we wonder what we are going to get the guy in our life. You may be looking for gifts for the impossible man, or if you stumble upon this at another time, you may be in a conundrum over finding unique birthday gifts for him. Why are guys so hard to buy for? That’s a mystery, but we’ve rounded up gift ideas for him that will make your shopping easier this year.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Him | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Engagement Blog


  • Ashley R - That organization board is great! Idk that my husband would put his stuff on it. He would probably just throw everything next to it, LOL

  • Kileen - All of these gift ideas are so cute and so perfect! I especially loved the wooden watch idea!!

  • Stephanie - Honestly, I think my husband would like nearly all of these gifts. The organizational caddy at the top, especially – as well as the mug! Such great ideas for gifts.

  • Delia Atenea - These are seriously the BEST gift ideas for men! Such a lifesaver because I have both Christmas and hubby’s birthday’s this month!

  • Whitney - So many great gift ideas! I always have the hardest time figuring out what to buy my husband for Christmas.

Fall is in full swing, but who wants interior fall decorations that are a chore to store until next year? Decorating with pumpkins adds a cozy touch, yet real ones die and the plastic ones are too large to keep year after year. The solution? Test out our DIY fabric pumpkins! No sew is a big bonus, and just wait until you see what they are made out of. It may surprise you as you prepare for the fall season.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins No Sew Interior Fall Decorations | Hill City Bride Virgiina Weddings


  • Stephanie - Why have I never done these? They’re SO cute. Next autumn, I’m totally doing some serious DIY-ing and this will be first on my list!

  • Jasmine Vargas - These are unique. I love them so much!!

  • Delia Atenea - This is such a cute idea! I love the pumpkin with the plaid material! So chic and goes perfect for the holidays!

  • Ashley R - This is such a cute idea. You always have such creative DIY’s!

  • Julia Comil - Love this DIY fabric pumpkin! It is totally new to me and love the idea. It looks so great and it seems easy to achieve thanks to explanation!

  • Chloé Arnold - What an amazing idea! I love how easy these are!! This would be fun to make with my son!

Do you love the idea of a rustic bohemian wedding theme, but don’t want to fully commit to macrame and flower crowns? Well, you can have all of the boho elements you crave while still having a classic wedding as Rob and Lauren did. Best of all, Lauren’s boho wedding dress is reminiscent of the 1970s with its bell sleeves and lacy pattern. It’s a gorgeous example of the bohemian wedding dress style!

Boho Chic Wedding Dresses | Rustic Bohemian Wedding Theme | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings


  • Stephanie - This wedding was such a perfect mixture of classic and elegant, along with bohemian and ethereal. I love every element – especially the DRESS!

  • Taylor Aube - These photos are so lovely! I am so in love with the styling and the aesthetic of this wedding. Super simple and outside in nature. The brides dress is stunning too!

  • Lavenda Memory - The rustic boho vibes are so timeless and beautiful! They rocked that wedding venue too! Beautiful photos and styling.

  • Ashley Rollins - I love everything about this. I tend to lean towards anything old. I am an old soul and I swear I was born in the wrong decade.

  • Kileen - What a beautiful place for a wedding! It looks like a perfect ceremony!!

  • Lauren (the bride!) - Thank you for all these kind words and the lovely feature! This was such a passion project and it’s so fun to have others enjoy it. I cannot say it enough: bury the bourbon. You just wouldn’t believe how gorgeous this day was— in mid June no less!!

  • Jennifer - Lauren, I wish my daughter had done that. They got married in October 2018, and it was literally like the only rainy day that month – beautiful both of the days before and after her wedding. I love that it worked for you!! 🙂

The days are growing chilly and the holidays are ahead, and that calls for warm, comfort foods. But what about drinks? Hot beverages such as apple cider, hot chocolate, and mulled white wine can be so soothing as they warm up your insides. Check out this spiced wine recipe with mulling spices that is great for picnics and tailgate parties all season long!

Spiced Wine Recipe with Mulling Spices | Mulled Wine Recipe | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings


  • Delia Atenea - This sounds way too yum and perfect for a cold weather wedding! The photos are from a day wedding I believe but would totally use this at night! I think I need to make one for myself!

  • Carolyn - I’ve never had mulled wine before but this post is making me want to try it! I’m all about the warm, cozy drinks this time of year and this looks like something I could easily make!

  • Erin - I feel like I can smell it from here. What a great fall tradition for VA.

  • Stephanie - I sure wish there was a way to enjoy mulled wine without apples. I truly hate being allergic to apples during this season. They are so delicious and make every recipe just a little tastier. Enjoy this for me, please!!

  • Candace Hampton - I’ve never heard of a mulled wine before. It sure sounds interesting! I love wine, so I’m more than willing to try this lol I love the touch of cinnamon or apple for added flavor.

  • Amanda - Mmmmm this sounds perfect for the fall season!

  • Megan Elliott - I always forget about making mulled wine!! I’ve had it at holiday parties and it’s so delicious. I’m totally going to make it this year!

  • Azanique Rawl - I have never tried German Christmas wine but it sounds so yummy! I love mulled wine in the Fall and deep, spicy red wines in the winter. 🙂

  • Julia Comil - The perfect recipe for the holiday period! It sounds so yummy. A must try!

  • Lily - Yummo! This sounds like something totally up my alley!

  • kileen - I need to try out your recipe! looks delicious!

  • Nicole Flint - Yummy! Sounds delicious and perfect for fall!

Picture this. You’re getting married, and you are so excited to have a perfect day! But then – there is rain forecasted. What do you do? Wedding day rain plans can be stressful. It’s impossible to predict the weather far in advance because – unfortunately – there is always the possibility of a rain forecast. For wedding day plans you need to prepare for any type of precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, or hail). Here are our outdoor wedding rain plan ideas on how to prepare for poor weather on your rainy wedding day.

6 Outdoor Wedding Rain Plan Ideas to Save the Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog


  • Kristin Taylor - Ahhhh it was so nerve-wracking in April when I got married in Southern California. It was supposed to rain until 3 days before our wedding, and I was so worried it would happen but then it cleared up. I’m sure these tips will come in handy for someone not as lucky!

  • Jennifer - Oh my! You were lucky. So glad it turned out beautifully!!

  • Candace Hampton - This is so important. We can’t control the weather, so it’s important to have a backup plan. I asked my coordinator if they had a plan b and they did. Right before the wedding started raining, but fortunately, I didn’t have to use the plan b. Thanks for the tips!

  • Erin - I opted for indoors bc I was petrified of rain. These ideas are so good. I always love wedding photos when it’s raining too, they look so good.

  • Jennifer - So glad your day turned out perfectly!

  • Julia Comil - Rain during a wedding is definitely not pleasant so I love all these tips to make the best of it!

  • Nicole Flint - These are really great tips! It’s always great to have a backup plan!

  • Caitlin - When we got married on the beach we had no back up for rain – these are great tips!

  • Erin - Sometimes rainy wedding photos are the prettiest ones!

Many brides choose to have a build your own bouquet bar before their wedding, which is such a fun thing to do! But, why not switch things up and have a unique kind of DIY flower bar? Bridal showers are fun, and favors are often in order, so why not turn it into a flower arranging party? Not that flowers have to be the focus, but it can be such a great activity to have a flower bar.

DIY Flower Bar Bridal Shower | Build Your Own Bouquet Bar | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog


  • Carolyn - I’ve never heard of a DIY flower bar before, but I think it’s a fabulous thing. If I had known about it way back when I would have definitely done it!

  • Kileen - What a cute and fun idea! I want to make a flower bar for my house!

  • Stephanie - This has got to be one of the cutest and most creative ideas I’ve ever seen for a bridal shower! Honestly, I could see myself doing this for something entirely non-wedding related, just because it would be so fun. I’m sure my girlfriends would enjoy themselves thoroughly – and I know I would!

  • Morgan Tyner - This wedding bar looks absolutely amazing!! I love all the colors in this! So much vibrancy, pretty greens, and it’s so simple! This look has been brought together so perfectly!

  • Jennifer - Yes! I think it would be fun for a girls’ night in activity!

  • Jennifer - Thank you! The theme was lemons for an actual shower, so it really turned out well.

  • Candace Hampton - This is so cute! I love the idea of doing it myself. Honestly, I find that doing little things for the wedding is special. I made all the favors for my wedding and I enjoyed the whole process.

  • Nicole Flint - DIY projects are always fun when preparing for your big day!

  • Jennifer - Very true! I don’t think this would work well for a wedding (unless it was small), but it’s perfect for a shower. I’m glad you like to make things – I think it’s fun, too!

  • Delia Atenea - Oh my gosh I had never heard of this idea! A flower bar sounds so amazing! I think I need to use this for my next girls party! This is amazing!

  • Jennifer - Yes! I love that it has so many different applications.

  • Erin @ Her Heartland Soul - How freaking fun!! I love this idea!!

  • Julia Comil - This flower bar is so cute! It is such a great idea! Your pictures are also so beautiful!

  • Azanique Rawl - What a fun way to create and celebrate together! 🙂

  • Whitney - Wow what a great idea! I never thought of doing this. Definitely have to keep this in mind for the next shower I help with 🙂

  • roxy - Super fun idea! I took floriculture classes in high school and they were so fun, I can see this being a really great bridal shower event too!!

Black wedding dresses may not be the norm, but if you are not afraid to venture out of your comfort zone, they can be so beautiful for a Halloween wedding. Flowers seem to pop against the dark backdrop of a gothic wedding dress, and a dark gown can truly make a statement for an autumn or winter wedding.

Gothic Wedding Dress Inspiration for Halloween | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog


  • Stephanie - I’ve got to say, this is one of the most unique wedding set-ups I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t personally imagine wearing a black dress for my wedding, but the decorations and styling are all beautiful and hauntingly romantic, which I appreciate!

  • Nataly - I have never seen a wedding like this before, but I have to say I am really loving all the colors! It is so romantic!!! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  • Helena Marz - Oh my goodness! This is the coolest wedding I have ever seen and so unique! You pulled it off so well girl in this black wedding dress❤️

  • Candace Hampton - I absolutely love out of the ordinary weddings! I think that they are so much fun. Loved the pictures. Everything looks amazing!

  • Keilara - This is so cool and so perfect for Halloween!! I love what you did with all of the decorations!! Way to go!! So impressive.

  • Taylor Mobley - If you got married in October – this would be PERFECT.

  • Deborah - What an interesting concept! I’ve never considered a gothic wedding but it looks so beautiful!

  • Jennifer - Very true!!

  • WanderlustBeautyDreams - This is so beautiful! I never seen a gothic wedding dress before but looks so great.

When it comes to Halloween – or spooky season as it’s now called – it’s fun to play with different looks. Whether it’s for your wedding, engagement session, or a party you are attending, these creepy Halloween makeup ideas are subtle with just the right amount of eeriness.

Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Your Engagement Session or Wedding | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog


  • Kristen - These are the perfect spooky ideas. I have to pin this for later. My husband and I would love to try this. These images really capture the spooky perfection.

  • Denise Kokinis - Ahhhh this makeup and this whole photoshoot is just so perfect! The location is such a good backdrop and that bouquet really adds the perfect element. I wish I was this creative with makeup!

  • Tonya Morris - OMG this makeup is incredible and so is this photoshoot! I’m so inspired to create an awesome Halloween look this year!

  • Nataly - Oh wow! These shots all came out gorgeous! I love this spooky idea for a wedding.

  • Julia Comil - Love this Halloween editorial! It is so inspiring and I love the moody bouquet!

  • Lavenda L Memory - These are so creepy but fun! Great post 🙂

  • Stephanie - I absolutely love their sugar skull makeup. It’s so hauntingly beautiful and cool. These photos are definitely giving me some serious Twilight vibes, despite the makeup. I guess just the cliffs and the dark clothing. So fun, honestly!

  • Whitney - Wow these purple flowers are so stunning! Such an impressive arrangement. Loving the black dress too!

  • Megan Elliott - These makeup looks are incredible! I actually know someone who is getting married on Halloween and I’m sure they’d love to incorporate this!

  • Ashley Stephenson - These are so good! I wish I was talented to do something like this!

  • Carolyn - I see people do makeup like this and I just know I could never recreate it haha! I’m not that talented but it’s spooky cool!

  • Deborah - Ooh this is so interesting! I actually have friends who got married on Halloween and they were in costume for their wedding and encouraged guests to come in costume as well. I so wish I could go back and do this look! SO creepy but moody and cool as well!

  • Taylor Aube - I love this photo shoot and concept! And the mountains look incredible in the background. So obsessed!

  • Candace Hampton - I find this very artistic. I love all the details of this Halloween makeup. Hopefully, I’ll try it one day! I’m not that artsy, but it looks like a fun makeup.

  • Ashley Rollins - Halloween is one of my favorite times because everyone gets so creative. I love the look, the colors, and the moody florals. Such a good look!

  • Kristin Taylor - Wow! Those makeup looks are truly stunning, and I’m obsessed with the photography as well. So moody and spooky, but gorgeous at the same time.

  • Iféoluwa - The flowers are so pretty! Nice inspiration for Halloween lovers.

  • Lily - These are definitely creepy, but oh so good!

  • ravayna - Love a good Halloween makeup look!